Ladies,would you let your man wear your panties if you wore his boxers/briefs either on a night out or just to wear them?

wallygator64 2011/09/09 16:50:24
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  • moonbaby 2012/01/13 22:32:59 (edited)
    YES. I like wearing boxers...And I would love for a boy to wear girl panties for me. :3
    I don't know why I like seeing cocks in pretty pink panties so much, but I just do.

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  • peter 2015/02/03 01:47:01
  • La 2012/01/15 01:02:21
    No. He wouldn't fit in them.
  • Sacredfeather24 2012/01/14 20:19:16
    Haha I wouldnt want his and wouldnt let him have mine
  • Erin Innocent 2012/01/13 23:35:01
    Erin Innocent
    maybe........i like wearing boxers, but ive never reallly though of a dude in my panties >.>
  • moonbaby 2012/01/13 22:32:59 (edited)
    YES. I like wearing boxers...And I would love for a boy to wear girl panties for me. :3
    I don't know why I like seeing cocks in pretty pink panties so much, but I just do.
  • John moonbaby 2014/03/17 14:40:27
    Hi,i am a man and i love to wear panty and i like to know onething is wrong? I was young. I love it and i not gay, but my mother made me wear hers when i getting beating. Would you let vBulletin have. Yours
  • peter moonbaby 2014/11/11 17:35:09
  • peter moonbaby 2014/11/11 17:39:15
  • peter moonbaby 2014/11/11 17:40:44
  • peter moonbaby 2014/11/11 17:52:21
  • peter moonbaby 2015/02/03 01:52:42
  • peter moonbaby 2015/02/03 10:02:51
  • ScoutLdr 2012/01/13 17:48:47
    Never been asked. My Ex used to love wear my tee shirts and boxers-briefs around. I must say she did look very sexy in them.
  • LittleMistersMom 2012/01/13 16:47:44
    No. I don't wear his boxers either. It grosses me out to think of me wearing someone else's underwear or for someone to wear mine.... eeeeewwww....
  • SpiritRaven 2012/01/13 16:09:45
    Why not? Though I feel like the guy probably wouldn't want to...
  • peter SpiritR... 2015/02/03 10:06:42
  • peter SpiritR... 2015/02/03 10:10:44
  • peter SpiritR... 2015/02/04 20:22:17
  • Tropiceagle33 2012/01/13 15:24:28
  • John Tropice... 2013/11/20 21:36:10
    there's nothing wrong for a man wear women's panties and bra would you ever see me wear one? I've been wearing them since I was 12 years old and now I am 51 years old and I still wear panties
  • Diamond Girl 2012/01/13 14:41:29
  • Someone Else 2012/01/13 13:04:56
    Someone Else
    My old lady's panties would never fit way too small. Although I do sometimes enjoy wearing the soiled ones upon my head.
  • Beautiful_Syn 2012/01/13 05:24:15
    Haha no!

    He would never want to anyway, besides I don't need his boxers to wear at night because I have my own that I love to sleep in!
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/01/13 04:27:56
    I would hope he wouldn't want to.
  • whimsycrat CAROLYN... 2012/01/13 04:41:02
    Me too. I try to be open minded but ... I'm really hoping I never have to make the call on this one. So far, so good. :-)
  • CAROLYN... whimsycrat 2012/01/13 04:44:33
    Lol,I agree.
  • Alvin Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/01/14 03:10:34
    Reminds me of a joke. Wedding night, husband takes off his pants and throws them at his wife "put these on" he says. "They are way too big" for me, she replied. he replies "Just remember that Missy" She takes off her bikini underwear throws it at him and tells him to put them on. "I can't get in them things!" he replies. Her answer? "And you never will until you change your attitude, Buddy"
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Alvin 2012/01/14 03:26:34
  • Alvin Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/01/14 03:29:36
    I do too. I'm glad you like it
  • John Pixie·Ÿ... 2013/12/17 17:20:48
    in the event that you want your way medium
  • John Pixie·Ÿ... 2014/03/17 14:46:53
    I do do wear panty
  • amy 2012/01/13 03:58:38
    Sure...? Lol
  • peter amy 2014/11/11 17:37:19
  • peter amy 2015/02/03 10:04:35
  • peter amy 2015/02/03 10:24:12
  • Sweet Insanity 2012/01/13 03:58:25
    Sweet Insanity
    my boyfriend was wearing my panties today, it's pretty hot.
  • Scooter 2012/01/13 03:57:21
    I wouldn't want a man that wanted to wear my panties~
  • DDogbreath Scooter 2012/01/13 06:37:09
    No hole in the front, the poor guy would get a "self inflicted wedgie" when he tried to take a leak...
  • Scooter DDogbreath 2012/01/13 14:34:37

    roflmao gifs

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