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Application to Become a Green Bay Packer Fan:


CB Handle:______________________

Neck Shade:
____ Light Red
____ Medium Red
____ Dark Red

Number of Teeth in exposed full grin: (Neither can exceed 3)
Upper _______
Lower _______

Mobile Home Color:
____ Two-tone, brown & white
____ Two-tone pink & white
____ Faded green

Model of Pickup Truck: _________________

Size of Tires: _________________________

Length of Right Leg: ___________________
Length of Left Leg: _____________________

Note: To be accepted, you must be honest and you must be able to
check at least 20 items from the questions below. Note that good
Packer fans can sometimes check many answers for some of the

1. My favorite music:
___ Country
___ Western
___ Anything played on an accordion

2. My favorite meal:
___ Head Cheese & Old Milwaukee
___ Venison Sausage & Old Milwaukee
___ Cheese Curd & Old Milwaukee
___ Pickled Pigs Feet
___ $5.99 Fish Fry
___ 7 courses: Brat & six-pack

3. Preferred Weapon:
___ 12 Gauge
___ Tire Iron
___ Forehead
___ Chain Saw
___ Ice Auger

4. Primary Auto:
___ '67 Ford Galaxy
___ '67 Ford Galaxy with Transmission
___ '67 ford Galaxy with '73 Chevy Impala Transmission
___ '67 Ford Galaxy with '73 Chevy Impala Transmission and
'71 Buick Wagon engine

5. I usually greet people by saying:
___ Ya Hey Dere,
___ Dem Packers is playing like a bunch a Old Women,
___ Dey should take da whole bunch a dem Madison liberals and
just linemup and shootem

6. I can count to:
___ 10
___ 20, If I take off my boots.
___ 21, If I get neked

7. I bought part of the "Frozen Tundra"
___ Yes
___ No...but wish I would have

8. Favorite Reading:
___ Fishing Facts
___ Beer Bottle Labels
___ Guns and Ammo
___ Today's Mercenary
___ Polka Digest.

9. Things in my front yard:
___ Various Kitchen Appliances
___ Car on Blocks
___ Transmissions
___ Deer hanging from tree limb (in-season)
___ Deer hanging from tree limb (out of season)

10. My favorite colors are:

___ Green
___ Gold
___ I'm color blind...except when I have my "Beer Goggles" on.

11. I mostly wear:
___ Polyester pants with snags
___ Polyester pants with holes
___ Green Bay Belt buckle

12. The most memorable event I ever attended:
___ Minocqua Moose call competition
___ Omega Outboard Motor Repair Finals
___ Lake Tomahawk Crew Cut Championships
___ Carp Queen Beauty Contest

13. My favorite entertainment:
___ Deer hunting while drinking
___ Watching Green Acres reruns while drinking
___ Snowmobiling while drinking

14. Pick one:
___ Someone is helping me read this
___ Someone is reading this for me.

Have someone print your name beside your "X," stamp envelope (with
U. S. Government issue 32 center -- that's the one with the flag on
it), address to Packermania, 1 Lombardi Avenue, Green 'n Gold, USA.

center flag address packermania 1 lombardi avenue green gold usa

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