Is FOX news really "fair and balanced"

xxx 2009/03/25 17:33:06
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  • chow 2009/05/06 01:57:31
    yes, they are fair to both sides
    Other than Hannity...who is only to the right...(and who I still like & watch) I think the others are fair & balanced even though they do lean to the right. I'm actually a Fox News Junkie...and whether I agree with them or disagree ... they're still 100% better than MSNBC (can anyone stomach Keith Oberman or Rachel Maddow) and 75% better than CNN...who sometimes surprises me and gives Obama a thumbs down! I actually think the fact that they give you the opportunity to hear/listen to both sides at least makes them "balanced".

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  • xxx Byzanti... 2009/04/27 14:39:47
    couldn't agree more - thanks for the response
  • WeimMom 2009/04/16 21:53:11
    yes, they are fair to both sides
    You'll get left and right opinions, CNN and MSNBC do not have a clue as to the truth, that's why they are LOW in ratings and Fox News is #1!!
  • Fireball WeimMom 2009/05/12 15:29:53
    I wonder why they do not look at the ratings and get a clue. Oberman is especially beyond liberal. He may need medication. I can watch about 2 paragraphs worth of his show, which is not news, really------------and I am ready to scream! Rachael Maddox is as bad, but more smooth talking. Both sittin' on high horses, with little in the saddle!!! Of course, that is my opinion. scream rachael maddox smooth talking sittin high horses saddle opinion
    And he is a whiner
  • xxx Fireball 2009/05/12 16:02:36
    Did you know he makes 4 million dollars a year - at a network that is failing in the ratings miserably - I wonder who is propping this propaganda wing of the Obama administration up?
  • Fireball xxx 2009/05/17 08:11:52
    I do not know. But sometimes I think he is going to explode his head right on TV. I feel sorry for him that he is haughty and close minded. Yes, it is true, closed minded---------something that conservatives get accused of. tv feel haughty close minded true closed minded---------something conservatives accused
  • nomo404 2009/04/08 23:16:22
  • Estick 2009/04/08 18:14:27 (edited)
    no, FOX news leans far to the right
    Fox News has no standards of journalistic ethicacy... None whatsoever. I don't trust any of the corporate stations. I watch them only for entertainment. I mainly watch
    C-SPAN and listen to NPR.

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  • Baltar 2009/04/08 17:56:11
  • kevracer 2009/03/25 18:38:34
  • Whackoslovakian ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝ 2009/03/25 17:41:19
    None of the above
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    Whatever. FOX has been accused of a conservative bias and CNN has been accused of a liberal bias. There will always be a "this side" and a "that side" :P
  • Zuggi 2009/03/25 17:37:09
    no, FOX news leans far to the right
    How is this even a question, haha
  • Fireball Zuggi 2009/05/12 15:32:20
    Liberal haughtiness has a smell, even through the computer. liberal haughtiness smell

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