Is This Guy the New Eminem? [VIDEO]

Canto 2011/01/18 21:54:13
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Dude, this guy's legit. I think he might even be a faster rapper than Eminem. Check it and vote.
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  • LaurenBrodyCox :-) 2011/01/19 21:42:21
    Yes, he's so talented!
    LaurenBrodyCox :-)
    BUUUUUT, no one, in my opinion, could ever ever ever ever E-V-A-R live up to eminem's amazingness.
    EVAR. dont get me wrong, i was like, WHOA THAT DUDE IS FREAKING AMAZING! but, no where near eminem.
    he is amazing though.

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  • petean05 petean05 2011/01/19 04:37:08
    Then again, maybe just by not saying anything he is actually saying something, in which case ignore what I was just talking about.
  • Souly✿ 2011/01/19 04:30:18
    Yes, he's so talented!
  • Montana 2011/01/19 04:06:29
  • jillyfish➒❻ 2011/01/19 03:41:19
    Yes, he's so talented!
    holy crap. thats talent
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2011/01/19 03:34:00
    Yes, he's so talented!
    PinkSugarZombie (Tori)
    I officially love this guy. lol
  • Spent 2011/01/19 03:33:34
    Yes, he's so talented!
    He's better, eminem sucks big floppy donkey dick.
  • MichaelDeMoranville 2011/01/19 03:07:37
    Yes, he's so talented!
    Anyone can copy off of eminem now, because he freaking sold out to get radio play!!!!!
    In the old days, no one, and I mean NO ONE!!!!! Could copy Slim Shady, but now eminem is just a sellout. Not afraid sucks, love the way you lie sucks, no love sucks, relapse and recovery SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The new eminem sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to The Slim Shady LP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wolfshadow 2011/01/19 02:36:05
    Nope, he won't make it.
    I don't know why you had to say just because he isn't the new M&M; he won't make it... but whatever...

    He's funny and he's good, but he isn't the new M&M;.
  • Michael... wolfshadow 2011/01/19 03:08:14
  • wolfshadow Michael... 2011/01/23 02:58:54
    I really don't listen you his music at all, he is kind of cute though so he's worth looking at.
  • Montana wolfshadow 2011/01/19 04:07:01
    m&m?... come on dude.
  • wolfshadow Montana 2011/01/23 02:59:35
    Oh come on dude yourself... what do you think he wanted to use? He couldn't.
  • kriss 2011/01/19 02:20:37
    Yes, he's so talented!
    he can rap fast like early twista. Lyrics are too comedy and corny. And it doesnt have a theme, just randomness..
  • Ash 2011/01/19 02:14:45
    Nope, he won't make it.
    Don't get me wrong I do think he's talented, but he needs his own style. He want make it just copying Eminem. Plus his voice is not very unique.
  • Tooshy 2011/01/19 02:01:16
    Yes, he's so talented!
    He's good.....By the way Eminem is not all that good of a rapper!!!
  • olivia 2011/01/19 01:54:37
    Yes, he's so talented!
    Omg I'm only 12 but that guy can rap I'm amazed and y'all probably to if he doesn't rap gay words than he could make CDs and I would totally buy one and he is faster thn eminem
  • Madoka Kaname 2011/01/19 01:28:40 (edited)
    Yes, he's so talented!
    Madoka Kaname
    He sounds great and he can rap very fast without stumbling over his words. He should become a rapper! :D
    :D -AMAZIN!!- :D
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/01/19 01:18:35
    Nope, he won't make it.
  • lordsan... MOMMA T... 2011/01/19 11:10:25
    I agree!
  • Cherie Bomb 2011/01/19 01:16:26
    Yes, he's so talented!
    Cherie Bomb
    I like it he's fast at rapping x)
  • ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ 2011/01/19 01:01:42
    Yes, he's so talented!
    ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ
    he does sound good but not like eminem :L morre like skat man lol
  • ♥Bubbles♥15 2011/01/19 00:49:48
    Yes, he's so talented!
    OH god that was funny I laughed.. :D he is talented though
  • Chris D 2011/01/19 00:39:42
    Nope, he won't make it.
    Chris D
    He might try a career in sales - good at fast talking, but not sure there is "talent" there...I did however enjoy his video
  • CumCub 2011/01/19 00:23:30
    Nope, he won't make it.
    He doesn't have the same rhythm as Eminem.
    I'm embarrassed for you that you even compared the two.
    Eminem is a timeless wonder, and a lot of people who don't typically like rap enjoy his music.
    There will never be someone who can compare with Eminem,
    nice trying.
  • Michael... CumCub 2011/01/19 03:17:01
    Are you talking about not afraid and love the way you lie?!?! Those songs and recovery were SH!T!!!!!!! The Slim Shady LP was his best album, and recovery is SH!T!!!!!!!!
  • CumCub Michael... 2011/01/19 03:39:21
    No, I'm not.
    Those songs are tweeny bopper tunes made to get hits.
    I'm talking about his songs like Mockingbird and Hailie's song.
    The ones that actually have some meaning behind them.
  • CumCub Michael... 2011/01/19 03:42:48
    & I don't appreciate a little kid going off on me.
    Especially by just assuming things.
  • Michael... CumCub 2011/01/19 14:58:46
  • Michael... CumCub 2011/01/19 15:00:51
    And I'm not a little kid, I'm gonna be 14 in august.
  • CumCub Michael... 2011/01/19 20:57:25
    My point exactly.
  • Michael... CumCub 2011/01/21 01:05:22
    What the hell is that supposed to mean?! I wasn't mad at you, it's just that most people only care about his crap. I just wanted to make sure.
  • ReasonOverFaith BN - 0 2011/01/19 00:22:55
  • Ash-the-empress 2011/01/19 00:16:29
    Nope, he won't make it.
    Does it even matter that I can't understand him at all?
  • ReasonO... Ash-the... 2011/01/19 00:24:12
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    Yes, it does. If you need to add subtitles to your music cause no one can understand your lyrics, then you need to redo the damn song.
  • Ash-the... ReasonO... 2011/01/19 00:26:14
    Thank God someone understands!
  • Oh Yeah 2011/01/19 00:09:25
    Nope, he won't make it.
    Oh Yeah
    Do we really need a new Eminem?
  • Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 2011/01/19 00:10:27
    Oh Yeah
    Ha ha... he keeps stroking his cat.
  • Oh Yeah Oh Yeah 2011/01/19 00:11:29
    Oh Yeah
    Okay... only in the beginning.
  • MegaFortunateSon 2011/01/18 23:55:55
    Nope, he won't make it.
    wrong look
  • Stealthy 2011/01/18 23:52:57
    Nope, he won't make it.
    I sure hope not. We don't need more Eminems,

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