LOOK > Barack Obama Birthday Tweets: Funny or Lame?

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SLIDESHOW: Barack Obama Birthday Tweets

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LOOK > Barack Obama Birthday Tweets: Funny or Lame?
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The dust has barely settled since Congress agreed to a debt deal just in time for the default deadline on August 2. But that doesn't mean Barack Obama doesn't deserve to be granted a "Happy Birthday" greeting here and there!

In case you aren't aware, Barack Obama turns the big 5-0 today -- and rumor has it he's celebrating the occasion like there was no debt crisis to begin with.

But all that's irrelevant. Let's look at some funny birthday tweets, shall we?

There are a lot more where these came from but we've gathered our favorite Obama-related birthday tweets from the Twitter-verse for your reading enjoyment. So, grab a slice of cake, sit back and enjoy.

Happy birthday, Mr. Prez! Make sure you wish for world peace when you blow out those candles this year.
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  • Hamm0ckjames 2011/08/15 00:09:51
  • Brad Harris 2011/08/14 18:36:38
    Brad Harris
    It don't jive cause there are 57 states. So that gives him 7 more years of being a total idiot. jive 57 7 years total idiot
  • WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA 2011/08/05 17:24:26
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
    I think for his wish, it should be for not another four years.
  • Shivam ... WF - Ru... 2011/12/09 08:30:44
    Shivam Rajpoot
    ohhh hooo
  • keeper 2011/08/05 16:28:30
    Very lame..
  • Shivam ... keeper 2011/12/09 08:30:43
  • HiYa 2011/08/05 16:20:10
    I didn't get too much of a chuckle out of them. I admit, I also didn't read them all.

    I am tired of all the negativity surrounding this Presidency. I don't find a thing funny about the level of disrespect that is thrown his way. Now everyone acts as if they don't understand that the President of the United States is not a dictator and things will take time (due to the democracy that makes this nation amazing). He cannot snap his fingers and make everything allright. He does in fact deserve a birthday celebration.

    If you respond to criticize my support of the President, make it good because I will block you following that.
  • evanm316 HiYa 2012/04/17 22:20:53
  • HiYa evanm316 2012/04/18 00:26:07
    Nope, I am not new... Just not in the mood to fight whenever I post an opinion that differs from someone. A difference in opinions does not mean that I want to fight, but your post make me chuckle. I love Willy Wonka :-)

    Have a good one!
  • Max7 2011/08/05 15:06:52
    I think that some of you take your joking about the President to a very unhealthy level. Do you celebrate your birthdays? I would imagine that you do, I know that I do, a birthday is a very self gratifying experience, because God doesn't have to allow us to witness a new year. I use to think that only the old was dieing, but I have since learned that death does not play favortism, it claimed the life of my grandson when he was seven years old. So many people have allowed the success of this Black man to draw them to sheer evilness, corny and ruthless jokes. When Bush and Cheney were in the Whitehouse for 8 longggggggggg years, I didn't hear none of you complaining about millions of closing jobs, loss of homes, vehicles and health benefits. I know you'll have what you feel is a good comment regarding this question, but no matter how you look at it you're biased, prejudiced, selfish and just seem to get a bit kick out of being nasty. Debt crsis or not he owes it to himself to celebrate what God gave him, a birth date, I wish him the best and I wish him many, many more years of life and birthdays. I wish him all of the blessings from God to put all of his enemys to rest!
  • Brad Ha... Max7 2011/08/14 18:06:08
    Brad Harris
    Please do not use God to justify your racist remarks. Not for Obama, he is a Muslim pure and simple and doesn't believe the true God and his son Jesus. Don't be a hyprocrite, do not use the loss of your Grrandson as an instrument of justification to condemn others. What we are are Patriots. Hard for you to swallow, Tough.
  • Max7 Brad Ha... 2011/08/15 14:47:15
    Obviously you don't know the true meaning of being a racist, perhaps a look in the mirror might help. Your comprehension is a tad bit lop sided, however, you do well with finger pointing and criticizing. You need a whole lot of mental help!
  • evanm316 Brad Ha... 2012/04/17 22:24:23 (edited)
    Obama's a muslim? Muslims don't believe in God? Or Jesus? obamas muslim muslims god jesus
  • HiYa Max7 2012/04/18 00:27:22
  • Max7 HiYa 2012/04/18 01:54:07
  • twin power 2011/08/05 15:00:48
    twin power
  • Account Closed 2011/08/05 14:59:54
    Account Closed
    Why would I wish any politician today a happy birthday? Everyone one of these cretins are out of step with reality and with the American people, unless of course, you are a Hollywood Star or a wealthy campaign contributor.

