Man caught having sex with a goat ordered to pay the bride price on the goat?

JoeBlo 2012/02/27 14:23:43

A CHIRUMHANZU man appealed to police for help after being ordered to pay
lobola and marry a goat he was allegedly seen having sex with.

to The Chronicle newspaper, the 34year-old was caught sexually abusing the goat
last Wednesday night by the animal’s owners.

The Sithole family is said
to have assaulted him before dumping the animal at his homestead and demanding

“This was not the first time that Dziva has beencaught red-handed
being intimate with the neighbour's goats,” a local villager told the

“He however, got himself into trouble this timewhen the
Sithole family then decided to dump their goat his home. They aredemanding that
he pays lobola and take the goat as his wife.”

“It’s only suspicion, I
was not caught red-handed but they (Sithole family) claim that their goat
ispregnant and they are demanding that I pay for that,” he told the

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  • Angel 2012/03/02 22:18:46
  • zombiedaizy 2012/03/01 15:59:20
  • TheLightBehindYourEyes 2012/02/28 05:36:43
    Oh thats just disturbing ...he really couldnt find any girl that wanted him?
  • zero 2012/02/28 05:24:49
  • Splashstorm 2012/02/28 04:17:02
    Lol thats funny!
  • Yaya 2012/02/28 01:35:34
    thats disgusting crazy *puke*
  • Deactivated 2012/02/28 01:00:14
    Well....guess he couldn't get a woman
  • Jayfeather 2012/02/28 00:49:13
    What the hell is wrong with this dude?
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/02/27 23:33:33
  • Jimbo 2012/02/27 23:21:38
    The Sithole family? Really?
  • Fran-Halen 2012/02/27 22:27:06
    Chu-pube-cabra? goat f'er?
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2012/02/27 21:30:54 (edited)
    Poor goat...some people are so sick.
  • Crime Time 2012/02/27 20:54:41
  • seasmoke70 2012/02/27 20:42:03
  • chyna 2012/02/27 20:19:00
  • fisherman 2012/02/27 20:15:58
    the goat is pregnant !!!??? damn ..thats gonna be one ugly goat . goat men
  • Panloker 2012/02/27 20:05:49
    He is a BAAAAAd man.
  • zero Panloker 2012/02/28 05:28:29
    LOL Yeah, his 'kid' is gonna say "DAAAAD, DAAAAD".
  • Panloker zero 2012/03/01 11:31:28

    They'd be some pretty messed up lookin "kids" ;)
  • D'eath 2012/02/27 19:56:07
    At least the wedding would hopefully, not be too expensive.
  • Eddie 2012/02/27 19:23:38
    OMG that is hilarious.
  • skyperkins1 2012/02/27 19:00:43
  • Lucy Sparkles :3 2012/02/27 18:36:00
  • Hobbes Lucy Sp... 2012/02/27 22:13:41
    Hahahahahahahaha! :D I love it!
  • Lucy Sp... Hobbes 2012/02/28 12:51:38
    Lucy Sparkles :3
    me too. (x
  • Hobbes Lucy Sp... 2012/02/28 15:59:22
    I posted it on my Facebook page, only to realize that I could be killed if a radical Muslim discovered it, so I deleted it. That's unfortunate, but it is reality, and I do have an affinity for breathing. The author of Jesus and Mo keeps his own ID secret for the same reason. (x back to ya
  • Lucy Sp... Hobbes 2012/02/28 16:51:28
    Lucy Sparkles :3
  • Hobbes Lucy Sp... 2012/02/28 17:40:01
    Don't you recall that the radical Muslims riot and kill people over the depiction of Mohammad in cartoons? That was a world-wide scandal and many people killed after 12 editorial cartoons, most of which depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad, were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 30 September 2005?

    More recently, several were killed over Qurans being burned. These folks are homicidal to the core anytime they feel someone has insulted Islam, and the cartoon depiction of Mohammad is an insult of the highest order. That is precisely why the author of Jesus and Mo remains anonymous. One never knows when they will discover an insult and explode. (x back
  • Lucy Sp... Hobbes 2012/02/28 18:25:19
    Lucy Sparkles :3
    Wow. Really? I've never even heard about that. That's really scary. :L
  • Hobbes Lucy Sp... 2012/02/28 21:49:38 (edited)
    Yup. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... These folks are real fanatics. Such as those who brought down the World Trade Center--they were all Muslim radicals.

    Muslims in general are not much different from many Christians--live and let live. But the radicals are quite true to their draconian, angry god, and will not hesitate to kill anyone they believe insulted either the god or Mohammad. And, it doesn't take much to insult them.:E
  • Lucy Sp... Hobbes 2012/02/29 16:56:48
    Lucy Sparkles :3
    i've never been one to trust anything Wikipedia says. lol. anyone can go in and edit their stuff. but I believe you. haha.
  • Hobbes Lucy Sp... 2012/02/29 17:21:16 (edited)
    I agree with you in general. However, when I reference Wikipedia, I also check out their sources and references. As for the content of these particular sites, I know it is true because I am a news/political junky, and I recall when the incidents happened. It was all over the news and commentary.

    You can always do as I: If you have doubts, go to the their sources, or do a quick Google. You will access a heck of a lot of information on reliable sites.:D
  • JoeBlo Lucy Sp... 2012/02/29 17:32:40
    Wise choice. Wiki is good as a quick reference for indisputable dates and stats but everything in their text is tainted by a slant as most of their 'sources' are.
  • Prime Time Lime 2012/02/27 18:02:11
    Prime Time Lime
    The silly,and I mean untrue part of the story is that this person would be made to marry a goat. People do not marry animals and never have.No law exists would allow that to happen.
  • Hobbes 2012/02/27 18:01:37
    Yeah, they don't show the smile on the goat's face >:D. Anyhoo, The republicans have their own game: http://crooksandliars.com/joh...
  • JoeBlo Hobbes 2012/02/27 18:27:32
    Hey, perhaps Barney and his new bride can re-open their Congressional call-boy service now that he's retiring?

    BFF s
  • Hobbes JoeBlo 2012/02/27 22:00:26 (edited)
    Are you comparing same-gender, consensual relationships to bestiality? These are moral equivalents? I don't recall any report that the goat or the mule gave their consent. Your apparent disdain of Barney and gays in general comes across as bigotry, insensitivity, and a total lack of empathy for other humans who were born with predispositions different from yours. Of course, those ARE the attributes of the common, puffed-breasted social conservative. It would be a dull world without such darkly humorous folks.

    By the way, who was Jeff Gannon servicing in the Cheney White House? Odd how you conservatives never questioned that, but it was clear that one of the top people in the Cheney Administration was gay (I suspect Bush or Rove—or perhaps the three of them just got in a pile). Had this happened in a Democratic White House, Republicans would have spent Millions to find out who he was servicing.

    Hypocrites all!
  • TMan 2012/02/27 17:52:17
  • Jἐẑḝỹ~ḎẫԻkẶἤgἑ₤
    Good gawd! I just didn't need to see this. Especially on a Monday morning. Why oh why did I come on this thread? LOL!
    Ewwwwww, it is just too dang sick! Auuuggghhhh!
    gawd monday thread lol ewwwwww dang sick auuuggghhhh
  • JoeBlo Jἐẑḝỹ~Ḏ... 2012/02/27 18:18:25

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