Jennifer Lawrence Admits She Skinned a Live Squirrel: Rad or Bad?

Living 2012/04/11 18:00:00
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Jennifer Lawrence must have a thing for squirrels ... and no, we're not talking about "The Hunger Games." The actress recently admitted to Rolling Stone that she skinned a live squirrel as part of her Oscar-nominated role in "Winter's Bone." Jennifer Lawrence said, "I should say it wasn't real, for PETA. But screw PETA." Whoa. Them be some fighting words.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has now responded to her remarks, with President Ingrid Newkirk telling Gothamist: "She's young and the plight of animals somehow hasn't yet touched her heart. As Henry David Thoreau said, 'The squirrel you kill in jest, dies in earnest.'

"When people kill animals, it is the animals who are 'screwed', not PETA, and one day I hope she will try to make up for any pain she might cause any animal who did nothing but try to eke out a humble existence in nature." So ... whose side are you on? PETA's? Or do you think J-Law was just getting into character when she skinned a squirrel?
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  • Freeranger 2012/04/11 20:39:15
    I think you need to go back and do a re-write, because as written, it would seem that she was skinning it while it was still alive. Poor word usage. Obviously, it had been a live squirrel, but she skinned it after it was dead-----no big deal.
    And HELL YEAH!!! I'd flip off PETA too. I like this girl already.

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  • The Inc... Anonymous 2012/04/12 08:21:31
  • Nomad58 2012/04/12 05:54:51
    Obviously a misquote about "she skinned a live squirrel" because a live squirrel would have torn the living hell out of her fingers & hands as well as anything else it could get. Squirrels are nasty little critters when they are caught.

    As for PETA, who gives a tree rat's behind what those freaks think. They kill more animals than they save. Besides, you have to be totally deranged to carry on about a rodent like that. I mean squirrels down even have much meat on them or make good gravy. Then when you do get them they may be full of ringworms so they are hardly worth the effort.

    totally deranged carry rodent squirrels meat gravy ringworms worth effort
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/12 07:59:24
    uh-huh, and I dont even want to touch the level of derangment necessary to have your kind of thinking.
  • The Inc... Jo 2012/04/12 08:21:50
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/12 18:14:01 (edited)
    Derangement? No informed. Squirrels are rodents, the same as rats. They can carry the SAME diseases (plus a few) and they are not afraid of people. The teeth of all rodents are like our fingernails - they are always growing. So they must chew on something all the time. And for some reason, gravid female squirrels favor chewing on metal. Pipes, wires, nails, anything they find. They have been known to cause house fires (as do rats & mice) by gnawing through electrical wiring.

    Squirrels are omnivores and will eat any kind of food you can think of, and some that you can’t. That means they will scavenge from your open garage, from your trash, fruit and nut trees, and your garden. Keep them out of your trashcans. If you still think their cute, you probably won’t think so for long if you’ve got ‘um in your attic (walls, house, etc.).

    As for the PETA Sign take a look at this link:
    Before you claim bias, check the links on their page

    house peta sign link httpwww petakillsanimals claim bias check links
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/13 07:43:16
    i dont know why you felt the need to go into the value of squirrles--its irrelevant; the issue is NOT that she killed one, but that she killed one in the manner that she did.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/13 13:55:56
    And like I said in the first post, that animal was NOT alive when she skinned it or her hands would have been torn to pieces. Thus the above post on the amount of damage they can cause. If the can gnaw through a pipe do you think they would have any problem with a finger or the soft tissue of the hand and forearm?
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/13 13:57:39
    then what would be the point? why do it at all?
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/13 14:05:26
    Skin, snack, and you get rid of a tree rat.

    skin snack rid tree rat
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/13 17:35:33
    that would be the occasion upon which you KILL it--not necessary to "skin" it, which is what I've already said is the wohole problem with actions like that.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/14 06:18:12
    Why waste the skin? You have to remove it to get the meat and the dried skin makes a good pouch or glove.
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/14 10:02:05
    if they're so inundated with disease, why is anybody wanting to eat one? you sure as hell wouldnt find ME eating something so disease-ridden.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/14 14:44:54
    That why you cook or boil them. Boil the hide too so parasites won't be a problem.
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/15 02:37:46
    the smart thing to do would be to avoid it all together; and I can almost guarantee you she didnt skin it for the hide.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/15 02:54:54
    Then she wasted a good skin.
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/15 04:45:20
    leave it to a back woods redneck to say something like that
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/15 16:11:53
    No an American Indian.
    Although I do live on 10 acres the top of a mountain only 3 acres are woods
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/15 19:30:11
    yes, with a backwoods, redneck attitude deliverance
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 02:12:20 (edited)
    So you just dismiss my People as rednecks because we prefer to continue to teach our children how to live off the land ~ how very enlightened of you.

    Since we are not allowed to shoot deer except in season and rarely bear, small game is about all that is available. Also the introduction of the Grey Wolf into this area (a habitat that has never known it) have played havoc on the ecosystem.

