Justin beiber gets girl pregnant?

Katie 2011/11/03 21:47:26
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OK so I do not like justin bieber, but I heard this story. DO you think its true or not?

Meet Mariah Yeater.

She's the 20-year-old California woman who claims to have taken 17-year-old Justin Bieber's virginity and given birth to his baby.

Yeater filed a paternity suit against the popstar yesterday, alleging she had sex with Bieber backstage at one of his concerts, and is requesting a paternity test to "scientifically confirm" that he is the father.

According to court papers obtained by RadarOnline, Yeater alleges that she was approached by a security guard after a concert and asked to come back stage. She claims she and Justin moved to an area where they could be alone, at which time his "personality drastically changed."

Yeater claims Justin then, "began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to f**k the sh*t out of me. At the time I asked him to put a condom on for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to ... Justin Bieber then quickly took off my clothes and we had sex. He was on top of me and with my legs around him."

The 20-year-old who gave birth to her son, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater in July, also says in the lawsuit that the sexual encounter only lasted 30 seconds and at that time it was clear to her that Bieber was embarrassed and did not want to exchange phone numbers.

Reps for Bieber told TMZ they hadn't seen the lawsuit but denies Yeater's allegation. Meanwhile, Justin commented on the lawsuit by tweeting:

"so Im going to ignore the rumors...and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!"

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  • countrygirl16 2012/01/01 04:48:55
    welll she probably wants money or it could b tru.. never know and sucks either way. like someone else says: y wud she ask for a paternity test if she's lying??? kinda dumb to know if she is but may be serious. i kinda dont care so... o well
  • fhsjkf 2011/12/02 23:47:33
    No, it sounds as if she just wants money.
    i don't belive justin beiber do such a thing.
  • Jocelyn 2011/11/23 23:51:27
    No, it sounds as if she just wants money.
    to be truthful i really don't care for all of the drama but i really don't think Justin Bieber is stupid enough to have sex with a crazed fan.
  • lindsey.hollands 2011/11/05 22:00:10
    Hell yes, seems to me Justin is a daddy.
    She asked for a paternity test. Why would she do that if it was a lie?
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2011/11/04 02:25:11
    No, it sounds as if she just wants money.
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    She sounds like a dumb girl that just wants her 15 minutes of fame.
  • Crime Time 2011/11/04 00:43:34
  • lonewolf 2011/11/03 23:20:03
    who cares
  • Níl mé leat 2011/11/03 23:01:17
    Níl mé leat
    Why is there never an "I don't care" option when it comes to Justin Bieber? Sorry to all his fans but I would not be sad if he magically disappered from earth and ended up on the surface of the sun.
  • Katie Níl mé ... 2011/11/03 23:14:42
    Yeah me either, my sister said I should ask this question to see how many comments it gets and all the opinions. But personally I don't like Justin Bieber, he looks like a butch lesbian.
  • Mariann... Níl mé ... 2011/11/05 11:12:36
  • xxxPrincessGabbyxxx 2011/11/03 22:13:12
    No, it sounds as if she just wants money.
    Idk why she would do that tho. If the test comes up negative everyones gonna know she lied and all the Beiber fans will hate her. If it is true she will be in trouble because he is underaged. And I think she would get in trouble for lying too.
  • The River Rat 2011/11/03 22:04:14
    The River Rat
    I heard that the judge ordered a praternity test, so we will know soon enough. I am not fond of him either but he must be doing something right.
  • Aingean 2011/11/03 21:53:17
    Either way if they ever had sex she is in trouble.
  • Mr Wayne 2011/11/03 21:49:08
    Mr Wayne

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