Is it often that having baby is easier then everyone said it was going to be?

Klynn 2011/07/24 22:36:21
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I just had a baby about 2 weeks ago and everyone i know said it was going ot be hard, and I was going to be tired and irritable all the time. They also said it could tear me and my fiancee apart with time, since we are so young. Well we are happy as clams, and as a mtter of fact we have gotten closer since the birth of our daughter. And yes I am tired at times but I dont find one bit of this hard, i find all of it a joy to do for my babygirl.
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  • ttfndude 2011/07/24 23:12:03
    you're lucky two of mine were hospitalized from birth which did affect my wife's and I's relationship for a time...you're lucky but you see both of you care so much for your child that you don't mind the sleepless nights and the few minutes of alone time...that just shows devotion for parenting but it will get harder just be strong
  • Klynn ttfndude 2011/07/26 14:40:58 (edited)
    Thanks so much! I will say that We did get int an argument an he wentand stayed with his Friend for the night but everything seems to be going god again! (:
  • ttfndude Klynn 2011/07/26 23:21:19
    don't forget to date that is what is hard on us we haven't been out alone in 3 years
  • Klynn ttfndude 2011/07/27 13:39:42
    seriously? You see the only people I have here for me are my best friend beth and her girlfreind. they live next door to us. they offer to watch Arden anytime. but I am just not ready to leave my little girl alone for one second
  • ttfndude Klynn 2011/07/29 05:51:20
    that is not totally unusual we were te same way but there will come a time...trust me :)
  • Klynn ttfndude 2011/07/31 22:42:31
    Well untilit gets here im enjoying every secon so that wen the times do get tough i can keep on truckin
  • PrettylitleLiaR 2011/07/24 22:41:12
    I don't know : ) , You tell us : )
  • Klynn Prettyl... 2011/07/24 22:44:20
    Idk? I mean its way easier then I thought it was going go be but Idk if this sort of thing happens often
  • Prettyl... Klynn 2011/07/24 22:46:19
    So It is easier : ) easier congratulations
  • Klynn Prettyl... 2011/07/26 14:41:32
    Thanks! nad yeah it is quite easy my daugher is my world!

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