Make a macro in Aion

How to make a macro in Aion? That's very useful in Aion.And with the help of Macro will make u play

First u need to click "U" or input /MACRO in the textbox to open the Macro setting window.

Step 1
Click "New Macro" to creat a new macro

Step 2
Select a skill u wanted to add in macro

Step 3 (Take care!)
U need to add this between two skills. I will explain how it work following

Step 4
Click "save" to save the macro and it will be a skill line to it.

About pick up item.

"/delay 2
/Skill Pick up Item
/delay 0.5"
Idk why. But with long time test. I found we need to add the sentence upon between two skill.
/delay 2 <---------------- Casting time
/Skill Pick up Item
/delay 0.5 <--------------- Delay in your computer or skill (After you spell, the skill icon will turn into dark and unclickable )

Hope it's useful to you. Aion gold will help you some.

If you have more Aion guides,just post here
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