    The White House is the Peoples House and does not belong exclusively to Hollywood or any wealthy campaign contributor.
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2011/08/05 14:49:55
    Some were funny, some weren't. But hey, Happy b-day president, I hope this means you'll wish for something productive like a conscience maybe or jobs than being president next year. You know that's not going to happen.
  • FunkyMunky 2011/08/05 13:55:37
    Happy Birthday man. I hope that I make it to 50 years myself.
  • Brian P 2011/08/05 13:35:43
    Brian P
    That 50 stars Glenn Beck one is funny. As for the ones that pick at our current crisis, I don't think it's something they have the right to joke about, as it's their fault we're in this mess.
  • xy 2011/08/05 13:33:44
    Some funny others just lame and to much...Jes just wish him a happy b-day that's all :P
  • Boon Doggie 2011/08/05 13:16:28
    Boon Doggie
    Most of them are very lame. There's one or two witty ones.
  • The Logical Canadian 2011/08/05 12:57:13
    The Logical Canadian
    And for that matter, they only that Obama in office so the race card couldn't be thrown if he didn't win
  • Wahvlvke 2011/08/05 12:13:48
    Where's the one that says: "Excuse me Mr. President....Dr. Kavorkian is here to assist you".
  • rusty 2011/08/05 11:54:49
    How much of the increase in the debt limit can we send to African countries that hate us?
  • The Log... rusty 2011/08/05 12:55:49
    The Logical Canadian
    No enough, the US would have to find something they want from them and decleare war
  • Isisdron The Log... 2011/08/05 13:02:45
    they have oil...it wil never end...
  • Michael... rusty 2011/08/05 14:23:13
    Michael Parido
    In 2008 the US spent a little under 0.2% of its GNI on foreign aid, the lowest figure out of the OECD countries. The most generous countries (and the only ones who contributed more than the required 0.7%) were Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
  • Tom 2011/08/05 11:50:04
    Everything about this President is lame.
  • KB 2011/08/05 11:34:22
    Why should I care if some idiot tweets?
  • T1 2011/08/05 11:14:05
    oh look, okra is at the party. disgusting bunch of liberal scumbags.
  • cutter's falls 2011/08/05 10:39:12 (edited)
  • United Tom 2011/08/05 10:38:03
    United Tom
    OMG. They are so lame. And he is a president?
  • The Log... United Tom 2011/08/06 02:12:43 (edited)
    The Logical Canadian
    He promised "Change" and he got the ballot since the race card would have been pulled by the media if he didn't win!
    The only thing "change" got the USA to look even wrost Id it wasn't already. Well it was either the guy with "Change" or the POW hailed a "War Hero"
  • The Log... The Log... 2011/08/06 02:16:23
    The Logical Canadian
    And really politicians will anything for a vote
  • United Tom The Log... 2011/08/20 08:09:08
    United Tom
    Hopefully, the US will have a good change for a change next election, and Obama will go the way of Carter. Considering how Obama has ruined the economy and his lousy poll numbers (Gallup has him at 40%), it is likely Obama will have to change his career. Yipee.
  • Kelly 2011/08/05 10:14:30
    There were a few funny ones but some were just stupid, hope he enjoyed his BDay, we all deserve a good BDay, now back to work lol
  • The_Edge 2011/08/05 09:27:14
    Hey, Birthday Fundraiser Boy wasting all of our tax dollars with 37 fundraisers since he took office, look at this and maybe you should start doing your job you spoiled, know-nothing, narcissist.
  • Jay 2011/08/05 09:23:22
    Stupid -.-"
  • Cyclops 2011/08/05 09:16:21
    Obama AND his spouse is so worthless

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