Is Ryan Braun Innocent of Taking PEDs?

Sports 2012/02/24 21:00:00
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Breaking news on the baseball front. The current National League MVP aka Milwaukee Brewers All-Star Ryan Braun will not have to serve a 50-game MLB suspension for failing a performance enhancing drug test -- at least for now. Months back, the outfielder tested positive for elevated testosterone, which can be directly linked to steroid use.

"We provided complete cooperation throughout, despite the highly unusual circumstances," Braun said in a statement released to the media. "I have been an open book, willing to share details from every aspect of my life as part of this investigation, because I have nothing to hide. I have passed over 25 drug tests in my career, including at least three in the past year."

Of course, there are still questions as to why he tested positive in the first place. It's almost unheard of for a player to get a drug test failure disregarded the way Braun did. While he was ruled innocent by an arbitrator of this case, he may still be guilty in the court of public opinion. Long-term, who knows what Ryan Braun's legacy will be following this controversy.

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  • John Locke 2012/02/26 04:03:15
    John Locke
    We all should have known right off of the bat that MLB was experiencing pervasive PED use as soon as those ladies started standing up to pee in the locker room.

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  • Peon of the Masses 2012/03/06 13:55:12
  • Dave 007 2012/03/03 14:02:46
    Dave 007
    And was OJ innocent?
  • Cole Vega 2012/02/28 23:30:47
    Cole Vega
    He's been very adamant about his innocence and there is something clearly fishy about the delay in getting the sampling shipped off…
  • Kozman 2012/02/28 23:12:45
    It sat in some guy's fridge for 44 hours. Or did it. All I know is something went
    wrong with the process. MLB blew it not Braun.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/02/28 22:29:32
    t.eliot, topbard
    Actually, I have no idea, but since the chain of control was broken, the sample could have been switched or altered. Therefore he must be considered innocent because there is reasonable doubt. MLB and the union agreed to the rules.
  • TKramar 2012/02/28 17:55:13 (edited)
    Just picked an answer randomly.

    Frankly, I don't know. The only one who does is him.

    However, I don't find "elevated testosterone" to be sufficient evidence. For one thing, testosterone has a cycle. Also, it can change levels from such things as exercise and sex, so it isn't a valid yardstick. Test for the actual DRUG you think he might have taken.

    PED...that stands for premature erectile dysfunction, right?
  • SodaBrain 2012/02/28 17:19:13
    Can't tell.
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  • EM 2012/02/28 17:07:57
    If he had actually taken steroids he would have gained weight and bulk. Neither of which happened. Also, there was only one "positive" with a followup that was negative. Supports a false positive. Happens.
  • _-T3x4S_M4D3-_ 2012/02/28 15:58:06
  • BrianM98 2012/02/28 13:33:36
    Wow, you don't think Bud Selig's connection to the Milwaukee Brewers had anything to do with Braun not being suspeded? If Braun had been on any other team the suspension would have stood in a heartbeat.
  • Aksana 2012/02/28 09:06:03
  • THAT WAS FUN 2012/02/28 08:59:58
  • disclaimer 2012/02/28 06:26:11
  • raine 2012/02/28 03:01:15
    I don't think testing randomly picks on innocent people
  • TheBorg 2012/02/28 01:46:41
    Seriously, there is no lamer sport than professional baseball so who cares.

    lamer sport professional basketball cares
  • chrystal97 2012/02/27 23:23:12
    He hasn't been found guilty of anything...yet.
  • Superman 2012/02/27 22:27:02
    He's not guilty by way of lawyering.

