Is "Frickin" a swear word?

Dorkola -Easily Amused && Perverted- 2009/10/07 00:38:18
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  • blobfish queen 2015/03/06 11:48:01
  • Jackson 2013/05/30 00:27:09
    it depends. Schools ofcourse don't like Cursing even the use of some Alternatives may make a teacher write up a student.

    if you say this is fricken scary , Fine.
    but if you say you can go freak yourself you fricken ahole , thats bad.

    Got it. depends on way its used
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/10/28 08:54:34
    Kezzi Morris
  • sobri116 2010/09/18 05:44:26
    is fricken a swear word if your angry?
  • Katt300 2010/09/07 16:42:43
    It depends if the person is sad and overlly sensetive, I dont say it as a swear word you?
  • wolf sloan 2009/11/20 01:39:59
    wolf sloan
    In as much as heck and darn are
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2009/10/30 18:41:01
  • ... 2009/10/09 00:14:38
    depends on how you say it. "That's FREAKIN me out!" no. "You're a FREAKIN douhe-bag that can go f*uck the vice prinicipal. And you smell like feet, too!" now that would be considered not nice... especially when that's what you said to your principal... I HAD MY REASON!!!
  • <3 i heart this amazing girl<3 2009/10/08 03:08:48
  • thumbelina_506 2009/10/08 01:38:25
    no but its really annoying, my cousin use to say it i would tell her to stop because of how dumb it sounds
  • Soccercb 2009/10/07 23:52:46
    No but it's annoying to hear people say..
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2009/10/07 07:43:36
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    No... but my parents and my sister don't want me saying it. =/

    "too close to the F- word"
  • max 아만다 ♥ A... 2012/05/27 08:14:51
  • JarJarThinks 2009/10/07 05:36:41
    Yes, and its frackin awesome
  • Billyk75 2009/10/07 04:33:41
    No. Frickin is a mild substitute for the "F" word.
  • Long~Legs-RWAC 2009/10/07 03:45:47
    No 'Fucking" is a bad word.
  • brian 2009/10/07 03:29:37
    no i dont think it is at all

    do you think it is?
  • Dorkola... brian 2009/10/07 21:38:44
    Dorkola -Easily Amused && Perverted-
    Hell no! I like it. It's funny Tehehe
  • brian Dorkola... 2009/10/08 01:45:22
    i know haha:P
  • Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy* 2009/10/07 03:13:59
    Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy*
    Not a swear word, just vulgar. I'd appreciate it if discretion and moderation were used for vulgarities and swearing on here...
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/10/07 02:36:06
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Frickin and fuck came from the same German word. I don't see why one is worse than the other. I wish words weren't considered "bad." Have there been bad words in every culture ever?
  • demolitionlover13 2009/10/07 01:33:37
    ummm not unless ur at my friends house....only then is it a swear wrd
  • Ed© 2009/10/07 00:42:39
    Words are words... so yes and no... sure it can be... Many foul words once meant incredibly different things... including acts... The middle finger was once a sign for archers to show that they still had their trigger finger in battle... now it is incredibly different... A word can have just about any meaning these days...
  • paenitentia 2009/10/07 00:41:08
    ... I hope not.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2009/10/07 00:39:05
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    No, it's the mild, not cuss word for fucking.

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