Is there a difference between "I love you" and "Luv ya"?

tweety 2010/07/19 23:49:09
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  • Akira Tashi 2012/01/07 19:20:59
    Akira Tashi
    Uhm, I always say I LOVE YOU and that's to friends AND family alike, if I do indeed LOVE them... Love ya, Luv ya etc is an insincere and informal form of affection as far as I am concerned. If you aren't sincere about the "love" then why say it at all? I'm not saying.. I'm JUST saying... I say Love YOU.. WTF is "Ya"?
  • Greta Akira T... 2014/10/02 14:24:58
    Thank You... I TOTALLY AGREE!!!
  • Baebe gurl <3 Jeffro 2010/07/24 19:04:20
    Baebe gurl <3 Jeffro
    depends when i say it yes i love you means i love you forever luv ya means i love you like a friend
  • TheJoker 2010/07/20 09:40:04
    "I love you" is said to a lover
    "Luv ya" is said to a friend
  • Carlo 2010/07/20 08:26:14 (edited)
    Yes "I love you" is a direct message of the profession of deep love. (if they mean it)

    "love ya" can be a simple reminder of the love mentioned above.
    But If used all the time, or exclusively. Then it may only mean as much as it does when said between two really close friends.
  • ★☆Paula☆★ 2010/07/20 08:15:18
    they are written differently...
  • Carlo ★☆Paula☆★ 2010/07/20 08:33:00
  • Lil Lulu Angel Kisses 2010/07/20 06:17:56
    Lil Lulu Angel Kisses
    To me when I say Luv ya...it is like to a great friend. If I say I love you...It is too a family member or lover or someone who is much closer.
  • Tearra 2010/07/20 05:04:30
    I think "I love you" is more serious because u r actually saying the (3 word phase), and " Luv ya", is playful, but I guess it depends on how u say it, and who you say it to.
  • Jay0Byrd 2010/07/20 03:48:30
    Kinda what others have said, depends on who says which.
  • Eaglescout 2010/07/20 02:15:51
    Well, according to the Bible, there are three different kinds of love. Luv ya could definitely be a kind of love associated with friends. It could also depend on who's saying it. Maybe they're not comfortable saying "I love you," which by the way, I love everyone here.
  • tweety Eaglescout 2010/07/20 02:32:08
  • Shorty 2010/07/20 02:15:12
    depends how they say it
  • vitaminanime 2010/07/20 02:12:57
    "I love you" is more sincere
  • Zolfie™ 2010/07/20 01:52:55
    It depends on the person saying it...

    but it seems usually people saying "Luv ya" is like a friend saying they luv ya as a friend... or family that isn't the closest or aren't thinking about it.

    I think "I love you" is a lot more personal and it's more clear IMO.
  • tweety Zolfie™ 2010/07/20 02:11:35
  • nessa456 2010/07/20 01:42:46
  • ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-) 2010/07/20 00:20:47
    ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-)
    i lovee u is somethinqq u wouldd say to ur husbandd or wifee or boyfriendd or qirlfriendd,, nd luv ya is lykk to a friendd
  • Happy Birthday 2010/07/20 00:18:59
    Happy Birthday
    i love you means give me money..
    and luv ya means thanks for the money...
  • lylamerican 2010/07/20 00:17:23
    well yes in some ways, I love you is personal..it says I , the other is general
  • ♥Always☮Shout☮Scarlette♥ 2010/07/19 23:59:15
    luv ya is like as a friend or fun, i love you is serious
  • ~The Girl Who Made Orange C... 2010/07/19 23:55:01
    ~The Girl Who Made Orange Coca Cola~
    luv ya is more personal, like to a best friend or family memeber
  • Alejandra 2010/07/19 23:54:43
    I love You is serious.and saved for family !!,and luv ya, you say to friends your're not really close to....!!
  • chained by pain 2010/07/19 23:51:47
    chained by pain
  • tweety chained... 2010/07/19 23:57:53
  • chained... tweety 2010/07/19 23:59:06
    chained by pain
    lots of things. if the say it all nonchalant then nope. means nothing
  • tweety chained... 2010/07/20 02:13:14
  • Sister Jean 2010/07/19 23:51:05
    Sister Jean
    depends who's saying it
  • tweety Sister ... 2010/07/19 23:57:33
    A friend! friend
  • Sister ... tweety 2010/07/20 00:02:23
  • BrenanaJade^^ 2010/07/19 23:50:08
    Neither of them mean anything anymore. soo not really.
  • tweety Brenana... 2010/07/19 23:56:08
    So sorry to hear that! hear
  • Amber V. (Bunny's *Kitten*) 2010/07/19 23:50:03
    Amber V. (Bunny's *Kitten*)
    I think there is, but it really depends on the person. I think "I love you" is much more meaning full where "Luv ya" is kind of a lazy way to say "I love you"

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