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Fun 2012/02/21 22:07:19
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Art comes in many different forms, but we never thought we'd come across this type. Artist Hong “Red” Yi decided to do the unthinkable and created a portrait solely from the ring stains of her coffee mug. We can only guess how long this coffee-stain masterpiece took her, but the portrait of actor Jay Chou is intricate and stands pretty high.

Plus, Yi is no stranger to completing her art with unconventional tools. She's also painted a portrait of basketball player Yao Ming with red paint and a basketball. And if you're interested in how the artist executed her new coffee-strain portrait, just watch the video of Yi's unique artistic method below...and let us know if you think it's just as awesome as we do.

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  • scarlett 2012/02/22 19:20:38 (edited)
    that would be amazing as a simple sketch, but she took to the next level and made it something complete different! great job. i love things like this, the art it so simple but the way it was done and the process was so intricate and amazing! using things or everyday objects and turning them into art, awesome!!
    amazing art amazing art amazing yet simple art

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  • Moonbeams 2012/02/22 04:57:09
    Impressive. Caffeine never looked so good.
  • Greenbay 2012/02/22 04:35:25
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/02/22 04:31:38
  • EpicStalkerCrayon 2012/02/22 04:07:18
  • Fox Avis 2012/02/22 04:04:41
  • SidheRocks 2012/02/22 03:36:10
    Are you kidding me? I wouldn't even call it a stain at all. If that's a stain, than professional paintings are nothing but paint stains on a canvas.

    I want this stain on my shirt! ***sips coffee enthusiastically**

    coffee stain shirt
  • Flea SidheRocks 2012/02/23 00:37:21
    When you break it down to the bare bones, yes, paintings are EXACTLY that.
  • hari 2012/02/22 03:32:45
    what ever said but looks nice
  • LoveBug 2012/02/22 03:30:57
    It's different.
  • Poet003 2012/02/22 03:16:24
    Yes, thats so cool.
  • Delete 2012/02/22 03:06:02
    Very Creative!
  • Bibliophilic 2012/02/22 03:02:21
    I meant to say yes- I like it. She must have a lot of patience.
  • Melizmatic Bibliop... 2012/02/22 03:14:47
    Seriously though.

    She's basically doing large scale 'stipling.'

    The small ones take forever, I can only imagine how long this must have taken.
  • alex 2012/02/22 02:14:10
    That's amazing
  • Maria 2012/02/22 02:08:42
    very artist by natural itself...wow that amazing ...
  • Sandman366 2012/02/22 02:06:46
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/02/22 02:06:34
    I approve! That is AMAZING.
  • Haley Smith 2012/02/22 01:59:04
    Haley Smith
    That's fabulous!
  • Peace Out 2012/02/22 01:46:39
    Peace Out
    That's really cool!
  • Jessica Schultz 2012/02/22 01:01:20
    Jessica Schultz
    Yes, It sure is!
  • Louis Contreras 2012/02/22 01:00:55
    Louis Contreras
    Amazing piece of art.
  • Flea 2012/02/22 00:57:16 (edited)
    As a professional artist myself, I can say with confidence that it's a mediocre and stereotypical rendering at best. The only reason it's in the news is the media used. Coffee rings, burnt toast, paper bags and glue- the result of the media you use is only as good as your artistic talent. Looking at it objectively, doesn't even look like Chou.
  • Twisted... Flea 2012/02/22 03:34:34
    I'd have to disagree with her being mediocre. I'm mediocre compared to her. No, I'm a novice compared to her.
  • Flea Twisted... 2012/02/22 03:46:57
    You may be a novice, but I'm not.
    I'll reiterate- what you use as media doesn't make you more or less talented.
  • Jesterz Flea 2012/02/22 04:31:42
    It makes you original though... And besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Professional artist... *sigh*... As if that meant anything or gave you any credit... You sound like a disconnected snob who's into modern or abstract art crap... I think that the only thing mediocre here is your lofty attitude...
  • Alexandria Jesterz 2012/02/22 07:17:01
    I agree. Sounds pretty elitist to me.
    Anyway, I love the idea of making a portrait from coffee stains. Original and interesting. :)
  • Flea Jesterz 2012/02/23 00:27:28
  • Elementer Flea 2012/02/22 11:52:36 (edited)
    "You may be a novice, but I'm not."


