Man 'Kicked Out' of Saudi Arabia for being too handsome: Too good to be true?

Syra Nior Enoch 2013/04/26 13:13:15
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Omar Borkan  Omar Borkan  Omar Borkan  He IS pretty good look'in but it's not enough to get kicked out lmfao!!!
I feel sorry for those ladies though, being controlled by their arab jealous men.n"fear they would corrupt the country's women

Read More: http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/154676/man_...

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  • ilikechickensandcows :3 2013/05/04 05:09:04 (edited)
    He's some hot stuff
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    ._. I like his hair...and mustache ._. he also has a nice smile... ._. And eyes.... ._.
  • XRenX 2013/05/01 22:46:06 (edited)
    Too good to be true
    He looks like the regular middle easterners I see on campus. Kicked out for inticing some singer. Said singer found them attractive, it doesn't mean they are "too" good looking. I don't believe in such. Yes he is handsome but what is the fuss?
  • Syra Ni... XRenX 2013/05/02 04:27:37
    Syra Nior Enoch
    the jealous men are jealous and fussy! That's the fuss haha ;P
  • Crime Time 2013/04/26 20:00:28
  • Syra Ni... Crime Time 2013/04/26 22:55:32
    Syra Nior Enoch
    right?? lol
  • DJ 2013/04/26 19:14:30
    He's some hot stuff
    Dont normally comment about other guys looks but he is a handsome dude. The Headline could be a joke, as I havnt got time to read the story. Anyway what a dumb thing to be thrown out of a country for 'Too good looking'. Its as bad as saying he was too ugly to live in their country just reversism.
  • Syra Ni... DJ 2013/04/26 22:59:43
    Syra Nior Enoch
    Well Xavier *ahem* you're a quite handsome mate as yourself! *^-** And to make a long tale short, the arab men kept hearing of his name "Omar" in their women's mouths' " why can you look or smile more like Omar?" type of this and so they got all jealous and threw hissy fits! :P
  • DJ Syra Ni... 2013/04/26 23:18:21 (edited)
    Me? handsome. Well thank you kindly maam.
    Well is a funny story then all those women calling out for omar, just popped up and had another look at his photos and yeah hes every married mans nightmare, with his beautiful face, dark hair and athletic build rugged good looks. Did he end up in America or any chance he came here to Australia?,
  • NYCbrit 2013/04/26 16:25:35
    Too good to be true
    I'll bet it had more to do w/what he did w/his looks than his actual looks.
  • T. James H 2013/04/26 14:27:20
  • DJ T. James H 2013/04/26 19:16:49
    So has he moved to the US T James? Did you read the story by any chance?
    Its obvioulsy gonna be Saudi Arabias loss and Americas gain.
  • Syra Ni... DJ 2013/04/26 23:02:51
    Syra Nior Enoch
    I recently saw on his facebook that he is moving to the Philippines.
  • T. James H DJ 2013/04/27 01:15:37
  • nonConf... DJ 2013/04/27 15:30:56
    and my loss too. Because I am in canada.
  • Syra Ni... T. James H 2013/04/26 23:01:19
    Syra Nior Enoch
    Thank you please do share, so hilarious I found it! And coincidentally I hear this from a gay friend as well! XD
  • Sonny 2013/04/26 14:21:20
    Too good to be true
    It's unfair that they would do that, what about his life, what does his looks have do with ruining society.
  • Danielle 2013/04/26 14:09:45
  • Syra Ni... Danielle 2013/04/26 23:03:41 (edited)
    Syra Nior Enoch
    right?? :p he also has a facebook fan page and personal.... (I'm gunna go stalk it up!) jk ._.
  • Danielle Syra Ni... 2013/04/29 10:57:56

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