Is it weird if i find a random $20.00 bill in my pocket?

Danyelle:) 2010/12/16 14:07:42
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sittin in class reachin for my phone and out pops a freakin 20.00 bill! What the Hell
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  • ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ 2010/12/16 20:02:05
    nahh.... your natural
    ฿ŁΦẄ Ůя ĜΦĐ
    lol one day, i went to the bar. we where siting at the bar cause it was full, then a group of people left and a girl from the group came back looking for something. then we set at the table and i found,probly what she was looking for, a 20$. why didnt she founded it well he was on the ground and i did? :S
  • wolf sloan 2010/12/16 15:16:33 (edited)
    nahh.... your natural
    wolf sloan
    I am always finding money in my pockets when I do laundry.Though rarely a $20 bill
  • Gun665 2010/12/16 14:16:29
  • Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:08:37
    yes..... what the freak!
    you're so gay danyelle <3 haha.
    gimmeee' the 20!
  • Danyelle:) Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:09:36
    nahh im gonna use it today after school
    youi shud message me!
  • Casey:) Danyelle:) 2010/12/16 14:20:10
    why dont you use it for social hour?
    ;D and I would, but mrs. savagae would probably freak out.
  • Danyelle:) Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:20:50
    ha:) literally just giggled
  • Casey:) Danyelle:) 2010/12/16 14:22:10
    heh, ihavemuffinnnns ;D
  • RoyDMer... Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:14:55
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    you both should know that's my 20 bucks
  • Casey:) RoyDMer... 2010/12/16 14:20:20
    "Thanks Unc, can I have another?"
  • RoyDMer... Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:24:02
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    maybe, but I want my 20 bucks first. Don't make me put on my ROTC uniform.
  • Casey:) RoyDMer... 2010/12/16 14:25:00
    Roger that breaker breaker, it's danyelle who has the 20 dollars, not me! D;
  • RoyDMer... Casey:) 2010/12/16 14:28:39
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    yeah, but you know how greedy she is, especially since she now has a Rap career. She will likely use it to buy some bling bling.

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