    But there hasn't been an argument against the results - and why his pee had such a high level of sythetic hormone.
  • kerebail.ramakrishnachar 2012/02/27 22:06:11
    As per an arbitrator rule.
  • overdog001 2012/02/27 21:29:41
    Innocent until proven guilty. Not just innocent until the media makes you think he's guilty. There will always be more to the story than we ever hear.
  • huttyputt 2012/02/27 21:08:50
    You know, there are any number of supplements that will cause your body to show elevated testosterone. TribX90 is one of them. By the time we hit 30 we have started to lose testosterone. Why shouldn't we take supplements that will help our bodies raise our natural levels toward what they were when we were younger. These are not the steroids that give you a pimple covered and coarse looking skin. Possibly elevated testosterone can be related to steroids. It may be naturally higher than average. Give the guy the benefit of doubt.
  • Superman huttyputt 2012/02/27 22:29:09
    Not synthetic testosterone.
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/02/27 19:44:18
    Maybe the guy has a normal high testosterone count. WE will just wait and see I'm sure that the baseball commission will be keeping a close eye on how this all works out.Lets face it the guy is MVP of the National league and that's says a lot right there you know the guys good so lets give him a break for a change. Look at Mark McGwire who broke Roger Maris home run record and how beefed up he was. You going to tell me that was all natural yea sure, that guy Kept growing and growing muscles.
  • silverhorn 2012/02/27 19:36:28
    It's interesting how people are saying it's a technicality allowing the chain of custody to be tampered with by not immediately mailing the sample to the lab. Would it be okay if the person tested hold on to the sample for a day before turning it over for testing?

    I've administered my fair share of drug tests over the years and can say what happened here would not even be questioned at most places of employment. Once the chain of custody is broken, the test is invalid. People should be asking how the MLB let this happen and how often it did happen.

    I believe he is innocent, but in the least he is not guilty.
  • Pistol Pete 2012/02/27 18:45:16
    Pistol Pete
    Looks like has also been taking Estrogen Hormone injections as well.
  • uppity 2012/02/27 17:55:32
    This Baseball drug testing scenario is so McMartinish. It's a kase of the ill-educated busy-bodies trying to make an industry for themselves. Familiar with the adage: Idle hands... Now, it's the demented minds--run amok.
  • NoBama Man 2012/02/27 17:30:23
    NoBama Man
    Clicked the wrong answer...I blame it on a 'technicality'....He tested positive...end of story.
    It's a shame that some athletes like Lance Armstrong...THE most tested athlete in history, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemons have had their entire careers ruined on the 'suspicion' of PED use after NEVER testing positive...and yet athletes like A-Rod, Manny and this guy get a pass for some reason or another. In the mean time perhaps one of the best players in history STILL is not in the Hall of Fame (Pete Rose) for gambling...Pete Rose has become the Richard Nixon of sports.
  • BIG BAD... NoBama Man 2012/02/27 19:47:21
    Great article, your so right (Pete Rose) should be in the hall of fame he was one of the best.
  • Ketel-One 2012/02/27 16:54:34
    Either Herpes or the medication elevates your testorone
  • Superman Ketel-One 2012/02/27 22:30:32
    Not synthetic testosterone.
  • jflip 2012/02/27 03:30:52
    He better not Brewers are my NL team.
  • Synderion 2012/02/27 02:16:38
    No, but not beyond a reasonable doubt. Cannot condemn fairly under the circumstances.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/02/26 23:17:49
    He is innocent until proven guilty! Elevated testoseterone could have been caused by his failure to get laid for a long time!
  • corranhorn9a 2012/02/26 22:26:39
    If you look at his career from Minors to today there is no bump that you see with PED's. There is no Performance enhancing at all. His Weight has remained steady, he's not faster or stronger. He's passed every test he's taken except for the questionable test, When it comes down to it if he is they're rubbish because they haven't improved a damn thing.
  • Synderion corranh... 2012/02/27 02:18:11
    The test said he was guilty. Just because he was careful not to overdo it and majorly affect his stats, doesn't mean he's innocent.
  • silverhorn Synderion 2012/02/27 19:38:20
    the test is not valid. who knows what happened to the test vial while it sat in the administrator's home for almost two days?
  • critter171 2012/02/26 21:44:43
    why is it ok for him to get a pass but none else does? he knew what he was doing period.
  • Stephanie 2012/02/26 16:12:56
  • harley oldman 2012/02/26 14:18:16
    harley oldman
  • jacktown kid 2012/02/26 13:00:59
    jacktown kid
    got off on a flaw thing
  • jerry.alan.carroll 2012/02/26 09:10:51 (edited)

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