    "I'll reiterate- what you use as media doesn't make you more or less talented"

    It kinda does. An artist that's able to use different type of tools has skill. It takes skill and talent to do what she did. Most people can barely use a pencil to draw a picture, let alone coffee stains.

    Take flash and CGI for example. Flash and CGI has made it extremely easy for even the most talentless artists to create drawings and even cartoons.

    Now take traditional animation, like Disney's hand-drawn movies. Takes much more talent and skill to do that, and often traditional animation is better than flash, and even CGI in come cases.

    Now take something like sculpting. That's an art-form that takes not only creative but physical talent.

    It's not just the art itself, it's how the art was created too. The media you use can determine talent.

    For an artist, you don't know much about art.
  • Flea Elementer 2012/02/23 00:05:56
  • Flea Elementer 2012/02/23 00:19:03 (edited)
    As I stated to SHer king latina bookworm (okaaaaay), it's all in the hype. You are giving praise because it's the use of coffee. I, as an artist, have learned much of the creation of assorted artistic media. If you break it down to the technical basics, it's not that impressive.
    Coffee is essentially a water-based stain. That's all it is. Like I said, it's mediocre. Any mediocre artist can do exactly what she did.
  • Elementer Flea 2012/02/23 11:09:37
    I'd love to see some of your art.
  • Flea Elementer 2012/02/23 17:34:31
    some of it is on my profile, but everything but the art card was pretty much pissed out in about 5 minutes
  • apaтнeт... Flea 2012/02/22 21:19:58
    apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope
    An artist will use anything at their disposal to create something worthwhile. Creating something like that with coffee is pretty damn astounding. As an artist you are not held within the boundaries of paper and paint.
  • Flea apaтнeт... 2012/02/23 00:14:53
    But it's all in the hype. You are giving praise because it's coffee. I, as an artist, have learned much about the creation of assorted artistic media. If you break it down to the technical basics, it's not that impressive.
    Coffee is essentially a water-based stain. That's all it is.In fact, it's use is rather archaic.
    People use ground up insects as pigment. Ground rock. Resin. They use oils from ground seeds. Burnt wood.
    So I see no difference.
  • apaтнeт... Flea 2012/02/23 00:48:13
    apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope
    Lol, we get it, you're an artist. You can stop repeating it now.

    Who cares what sort of media is used? The outcome is what matters, like it or not. And she created what I thought was something to look at. How it was executed, by placing the coffee cup over and over again and applying the right amount of pressure at a correct angle, was pretty astounding. That takes a little too much patience than I'm willing to give up and I think the majority would agree.

    I do see a difference. If a person uses a pile of feces to create nothing better than a pile of feces, I move on. If someone uses a pile of feces to create something like The Virgin of the Rocks or Head of a Woman, then I'm going to give it some praise.
  • Flea apaтнeт... 2012/02/23 01:05:44
    lol- the feces take has been done to death already- Manzoni went to all the trouble to can his back in '61. Then we had the "Dino Drops" craze of the 70's, where fossilized dung was used in jewelry. Then there were several artists creating sculpture using pigeon droppings from the 80's til now. We don't need anymore "crap" artists.
  • apaтнeт... Flea 2012/02/23 01:15:44
    apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope
    Ah well, they did what they did. Kudos to them.

    So some people go the unconventional way of creating art. It's a nice take on art because like I said, there are no boundaries when it comes to art.
  • Flea apaтнeт... 2012/02/23 01:30:02
    I would beg to differ.
    There's no boundaries only when trying to make money or gain fame from art.
  • apaтнeт... Flea 2012/02/23 01:40:03
    apaтнeтιc lycanтнrope
    So everyone should strive to become the "Starving Artist"? Oh please.

    Everyone who thinks they hold a shred of talent want to be recognized of that to some extent. Not everyone wants to be the poor tramp at the corner of Main selling his work for some food.
    There are no boundaries - period. Some people are actually worthy of recognition.
  • Flea apaтнeт... 2012/02/23 04:18:42

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