Is it true that when u dream of a guy or person it means that they miss you?

nessa456 2010/11/05 20:58:00
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  • SomePerson 2014/08/06 22:28:27
    no not true!
    No, it is not true, but I wish it was :3
  • Meg 2014/06/28 13:13:50 (edited)
    no not true!
    Actually I think it means that you miss that person and that you think of him/her a lot. However, you never know, he/she could like you.
  • xrahilove1 2014/06/16 21:22:41
    yess that seems true
    maybe true cuz 4 boys like me always looking at me and i had dreams about all 4 boys so maybe true
  • Lysander 2014/04/12 08:21:40
    yess that seems true
    Listen, All I them of whome may be saying no have different opinions if course but I would agree with others who of say yes for my sister likes a it called jason and when he asked her out she dreamt if him last night and they say after she asked did you think about me last night when u went to bed and he said yes then she explained the dreams and such. So I 99% agree.
  • adis salja 2014/03/04 17:56:58
    no not true!
    adis salja
    i dont think its true because i once meet a really beutefull girl and that very same night i had a dream about her and i dont think she misses me. and it has no sientific proof of this so i dont really think its true
    maby its more like you have some kind of feeling for this person and its your body/ mids way of saying it
  • hannah sutio 2014/02/13 17:38:55 (edited)
    no not true!
    hannah sutio
    Well I am in the middle of what I think. I'm not really sure though, last night I dreamed about a boy who basically hates me now. It was a intimate dream, and I don't like him anymore but it was pretty weird to think he could miss me. I find that very hard to believe... So I'm not sure him missing me sounds crazy, I don't think he ever thinks about me or anything what does this mean? I woke up and started googling this immediately I'm so freaked out
  • Daisy Kagamine 2014/01/11 06:36:55
    yess that seems true
    Daisy Kagamine
    Mine was a little different. I had a dream about this boy I used to be great friends with and we used to date until I broke his heart and everything went downhill until last year and he told me he was done with me and blocked me when I begged him for us to be friends again. In my dream, I was in my own house but it was bigger and distorted. I heard that he was here in my house so I went to find him to the best of my ability but I felt something in my gut like he didn't want me to find him and that he hated me. I finally caught up with him in this black and white checkered room and I screamed and begged for us to be together again and I told him everything I ever wanted to and I begged and cried for another chance, but he looked at me with disgust and teary eyed and struck me and my big sis told him to leave so he left and I watched him walk into the light and he disappeared...what does this mean?
  • bli bli blina :P 2013/10/16 09:07:35
    yess that seems true
    bli bli blina :P
    I have a crush on this guy and turns out he likes me too! So he asked me out and i said yes but now i cant stop thinking/dreaming about him .. Is that weird but whatever so yes i think its true even if its now still nice to think thho..
  • Brianna... bli bli... 2014/04/15 17:22:01
    Brianna Matthews
    This common I had a crush on a guy for a year and I kept thinking about him and dreaming about him. I even had a dream about him twice liking me. It's just bc you have big feelings for this dude. I'm guessing.
  • Andrea Paynter 2013/09/19 00:16:25
    yess that seems true
    Andrea Paynter
  • Ann 2013/08/17 02:48:57
    yess that seems true
  • Sarah 2013/08/15 14:56:11 (edited)
    yess that seems true
    Okay I'm not really sure about this but based on my own experience, I'm thinking maybe. Well I had a crush on this guy and there was this day when he flirted with me a lot. The day after was March break and I dreamed about him for like six days in a row. Another time I overheard him talking to a friend about asking me out and that's when I had around two or three dreams (one where we were going out). Now it's summer and we don't talk as much as we used to and right after one month of summer school ended I started dreaming about him on and off for the past three weeks or so. (Plus I think he started prank calling me again. Still.im not sure if its him). So yeah I think this just might be true. I'm almost certain
  • Zakia 2013/07/12 17:53:46
    yess that seems true
    It is true because when you have a dream about your ex that you were in love with/ a person that you strongly like it means they were thinking about you sometime in the day or night. But it depends on how the dream play out such as you guys being together but if it play out bad the that mean they WERE thinking about you but not in a good way.
  • Patricia 2013/03/14 15:34:53
    yess that seems true
    I think it is true bc i have had two dreams about this guy twice n i even heard that it means they are missing you
  • Jessica Patricia 2013/06/30 13:00:20
    Idk wat it means. Ive been having dreams about this guy that i used to date and i was sooo in love with him. I think about him 24/7 all day everyday but idk if he thinks about me or even dreams about me or wishes we were still together
  • Lysander Jessica 2014/04/12 08:13:34
    Darling there's a saying which comes close to what you are experiencing "if you love something set it free. If to comes back it was meant to be, if it never comes back it was never you to be." An because I am a guy, this girl I liked liked me to, so I asked her an a month later we broke up but now were back together. So trust me. If you really love him go tell him before his feelings do go. He still loves you.