    Of course, you don't consider that just like everyone else who thinks they know what's best for us. KnowBest
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 03:16:40
    I dont call you a redneck because you choose to teach your children "how to live off the land", I call you a redneck because of that "yeah, buddy, sic 'em!" attitude that you seem to be so proud of. I dont know "whats best for you" nor do I care to speculate.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 03:47:40 (edited)
    Jo, where once did I say go get them? I merely called them what they were "rodents" and then said if it was already dead you should make use of every part of it.

    You are the one reading in information that is not even there. What would you prefer to do seal it in medical waste bag. It would be better to take it to the woods and leave it for carrion and let of animals feed off it if no one else is going to use it.

    Man, cartoons really must have sucked you into squirrels.

    waste bag woods leave carrion animals feed cartoons sucked squirrels
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 05:04:14 (edited)
    I never said you said it, I said it was your attitude--entirely different; and my stance has nothing to do with "squirrles" per se, its the attitude in general toward animals that you've displayed that I find incredibly offensive.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 05:39:05
    How do you read an attitude in a post?

    Animals are food unless they can help you get food.
    What is so offensive about that? That has been the truth of the World for eons.

    Yes we are omnivores, yet we are also the leading predator due to our intelligence. The fact that we sought protein allowed us to become the smartest lifeform on the planet.

    Now suddenly we are suppose to forget animals are a food source? I thank the Creator for delivering a meal and the animal spirit for providing substainance(it is taboo to hunt merely for pleasure). That doesn't take away from the fact that it is a rodent and certain precautions must be taken to prepare the kill.

    I know about hunting animals. It sounds like you know about watch the Nature Channel. My experience is from the real world. I would put money on your "incredibly offensive"ness is from sitting on the sofa,
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 12:52:21
    um, no, my experience is from a father and 6 uncles that grew up in the "real world".
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 15:33:49
    Did you hunt? No, you take second experience from sports hunters and you feel bad for their prey. Sport hunters have their purpose in maintaining the balance so the population does not starve during the Winter. Would you rather they a greater portion of the herd die due to scarce resources?

    Do you enjoy hamburgers, chicken, ham & bacon, turkey (not wild)? These animals are being kept on smaller & smaller plots of land or cages. Few rational people go nuts when domestic animals are killed for consumption.

    You understand nothing of hunting. A true hunter makes use of their kill, not just hang it's head on the wall as a trophy. A bear skin in not a rug, but a winter coat, boots, etc. A deer provides a jacket, shoes, and so forth. I haven't even covered the meat and organs.

    So keep your "holier than thou" attitude, but a squirrel is nothing more than a tree rodent. Although, they can provide minimal substance and skin.
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 16:18:33 (edited)
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 17:18:48
    My aren't you one judgmental close-minded woman.

    judgmental close-minded woman httpwww esf eduaecadksm
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 20:24:37
    lol! because I feel strongly about somethng? now, why doesnt it surprise me that you would think something like that? They same thing could be said about you, sweetpea---you stick to your opinion the same way I do mine; its no different.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/16 22:07:44 (edited)
    There is a difference. If stranded in the woods I can make shelter, fire, traps, weapons, and gather/hunt food. Plus send up a signal to let people know my location.

    You would be scavenging road kill after a couple of days, which would make you sick or possibly kill you.

    signal people location scavenging road kill couple days sick kill
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/16 23:10:41
    your ability to do things (and I could do them as well--i happen to be extremely resourceful and have pretty much been exposed to everything at one time or another) has nothing to do with my being "judgemental" and "close-minded", nor does it have anything to do with having strong convictions.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/17 00:34:24
    So if dropped in the woods you would be fine, huh?
  • Jo Nomad58 2012/04/17 00:59:31
    pretty much as fine as anybody else, yes; my parents grew up in rural areas, and my dad taught me well.
  • Nomad58 Jo 2012/04/17 02:17:52
    Good to know. Make sure you are up-to-date on the plants though. Some native plants have been affected by house plants brought in from other areas. Also don't get anything near a road. They haven't made anything lethal, but the results will make you wish you were dead and you'll lose too much body fluids.

    Your Dad's probably already taught you this already, but here are a couple good link if you go camping:
  • Ameera 2012/04/12 05:39:52
    anything that katniss does is cool ;D
  • The Inc... Ameera 2012/04/12 08:22:18
    The Incurable Pessimist
    Please go get a perspective, your comment is idiotic.
  • Ameera The Inc... 2012/04/12 08:26:03
    lol i dont really care what she does, she can skin whatever she wants
  • baby sh... Ameera 2012/04/15 20:36:56 (edited)
    baby shaker
    So what if she kills your family is that cool?
  • Ameera baby sh... 2012/04/16 05:32:35
    my family arnt squirrels.
  • MrFabulous47 2012/04/12 05:37:22
    I took my son to see Barnum & Bailey's Circus when he was little & the PETA freaks were jumping over sleeping homeless people on the sidewalk to run up and tell me how immoral it was to support the torture of animals. Anyone besides myself see the completely screwed up viewpoint of these folks? It's a squirrel for God's sake. It's like a Rat with a big bushy tail. Get over it!!
  • herenotthere1 2012/04/12 05:13:08 (edited)
    I was about to freak out there, but ill assume from the top comment that she didn't skin it while it was living, as the question suggests.
    In that case, id like to change my vote.

    Im from the other sector of PETA: people for the eating of tasty animals

    heh jk

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