Long Hair on Boys: Yay or Nay?

FerretGuy22 2011/04/01 21:00:53
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I know many people have mixed opinions on this. I was wondering what you thought.
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  • 5musicbox5 2015/05/14 22:53:41
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Boys with long hair I think is find as long has it is kept clean and tidy. But that's not whats worring it's the amount of boy that don't no how to look after them selves, like wearing a kilt to help the testicals damage of wearing pants their are 10s more important things than their hair like having yearly check up at doctors. But, yes long hair shows virile and strength on boys
  • S. G. Cooper 2014/02/27 07:05:38
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    S. G. Cooper
    And that guy is fricken HAWT!!!
  • Tomáš Å abata 2013/09/27 23:41:09
    Here`s what I think:
    Tomáš Šabata
    The most epic long hair has Kurt Cobain.
  • Josefin Zweifel 2013/07/13 00:38:13
    I don't care.
    Josefin Zweifel
    It's none of my business what people are doing with their hair, but personally I think it's really hot, especially around shoulder lenght.
  • Petia 2012/05/16 16:34:56
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Definitely with long hair!
  • Rasputin 2012/04/23 21:46:48
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Boys with long hair are so cute!
    boys hair cute
  • chyna 2011/12/04 07:11:15
    Here`s what I think:
    it depends on how long it is. if you look like a girl from behind, then you need to vivit to the barber's
  • Ty Whyte 2011/11/23 16:27:01
    Here`s what I think:
    Ty Whyte
    Bartek Borowiec I know for a fact is not a true red head. I've seen him with facial hair, it's dark. I'm a red hair guy and also my friend with red hair grow out red facial hair. Bartek just colors his. Fake.
  • Tortica Ty Whyte 2011/11/23 17:35:14
    Barteeeek! <3 <3 <3 He is soooo cute ^.^
  • Katharina Schmidt 2011/10/26 05:46:51
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Katharina Schmidt
    not too long. no longer than shoulder. and not too neatly cut. and no middle parts.

    other than that :)
  • Miguel Valverde 2011/07/28 12:13:47
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Miguel Valverde
    Long hair for ever! short haired men are horrible!
  • bECkiE.<3 2011/07/08 22:03:32
    Here`s what I think:
    On Some Guys. But Not Too Long xP
  • Tokio Hotel Forever <3 2011/06/21 20:56:43
    Here`s what I think:
    Tokio Hotel Forever <3
    some guys have long hair and look wierd but someone example; bill kaulitz looks so good w/ long hair
  • Boadicea 2011/05/05 13:56:47
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    I love it, really I do, haha. Only if it's tidy, though I actually do love it all back combed on a guy :P The only thing is, I get zealous when I see a guy having nicer hair than me, hehe.
  • TeamDobbyKC 2011/04/24 10:55:30
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    I like long hair for boys. My boyfriend has long hair and I love it. Especially when he straightens it :D
  • M P 2011/04/09 17:28:56 (edited)
    I don't care.
    M P
    I usually don't find it attractive, so in that sense nay....But! there are guys who pull it off, and it fits their personality well. In general I'm for people embracing the look they feel comfortable with (which includes hair length). So if you want long hair, I say go for it.
  • Noel16161 2011/04/06 20:16:21
    No. I dislike long hair on boys!
    A little long can be OK, but I prefer my men with short hair.
    hair Ville valo hair
  • Lizzie claims Anthony cause... 2011/04/06 00:05:55
    Here`s what I think:
    Lizzie claims Anthony cause he's beyond amazing(:
    I like medium.. medium alex evans
    medium emo hair guys
  • Katherine 2011/04/05 23:00:24
    No. I dislike long hair on boys!
    Not really, no. I like to feel like I'm dating a man.
  • <3 Im oNlY hUmAn <3 2011/04/05 18:29:20
    Here`s what I think:
    <3 Im oNlY hUmAn <3
    it can be cute cute cute long haired boy
  • INOFOOL 2011/04/04 22:27:45
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    my music teacher has long hair and he is so sexy
  • hailey INOFOOL 2011/04/13 21:31:30
    cool i like him cool caleb from pretty little liars
  • Ty Whyte hailey 2011/12/06 15:49:11
    Ty Whyte
    That's a good hair length. Not too long or short. And long enough that you can tie it back.
  • m3tling-3mo 2011/04/04 21:44:47
    Here`s what I think:
    I like boys with long hair( Justin bieber, Andy six, etc) but not to long
  • Anniy 2011/04/04 21:42:11
    Here`s what I think:
    if they like it then who cares! personaly though, i do think its kinda cute, in a rebelious kind of way (: but i guess it all depends on who has the long hair.
  • Ty Whyte Pixie·Ÿ... 2011/12/06 15:50:09
    Ty Whyte
    That's a pretty cool length too.
  • StripedSweater 2011/04/04 21:12:18
    Here`s what I think:
    Depends on which guy.
  • ann 2011/04/04 21:04:18
    Here`s what I think:
    If it works...on some guys it looks good on some it DOESN'T lol. It really depends.
  • Sweet Peaches 2011/04/04 20:55:58
    Here`s what I think:
    Sweet Peaches
    There's something about it that's sexy. To me, Steven Tyler and Russell Brand look incredibly sexy with it. But I prefer guys without it because to me it's just too feminine.
  • ITIA Sweet P... 2012/01/23 03:26:47
    I AM feminine (x
  • SHINeeGirl 2011/04/04 20:52:00
    Here`s what I think:
    It all depends on the guy.... In my opinion For ex: Kpop guys. LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!!


    depends guy opinion kpop guys httppics livejournal comn shinee long hai r

    Other guys: LOOK BAD!!!!!

    depends guy opinion kpop guys httppics livejournal comn guys guys long hair
  • abrowlspecialbrowl 2011/04/04 20:50:47
    Here`s what I think:
    i used 2 grow mine out, but i kinda got tired of ppl calling it "pretty" :/ im keeping it shorter now.
  • Sista Nunya 2011/04/04 20:45:09
  • Bronar 2011/04/04 20:37:30
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Yes, great for holding on to while they give you BJs. (I gotta feeling I'm going to take a little flack for this one....)
  • gg 2011/04/04 20:20:01
    Here`s what I think:

    now these r hot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ty Whyte gg 2011/12/06 15:50:55
    Ty Whyte
    He looks better in short hair.
  • 24FilmProStudio 2011/04/04 20:13:03
    Here`s what I think:
    That kid in the pic looks completely gay but it can look good on some.
  • Shayes ™ 2011/04/04 20:12:45
    Yes. I like long hair on boys!
    Shayes ™
    Mostly on guys from the 80's rock bands...Skid Row, Axel, Def Leppard and Queensryche, just to name a few.

    80s rock bands skid row axel def leppard queensryche skid row 80s rock bands skid row axel def leppard queensryche axel 80s rock bands skid row axel def leppard queensryche def leppard
  • mz jane 2011/04/04 20:12:37
    Here`s what I think:
    mz jane
    If they kept it clean and in 'order'. Not looking like they just got out of bed, got dressed and stepped out into the world. Then it's YUCK!! Also, it's gotta go with thier face, not every guy can wear thier hair long and look good. Some guys you see with long hair, you just want to tell them "Please cut your hair, you'd look so much better"
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