  • adriana... Patricia 2013/07/08 17:11:36
    adriana jimenez
    Just because u have heard doesn't mean it's true.. #notbeingmean
  • Lewisreese283746 2012/11/19 02:59:44
    yess that seems true
    Yes it's true, when they are thinking of you, their brainwaves change enough to become so similar to yours and you subconsciously pick up on it. And when you dream at night the brain is processing those subconscious signals. It is possible they could be dreaming or thinking about you at the same time you are having the dream, or they could have thought about you earlier in the day. Same thing when you dream about deceased people, but there are some gifted psychics who can pick up on those signals from deceased or other people while they are awake.
  • prettyGALswaG 2012/09/22 07:27:27
    no not true!
    its definitely not true..
  • amr 2012/06/12 11:31:43
    no not true!
    its not so true i think there is no proof of it and it is not evidenced, i think it happens as u think too much of that person and also beacause u feel that u have to connect more wiz him/her as u think he/she needs u !!!
  • ashley 2012/05/29 08:12:01
    yess that seems true
    I think it is true but that's just my opinion. And im also not very sure
  • esmer 2012/04/03 14:56:20
    yess that seems true
    I have a strong connection with sumone and I believe its sooo true
  • chelsea 2012/02/20 05:53:52
    yess that seems true
    It could be or not......personally when you dream of that person...you want it to happen...but you never know what could happen or what they will think?????? They could dream about you and keep that a secret because they dont want ppl to judge or they think about you as a person in their life it could be bad or good....take chances...no regrets...wowow wish that I could believe that:(
  • Abi 2012/02/16 23:32:28
    yess that seems true
  • kasi6543 2010/12/08 20:43:20
    yess that seems true
    It could be true I mean no one is ever going to be 100% sure. I personally believe it just because I want to believe it. And if it is true, how cool would that be?! :)
  • *xXJenniferXx*^_~ 2010/11/20 14:14:15
    no not true!
    it means you are missing them
  • nikkie276 2010/11/14 10:25:27
    no not true!
    totally untrue
  • leth 2010/11/12 07:27:23
    no not true!
    no not true..maybe they were thinking of u b4 they went to sleep...that person on your mind before "you" go to sleep...
  • ☆Snapefangirl☆ 2010/11/11 22:51:26
    yess that seems true
    I wouldn't know. The only dreams I remember are usually death dreams. And my family they tend to come true. Don't ask me why.
  • SellyG 2010/11/11 21:49:51
    no not true!
    No it is not true...If you're dreaming about a boy it means you have a crush on them...If it is a friend it means they need to tell you something...Nessa...Inbox me babe about you're dreams and I will tell you what they mean...Because the other day I buyed this leaflet/booklet kind-of-thing from this shop and theres a page in it and it tells you what your dreams mean...So inbox me and tell me your dreams and I will tell you what they mean xx
  • Abi SellyG 2011/12/29 15:30:02
    well i keep dreaming about a boy named jack rigby and i really like him and stuff but how do i know if he likes me?
  • sam SellyG 2012/04/05 02:44:02
    Hey well you see idk how to inbox. But the other day I had a dream about this boy whos my exs bestfriend. And I kinda used to think about him. But like the other day I saw that we kinda liked eachother and idk what it cAn mean. Might he be thinking about me?
  • ashley SellyG 2012/05/29 08:09:27
    Well I had a dream about this one guy named Cole and I have a boyfriend plus we would hang out a little but we would argue a little. Does that mean I have a crush on him or he was thinking/ missing me?
  • Arlene ... SellyG 2013/03/09 20:50:27
    Arlene gstyle
    I dreamt about me and my guy friend Robert we were hiding from a robber then we were in a dark room and we started kissing .what does my dream mean?
  • william... SellyG 2013/04/02 06:50:07
    i dreamt i movd in wth a dude i had crush on,he mistreated me n sort of chased me away...hehehe..what does that mean?!
  • cookie SellyG 2013/04/27 03:20:47
  • jennifer SellyG 2013/06/26 21:09:30 (edited)
    Today i dreamed about it being the last day of school or some type of celebration and me and my friend and i were leaving everyone was passing next to this guy (my crush that i was supposbly over) and his gf right next to him.my friend and i also passed him while we were leaving and i gave him this type of why are you with her!!! I still like you face. And he gave me back a confused yet sorry face as if he also had feelings for me. After that my dream went on and the rest was kind of interesting but had nothing to do with him. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?
  • Stephanie SellyG 2013/07/30 08:57:16
    Hi I have a question? what does it mean when you dream if a guy u have hang out with & he invited u over & told you he like you ...
  • ♡cassey♡ SellyG 2013/09/15 08:29:25
    I really don't know if its true. But I know how it feels, I keep having this dream of a guy I know about 6-7 years now. I dream that we were dating and we were such good friends there were no worries and such as that stuff. So please just let me know if its true that he likes u or something :(
  • nadja SellyG 2013/10/03 11:29:38
    i had a dream of this kid [guy] i dont really like him but idk y im dreamin of him

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