Man Paints Mona Lisa With Nail Gun [VIDEO]

I've seen people paint with their toes and create art with a flick of
their wrist, but I have never seen anyone paint a Davinci with a nail
gun. However, one construction worker (turned artist) has succeeded in
creating the Mona Lisa with just his nail gun and a few friends. The
best part? He filmed it.

Real or Fake? You decide.

PS: Also be sure to share the daylights out of this video! Maybe we'll get an expert to actually see if this thing is real.
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  • nickybagga 2010/06/19 09:58:58
    dude u can actually see the nails flying and he iz shoting at a diff place and monalisa completes at a diff place i say some iz real and some iz just hanki panki
  • Big Bunny 2010/06/10 19:36:45
    Big Bunny
    I don't think he can pull the trigger that fast. they might of fast forward it so it would be faster, but something just looks fake. pull trigger fast fast faster fake
  • barbarathaffns 2010/05/24 16:11:29
    sincerely! does not seem real, but it's incredible.
  • alfer3o... barbara... 2010/06/23 21:51:01
  • rikee 2010/05/23 06:10:01
    walla that looks so real
  • wolverinegirl54 2010/05/22 21:33:45
    so fake ....... but it looks cool & nice :)
  • creepyXcute 2010/05/16 13:12:18
    definatly fake-nice tho ^x^
  • illinoisgirl1997 2010/05/15 01:55:56
    wow cool but not real so cool i mean like who can do that
  • TH_lover 2010/05/13 04:04:28
    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!! But VERY cool!! =D
  • Pizzafan 2010/05/12 22:17:12
    That Is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fake. 1 He Can't Get From One Side To The Other Without Geting a single nail in the middle. 2 can't pull trigger that fast. 3 he was moving around very weirdly and the guys would be more thrilled not just going whoa. So I Say FAKE
  • senem 2010/05/11 15:01:39
    It is fake :)
  • Rney 2010/05/11 14:07:24 (edited)
    tru lies
  • Alter: Azengar 2010/05/10 20:27:00
    Alter: Azengar
    It fake.

    He's not moving his fingers fast enough. Even if it could be made into an automatic, it would eventually heat up or jam. Even with that being said, you could look at the chain of nails. You could obviously tell that it's has to do with computer tech. Also, the video looks of high quality. The quality to make low budgeted movies with.
  • Ichiraku_Ramen 2010/05/10 00:40:05
  • jacktown kid 2010/05/07 15:44:43
    jacktown kid
    How dare he ruining the Mona
  • lilyanrobles 2010/05/07 03:23:22
    dats so fake wats type of loseres do dat seriously
  • aragon_zair 2010/05/04 23:54:05
    that totally luks fake. but at the same time cool. i cud see his finger moving slowly while the nails were going fast.
  • marcusd... aragon_... 2010/05/11 01:04:14
    yeah i saw his hand but it wasnt goin to fast
  • tessa 2010/05/04 21:56:03
    this aint scary is it?
  • amanda 2010/05/04 21:49:26
    That was cool but I agree it does luk fake
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