Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?

Top Shelf® (oyo) 2009/04/30 19:08:07
Lois Griffin.
Marge Simpson.
I Think...
Batman Does Love His Cartoon Chicks!
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  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/05 15:43:52
    Oh no!!! I was just kidding!!! I did not care, I laughed...she is prob. right!! LoL
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/05 22:03:47
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i bet you sound cute talking ebonics!! :)
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/06 13:43:27
    I sound silly!!! ;-P
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/07 18:17:05
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    ok,ebonics suck anyways! :)
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/11 14:54:07
    They do.....what a great way to dumb yourself down...right?? LoL
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/11 19:36:29
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    definitely.my mom is a teacher,her main subject is english.i have always known the importance of speaking well,too many of my people mistakenly equate that [and getting good grades] with acting white.i can't stand that mindset.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/11 20:52:05 (edited)
    I get the exact same thing!!!! I am so happy that somone else understands....i get called an Uncle Tom and all sorts of names, because I practice the extinct art of proper speech!!! LoL
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/12 14:36:27
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    they used to call me names like wanna be white and other dumb sh*t like that in school.to this day certain people look at me funny and treat me different because of the way i speak.

    what i usually tell them is,i know more about our history than your whole family put together. :)
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/12 16:31:00
    I ignore, ignore, ignore!!! The one thing that does get under my skin though is being called a half breed....I tell people that use that term that my mother was not a Poodle and my father was not a Rottwhiler...I am not a BREED of any kind!!! I don't really pay the rest of it any attention!
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/12 22:37:42
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i like to combat that kind of ignorance.
    so you're half black and puerto rican?
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/13 14:57:21 (edited)
    No, I am half black and Italian, are you black, or mixed?
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/13 19:55:22
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i am mixed,like most black folks.
    west indian [jamaican,maybe]
    choctaw indian
    english irish
    from what i've been told.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/13 20:54:37
    Aww, that sounds like a great combo....if I counted all of it
    Cherokee Indian
    African American
    From what I know
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/14 13:36:42
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    you have a very interesting mix too.
    more people are mixed than realize it.
    but,if you look at me,i look like a regular
    black guy.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/14 17:10:52
    I am mostly made up of Italian and African American blood...but there are a few others mixed in there....i think I look black.......do you not think so??
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/15 17:59:35 (edited)
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i thought you were puerto rican.
    either way,you're a doll.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/15 18:10:23
    Well thanks!!! No Puerto Rican here....although I take it as a compliment, latino people are beautiful!!!
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/18 15:22:57
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    yeah they are.i dig beauty in all women.
    i bet there are hot alien chicks out there somewhere. yeah dig beauty women bet hot alien chicks yeah dig beauty women bet hot alien chicks yeah dig beauty women bet hot alien chicks
    you get the point.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/18 18:38:04
    Yeah I dig what your saying! Wish I was as pretty as the girl in the last pic...girlfriend is smokin!!!!
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/22 13:32:22
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i sometimes wish i
    had the six pack and
    body of a model.then i slap myself
    back to reality.

    i think you look better than she does.
    i'm totally serious,too.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/22 16:58:27
    You are so funny....there is not way in the world that I am better looking then she is!!! LoL...but thank you for saying so!!!! I would make comment on how sexy you are....but I don't know if you are or not.....you shy thing!!!! LoL
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/23 15:35:53
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    as far as my taste goes,
    i do think you are better looking
    than she is.
    she looks like she puts all her
    worth in her looks.[i could be wrong,
    she could be a rhodes scholar for all
    i know]
    when i do post my picture on this
    thing,you will be the first to know. taste worth wrong rhodes scholar post picture thingyou
    my nose is smaller,and so is my chin.
    my eyes are more intense than his as well.
    but,this is close to what i look like.
  • Vegas911 Top She... 2009/05/25 22:30:08
    You are so sweet!!! Not bad on the looks either!! Do you wear glasses??? Cuz I love the ones he is wearing...I recognize him from somewhere I just cannot think of what it is???
  • Top She... Vegas911 2009/05/26 18:11:02
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    i'm supposed to,but i hate them.
    [forget the contacts,with my luck
    i'll get punched in the eye]
    my vision is only 20/40 so i do
    fine without them.

    that's maxwell. forget contactswith luck ill punched eye vision 2040 fine maxwell
  • ctuagentdown 2009/04/30 20:21:23
    Lois Griffin.
    you left out peggy hill lois griffin peggy hill on purpose
  • Top She... ctuagen... 2009/05/01 13:27:46
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    you damn skippy i did!! it was a this or that kind of poll.i don't have anything against tp-chicks;they need love too.but,she's too frumpy,now the niece on that show can get it! damn skippy poll tp-chicksthey love butshes frumpynow niece :)
  • ctuagen... Top She... 2009/05/01 15:11:29
    true but always remember as far as hot housewives go you can never forget wilma and betty true remember hot housewives forget wilma betty
  • Noone 2009/04/30 19:30:11
    Lois Griffin.
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/04/30 19:27:16
    Lois Griffin.
    Lois ftw
    lois griffin lois ftw
  • Top She... Ghostly... 2009/04/30 19:40:04
  • Ghostly... Top She... 2009/04/30 19:54:55
    much better than some blue haired yellow cartoon right..
  • Jeff 2009/04/30 19:24:37 (edited)
    Lois Griffin.
    Lois... sexier. lul

    lois sexier
  • billy jean 2009/04/30 19:14:28
    Lois Griffin.
    billy jean
    lois griiffin is more agressive=)
  • Top She... billy jean 2009/04/30 19:40:28
    Top Shelf® (oyo)
    which is fun to watch.
  • billy jean Top She... 2009/04/30 22:47:12
    billy jean
    yes indeed=)

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