Laptop or Desktop?

Kezzi Morris 2012/12/23 23:33:47
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  • Emi 2013/01/22 09:50:29
    Speed is faster
  • Crime Time 2012/12/25 21:00:45
  • Donnie 2012/12/25 04:02:23
    i have both but prefer the desktop for upgrade ability is much fast even before over clock; but scene i almost need to stay connected i require laptop for portability.
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/25 01:10:45
    I have a russian computer
  • Constit... sneekyfoot 2012/12/25 07:01:48
  • sneekyfoot Constit... 2012/12/25 13:13:03
    its rushing to be cheaper , faster and virus proof
  • Constit... sneekyfoot 2012/12/26 04:24:41
  • jon 2012/12/24 21:08:58
    On the move
  • Tattoo Nana 2012/12/24 19:54:08
    Tattoo Nana
    I LOVE my laptop. I spend a lot of time in bed, disabled. I have one of the cool bed tables on wheels and my laptop is on it. Since I spend so much time in bed, I totally love my internet, would be lost without it. I'm very thankful for the internet - I love being able to instantly connect with family and friends with chat. I enjoy Facebook and play farmville. And I love SodaHead!! I have a lot of fun on here, have "met" some great people and have even learned some stuff :). This is a great site and I'm grateful for the interacting that I can do on here.
  • koyt 2012/12/24 19:42:50
    of course i prefer laptop. because i hate being in a desktop it hurts my back down .
  • sjalan 2012/12/24 19:41:34
    BOTH REALLY< but I favor my Laptop since it is portable. The desk top is for the heavy duty number crunching I use for cad work
  • Reecey 2012/12/24 19:24:39
    i prefer laptop for socializing but a desktop for gaming :)
  • Theresa 2012/12/24 17:54:57
    Far more versatile. They have about the same computing power too!
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 03:57:18
    no they don't, especially when it comes to graphics processing; scene they have to work in a confined space with almost no expandability to the ram witch is the choke point of the system.
  • Theresa Donnie 2012/12/25 04:44:35
    what more than 64 Gig do you need? Because that is what the top of the line laptops can deliver!
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 04:49:37
    a laptop's ram has slower timing compared to the desktop equivalent. not to mention i would never be able to afford that laptop but i could much easier afford a desktop that could do that. and then there is the fact that even on the expensive end of laptops their graphics processing is not the same. and there is the issue of nowhere near as much vram.
  • Theresa Donnie 2012/12/25 04:56:35
    Now you are quibbling about Vram? Let's face it in everyday activities there is no difference however in esoteric processes the Desktop has a very slight advantage being upgradeable.
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 05:07:15
    what the hell is an esoteric process. you can get better sound, video, and up to 3 times more processing power in hertz alone discounting better threading from a desktop for the same price as a laptop. not to mention its easier to get multi-core desktop that have more cores without breaking the bank if you wanted the same on a laptop. and it's easier to find specialized gear for a desktop and then can hold many more cd, floppy, and harddrive that a laptop could. and only the top of the line laptops could run 3 monitors at the same time while nearly any desktop could do that. and to jump back to the ram try finding multichannel ram for a laptop.
  • Theresa Donnie 2012/12/25 05:10:17
    We were not discussing price to computing ratio only that the functionality was the same quit changing the parameters of this discussion!
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 05:14:14
    ok discount pricing and i could still compare top of the line desktop still out preform top of the line laptop; because a laptop sacrifices those for portability. but if you want to complain about "changing parameters" upgradeability wasn't part of the discussion either.
  • Theresa Donnie 2012/12/25 05:24:00
    Right but look how far you have to go to show how much an advantage a desktop has. In normal computing you could not show any difference. Only preferences.
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 05:33:24
    and what is normal computing? scene i am the local computer guy i help everyone i know pick their computers, build their computers, or fix their computers, and know that normal even in computers is in the eye of the beholder. if by average then a notebook isn't even required they could use a netbook and those actually are so low powered that then don't even require a heat sink on their processors, but are more epensive and bigger that a notebook of the same power.but they cant even do advanced document processing like a notebook. but lets say your normal is just even Photoshop then a desktop is needed to really use it in any decent sense.
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 05:37:42
    or if you do many things at once and need better parallel processing. or you play one of the many popular games laptops can barley run those on low graphics.
  • Donnie Theresa 2012/12/25 05:40:04
    or you could need several hard drives connected at once or even a raid set up i know of no laptop (netbook or notebook) that can have a raid setup.
  • BBLEE 2012/12/24 16:09:49
    I was Probably the last American to buy a P. C. so I will Likely be the last one to get a Laptop as well
  • Kathulhu 2012/12/24 15:35:44
    Gaming laptops are too high-maintenance. My desktop does whatever I want without complaint.
  • Karlheinz 2012/12/24 15:32:43
  • SavingPeopleHuntingThings 2012/12/24 14:45:21
    i love my(broken)laptop
  • DoxieDad 2012/12/24 13:56:05
    I still live in the 20th century with a desk top. I guess I need to update and look at a lap top or even a pad
  • Magical Mushroom 2012/12/24 13:37:03
    Magical Mushroom
    I have a laptop and its great but if I wanted all the nice things and the best graphics I would build my own desktop. Then I would use my laptop to connect to it.
  • ocean tamer 2012/12/24 13:34:10
    ocean tamer
    Any day, it gives you privacy and looks WAY smarter!
    laptop vs desktop meme
  • jack_kazim 2012/12/24 12:44:51
  • baxter 2012/12/24 11:56:20
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/12/24 11:54:53
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    I have both, but I enjoy having plenty of room to get inside the desktop to do upgrades.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/12/24 10:41:41
    AND a Desktop...in my micro studio the laptop will be strictly for recording..the desk top will be for internet and the business
  • just some random guy 2012/12/24 09:48:02
  • Theresa just so... 2012/12/24 18:00:11
    Actually with a docking port a Laptop can become a Desktop.
  • wqerwqerwe 2012/12/24 07:01:28
    I have a laptop but I want to get a desktop! they are usually faster and its super annoying that lap-top parts can't be interchanged. I've only heard of one model that you can switch parts in.
  • jack frost 2012/12/24 06:37:16
    jack frost
    neither dose chicken count because i vote chicken
  • juicebox07 2012/12/24 05:09:19
    I'm in the minority. I rarely use my laptop. I'm on my desktop 95% of the time. Mainly because the screen is much bigger and because I usually listen to music when I browse the internet. (I have a sub connected to my speakers, so it's much better than crappy laptop speakers).

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