Ladies! What do you put in your bags when you go out?

The Gerkin 2010/11/24 21:39:00
I'm wondering cos i don't know.....
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  • carrotcat 2010/12/07 05:40:57
    wallet (with money)
    a pen(in case)
    water bottle
    hand sanitizer
  • La 2010/11/27 00:05:37
    Do you mean out like out of the house in general, or out clubbing?

    Generally it's wallet, phone, mp3 player, gloves, tissues, water bottle, little notepad and pen, and keys.
  • blueprimrose 2010/11/25 15:01:33
    Don't use a hand bag...I've had years of carrying stuff for my girlies, schools, exhusbands, husband, mother...yadda yadda...can't be doing with it all now, so I just use my pockets now! xxx
  • Butterfly 2010/11/25 06:49:37
    my bag weighs around 15 lbs and i have been know to have the contents of walmart floating around in there
  • ~RoXan~ 2010/11/25 02:03:36 (edited)
    Lots of stuff...ummmh...like ur pet dinosaur.. ive lost mine- he might be hiding somewhere, so if u happend to see him plezz tell meeH...
    ur pet dinosaur ive lost hiding happend plezz meeh
  • The Gerkin ~RoXan~ 2010/11/25 21:00:10
    The Gerkin
    I ate it. sorry!
  • ~RoXan~ The Gerkin 2010/11/25 23:02:39
    *cries* iz ok.. i always wanted to take a bite...
  • The Gerkin ~RoXan~ 2010/11/26 22:25:35
    The Gerkin
    well it looked so delicious and bare in mind, i've been of the drugs recently. only alchol...
  • ~RoXan~ The Gerkin 2010/11/26 22:45:13
  • Meme 2010/11/24 22:53:06
    alot of stuff i need n want cell phone ipod touch lipgloss etc.......
  • Meme 2010/11/24 22:52:00
    i carry a purse wen it matchs my outfit,i love a cute purse carry purse wen matchs outfiti love cute purse cute purse
  • cookie monster 2010/11/24 22:40:59
    cookie monster
    everything you can think of.
  • humdrum 2010/11/24 21:45:52
    I put anthing I might need :) That includes my wallet, cellphone, pens, chapstick, lotion, napkins, bandaids, post its, etc. So obviously I don't carry around a small stylish purse :).
  • The Gerkin humdrum 2010/11/25 20:59:25
    The Gerkin
    What is chapstick?
  • humdrum The Gerkin 2010/11/26 03:25:53
    lip balm for chapped lips :)
  • The Gerkin humdrum 2010/11/26 22:26:40
    The Gerkin
    what r chapped lips?
  • humdrum The Gerkin 2010/11/26 23:11:33
    Umm.. when your lips get really dry and start cracking. i guess its like lotion for you lips :D are you teasing me?
  • Android 2010/11/24 21:43:47
    I don't know because I am not a lady.
  • The Gerkin Android 2010/11/25 20:59:04
    The Gerkin
    Well then there is no point in answering is there?
  • Android The Gerkin 2010/11/25 20:59:32
  • The Gerkin Android 2010/11/26 22:26:20
    The Gerkin
    so why answer?
  • cookie ... The Gerkin 2010/11/27 05:31:01
  • Android The Gerkin 2010/11/27 15:10:13
    I don't know.

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