Maricle (Short story ) Let me know if I should continue writing it?

RainbowKisses(: 2012/07/06 16:58:04

the only person the understood me and truly loved me. She
was no she is my best friend we did everything together she really meant the
world to me I do anything to have her back. I was devastated when she died in a
tragic car accident one year ago life hasn’t be the same without her.

Ever since she’s been gone my life went down hill from there
I went into foster care and I got a foster mother who only wanted me for a
messily check every month she never
cared about me. I feel worst than little orphan annie. Now you might be
thinking wow my life is hard but you don’t know the half of it. You see my name’s Maricle J. Smith and this
is my story

I hear footsteps
as hide in my dark hot closet praying it
isn’t her but as usual I’m wrong tears start to flow and as I hold my breath as
the door slams open. She drags me out while screaming “What I tell you about
hiding?” I struggle to get away while she tugged my hair harder “I wasn’t
please stop” I plead.

She threw me on the hard wood floor and walked out I lay
there motionless for a moment I realize my head’s bleeding as I get up. I wipe
my head and go lay on my cot and cry
myself to sleep. The next I wake up head
still throbbing time to start my never ending list of chores she leaves for me.
I’m thirteen and I haven’t been to school since my mom died my foster
mom said school’s for losers and banned me from going which is a shame because I’m very smart.
Anyway I’ve got clean be for she gets home and its eight room house. I clan
very fast though I do it for enjoyment when my mom was alive that’s how we
bonded. When I’m done I go in my room and look in my closet for a box filled
with the last of my mom’s belongings she left me they mean the world to me. My
favorites are a picture of me and her and a gold locket she gave me when I was
born which I cant wear when my foster mom’s around because she doesn’t want
anything to do with her because she wrong for dying and leaving of what she’s
put me through this past year and the first word that comes to mind is Torture
I’m being torture be a woman that I am suppose call mom ? How can she be \allowed
to do this? This can’t be the way I am
supposed to live I’ve got to leave. But will she find me? Will she kill me once
she does? Even with all the questions I knew I had to leave. So I made up my
mind I’m leaving tomorrow Its not she’ll miss me the only miss is me cleaning
her filthy house. So yeah by noon
I’ll be on my own. With that thought I
couldn’t help but smile I’d be free but then I thought where would I go? Then I
had a brilliant idea I’d find my mother’s family they’d take me in for sure I’d
be safe with them now if knew where they lived this would be the perfect
plan I had to find them somehow some
way. With that I run up stairs to the computer room to go to FindPeople.com I
typed Sarah S. Smith my mom’s sister over thousands of lady’s pictures showed
up be there’s one that stood out to me it was the one with my mom in it she was
standing next a lady that could be her twin I knew was her so I franticly
clicked the picture and her email number and
address came up I wrote them down in my private notebook and ran back to
my room and waited until my soon to be ex-foster mother step in the house
yelling “Little girl get your worthless butt down here now.” I quickly run to
her she drunk as usual with a guy that smells of alcohol and tobacco smoke she
pulls me close to her and whispers “You
see that nice man over there? I reply”Yes why?” She says “He wants to have some fun with you” “What?”
I reply Just go upstairs with him now she replies No I wont I scream You cant make
me! She slams on the screams yes I can
now go he’s waiting I hesitate but I know I must so I go but she stops me and tells go to to the Bathroom then she tells me to get
undress and put on a silk robe and make up perfume and nail polish she even did
my hair then she said just relax let him take control I was silent numb and
scared She pushed my in room with him I
look at me and smile walked up to me said and don’t be scared come here and sit
on my lap I didn’t move so he pulled to the bed instead I Got nervous as he
slowly kissed I tried to push him off me but he was too strong I was
defenseless as he put his sweaty hands up my shirt I screamed but he didn't care as he forced his self inside of me
I was in so much pain I could bare it I pushed him off me and ran out that room
as fast as I could he chased after me I ran faster and of course she stops
me and yells “What do you think you’re
doing?” Get back in there till he’s done with you! I went scared of what was
going happen if I didn't. Hours later he’s finally done with me I ran to my
room lock the door and packed my clothes and mom’s special box when downstairs
in to the closet pull and shoe box with at least $500 in it. When I got to my
room I climbed to my window open it and as I took a breath I jumped out of
window as I drifted I felt free but also scared. I knew I couldn't go back so I
ran and ran to the train the was three block away spent a night there.

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