Ladies, do you like it when a guy smells good?

Grrr 2009/05/11 13:46:11
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omg yes i go nuts over it
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  • KendraJae 2009/06/03 06:50:20
    omg yes
    very much...but they have to find the right scent in cologne or just go with what they use to shower with...
    a little cologne goes a long way and guys really need to know that...
  • Pennypooh 2009/05/31 03:06:56
    omg yes
    yes, i love it a lot
  • Chrisci 2009/05/31 02:23:41
    depends on how much he puts on
    Most of the time boys at my school wear cheap colonge and put way to much on
  • Essence220 2009/05/25 01:16:02
    omg yes
    i love when im hugging a guy and im all done with the hug and ready to pull away and then i catch the scent of his cologne, his deoderant, or just his own unique scent. i stay just a second longer to take it in.
  • dazzledbytwilight 2009/05/24 15:19:43
    omg yes
    Omg yes, I like it when a guy smells good. Drakar Noir or Polo, among others, can make a head turn unconsciously.
    omg omg guy smells drakar noir polo head turn unconsciously omg omg guy smells drakar noir polo head turn unconsciously
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2009/05/24 00:34:01
    omg yes
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    I don't like it when they smell bad...........! omg smell
  • Fuze 2009/05/23 19:02:16
    omg yes
    of course
  • twothunders 2009/05/23 17:27:20
    omg yes
  • TigraInPeace 2009/05/23 17:25:28
    omg yes
    of course.
  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2009/05/23 15:39:36
  • QueenShebaVIII 2009/05/23 15:33:34
    depends on how much he puts on
    As long as he doesn't smell bad. I once sat behind a man on the bus who was wearing so much deodorant that it made my eyes hurt... certainly not attractive. O.o
  • Tsisquaya 2009/05/23 15:26:23
    omg yes
    A great smelling man catches your attention and holds it!! It is SEXY!!! Whereas just eye candy with no scent, I check 'em out and then they lose my attention.

    My fave guy scents are Fahrenheit and Drakkar!
  • cryingontheinside 2009/05/23 00:01:18
    depends on how much he puts on
    is a good smell or a bad smell?
  • Tex 2009/05/12 13:00:27
    omg yes
    Of course I like it when guys smell good!
  • Roxxy 2009/05/12 04:46:18
    omg yes
    yupp ´causee i like it
  • strawberry 2009/05/12 01:53:08
    omg yes
    Sometimes it is the men's cologne, other times his natural body scent.
  • THEZEBRA 2009/05/12 01:08:48
    omg yes
    thats why we like wearing their jackets in the first place
  • Grrr THEZEBRA 2009/05/12 01:09:47
    lol true
  • Reese Cup 2009/05/12 00:36:37
    omg yes
    Reese Cup
    Especially when they smell like Axe, mmm...
  • Tab Bear[: 2009/05/11 22:18:12
    omg yes
    Tab Bear[:
    Omg my boyfriend mmm he smells so good it is the best smelling thing in the world omg omg boyfriend mmm smells smelling world I believe it is that stuff it smells delisious
  • sammie 2009/05/11 22:14:41
    omg yes
    umm yea. but not too strong or i won't hang wit u
  • Alexis~American Patriot~ 2009/05/11 22:02:45
    omg yes
    Alexis~American Patriot~
    Nothing more sexy than a man that smells great!

    omg sexy smells
    omg sexy smells
  • n. maylee 2009/05/11 21:54:09
    omg yes
    n. maylee
    love it like that. but it does depend how much he puts on. if its too much i'll start to suffocate. i dont like suffocating!!
  • BeBo 2009/05/11 21:46:00
    omg yes
    yea i love it that is a good thing
  • Tiger Annie. AMERICAN. . w... 2009/05/11 21:12:14
    depends on how much he puts on
    Tiger Annie.  AMERICAN. . waving the flag!
    I bought him some Lagerfeld because the meaning of its name is "master hunter". I loved the smell and every time my master hunter has it on I get a big old nose hit because it smells so good. But if he puts on "Wild Country" or heaven forbid "Brut", I run the other way. (LMAO)
  • Jules 2009/05/11 20:56:27
    omg yes
    put ArridXX on the pits and Mezmerize after shave on the face....and that works like cat nip on me! omg arridxx pits mezmerize shave works cat nip
  • Riahlennlove. 2009/05/11 20:46:58
    omg yes
    -dry humps air-
  • bLuE* 2009/05/11 20:32:46
    omg yes
    yes! i love that sexy man cologne..so sexy!
  • kimmykaye~Taking a break to... 2009/05/11 20:23:17
    omg yes
    kimmykaye~Taking a break to be with my Love~
    love this on a guy ! omg love guy
  • Tsisquaya kimmyka... 2009/05/23 15:27:19
    I LOVE the Couture line!!! Wear it myself!
  • kimmyka... Tsisquaya 2009/05/23 16:06:58
    kimmykaye~Taking a break to be with my Love~
    I love it to !!!
  • laura<3 2009/05/11 20:14:32
    omg yes
  • ~*tokiohotelobsessed*~ 2009/05/11 20:02:10
    omg yes
    yeah especially when they are wearing Axe omg yeah wearing axe or Tag lol=]
  • Jenny Love 2009/05/11 19:37:11
    omg yes
    Jenny Love
    yes i love it so much!!!! it makes him more sexy!!!!!!
  • vefoni 2009/05/11 19:05:44
    depends on how much he puts on
    i know a few people who smell really good..and i like that..but that is not enough!
  • [=JOKER=] 2009/05/11 18:40:32
    depends on how much he puts on
    hope not to much
  • .Abigail.ACR. 2009/05/11 18:11:52
    omg yes
    Oh yeah. I like a guy to smell good. I have this guy friend and he was puttin so much cologne on that you could smell it even though he was in his room with the door closed..it was so funny....but he always smells good!!! Okay except for at concerts when we are squished haha
  • interweb.bad.guy 2009/05/11 17:30:34
    depends on how much he puts on
    i knowwww I'm a man, but what do you ladies think about this cologne from Victoria's Secret, I love it and so does my wife.

    depends knowwww ladies cologne victorias secret love wife
  • omg yes
    мυzιк.jυηкιε™ [ιη мy вιтcнεs ι тяυsт!]
    cologne is a turn-on :D
  • ponytail 2009/05/11 17:07:02
    depends on how much he puts on
    also what he puts on. I've always loved the smell of Brute and a few others. I hate it when guys smell bad . Sometimes if it's a hot day and/or they are working hard they can't help it but guys hit the shower as soon as you can.

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