Is it flip off or flick off?

Chris [Ninja]™ 2008/07/24 03:11:39
Flip Off
Flick Off
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You know, giving someone the bird... What do you say? My wife is convinced it's "Flick you off" and I'm convinced it's "Flip you off."

EDIT: by the way, you only get raved if you vote "Flip Off" (Just kidding!)
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  • katiekatiebobatie 2011/12/08 21:17:33
    Flick Off
    I heard Flick off growing up, but I mostly hear Flip off.
  • dagger peter 2010/01/05 18:36:43
    Flip Off
    dagger peter
    flip off. look it up. in a dictionary. a dictionary says flip off is it. only a DICKtionary says it is flick off. what started all the bitching about this anyways? did you flip off your wife or something?
  • skel 2008/12/26 05:29:00
    Flip Off
    Maybe it's just a regional dialect thing. I say "flip off". I've only heard a few say "flick" and I assumed they were wrong. :)
  • Laura [Mrs. Ninja] 2008/07/28 04:47:16
    Flick Off
    Laura [Mrs. Ninja]
    ok, you win
  • Woots 2008/07/27 05:40:07
    Flip Off
    Flip off duh!
  • kyle 2008/07/26 01:35:47
    Flick Off
  • sativa 2008/07/25 23:25:00
    Flip Off
    As in "flip them the bird". And, btw, a rave would never put me on a man's side over his wife's! LOL
  • Jamie (goofygirl) 2008/07/25 15:27:26
    Flip Off
    Jamie (goofygirl)
    You flick stuff off of you, you filp people off.
  • bkert 2008/07/25 04:44:48
    Flip Off
    I've never heard anyone say flick off, unless it was a kid who didn't know what they were talking about (no offense to your wife).
  • mavericky 2008/07/25 03:49:04
    Flip Off
  • irish 2008/07/25 03:17:40
    Flip Off
    actually its neither!! its clap on clap off! flip clap clap
  • Cadmon 2008/07/25 03:14:58
    Flip Off
    yep flip off. yea and you can flip someone off when you are angry or when you are just playing or when irritated.....very versatile thing the flip off
  • Goten the Smiley Joker 2008/07/25 03:11:52
    Flip Off
    Goten the Smiley Joker
    i think
  • Dammit Yammit 2008/07/25 03:10:40
    Flip Off
    Dammit Yammit
    my mom always said theres three fingers pointing at you when you do it/ fly the bird!
  • Chelsea 2008/07/25 03:10:30
    Flip Off
    lol ive never heard anyone say flick before. sounds kinda funny
  • Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~ 2008/07/25 03:09:17
    Flip Off
    Tonio31~E Pluribus Unum~
    It's neither. It's fuck you
  • Edventure 2008/07/25 02:54:19
    Flip Off
    In france it means somthing else, i think good luck or something.
  • ♥♥Kaylen♥♥ 2008/07/25 01:23:08
    Flip Off
    thats wut i have always said
  • Shanana 2008/07/25 01:18:58
  • cappsy has a barcode ~_~ 2008/07/25 01:04:24
    Flip Off
    cappsy has a barcode ~_~
    The finger flips boogers and non attached and non body parts flick
  • kayla 2008/07/25 00:57:21
    Flip Off
    Hmm, I actually had to stop and think about this one lol I think I say "flip off"
  • Sumo- Living for the new year! 2008/07/25 00:36:22
    Flip Off
    Sumo- Living for the new year!
    Give the bird, Oh excuse me your number one,or sit on it!
  • Shenay 2008/07/25 00:20:23
    Flick Off
    its "He just flicked me off!???"
  • getalife 2008/07/25 00:09:06
    Flip Off
    no comment needed
  • Charlotte-Toxic. 2008/07/25 00:05:02
    Flip Off
    I never heard anyone say flick off, it makes more sense as flick then flip but I say flip.
  • Maelox 2008/07/25 00:02:07
    Flick Off
    i always said flick off until i recently heard flip used but i still think flick is better cuz flip sounds wierd
  • cassidy_norton_<3 2008/07/24 23:52:01
    Flip Off
    duh! flip duh
  • Kai-Neko 2008/07/24 23:48:36
    Flip Off
    i never heard flick off before.... lol but its whatever you make of it..... it can be whatever you want i guess..
  • Blondie 2008/07/24 23:48:08
    Flip Off
    I've always wondered this. lol. im pretty sure it's flip off :)
  • coco-puff! 2008/07/24 23:38:25
    Flip Off
    i think
  • Jun coco-puff! 2013/03/16 04:04:37
  • Nettie 2008/07/24 23:32:39
    Flip Off
    its def flip off!! cuz you say i wanted to flip that person off! not flick them off!!
  • SIC-SEMPER-TYRANNIS 2008/07/24 22:15:39
    Flip Off
    thats how i say it
  • :)SuperGirl(: 2008/07/24 21:55:18
    Flip Off
    Flip off duh!
  • kaylyn. 2008/07/24 21:12:32
    Flip Off
    Actually I think either one but I normally say flick off.
  • runningintriangles 2008/07/24 20:51:00 (edited)
    Flip Off
    FLICK OFF is a movement to fight climate change by getting Canadians to use less energy. (http://www.flickoff.org/) ;D

    Flip off is flipping someone the bird.
  • XxxallaloneinacrowdedworldxxX 2008/07/24 20:26:09
  • Crystal 2008/07/24 20:18:31
    Flip Off
    Definitely flip off. I've never heard of Flick off, but it does make sense if you really think about it.
  • Jun Crystal 2013/03/16 04:03:55
  • juan 2008/07/24 20:03:56
    Flip Off
    i think it means hi how r u!!! lol

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