Is Fear the Mother of Morality?

EmoKidBecauseYouThinkIAm 2010/09/23 19:24:29
Does fear create morality?
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  • Icarus 2010/09/23 19:29:02 (edited)
    No, I think conscience creates morality. Fear only (at best) creates obedience, and that is not morality.

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  • [Katsu]™ 2010/11/22 04:02:36
    I don't fear.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/22 07:54:41
    So does that equate to you have no morals?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/22 12:11:10
    Perhaps mortality? Do you not understand your TRUE surroundings?
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/22 16:10:27
    What does mortality got to do with the question, or your answer?
    And what exactly, oh oracle, do you mean by my 'TRUE surroundings'?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/22 17:01:00
    Ah so blind you are.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/22 17:03:04
    Nah, i'm the mute monkey, not the blind one ;)
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/22 17:08:49
    If you say so.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/22 17:11:31
    Of course i say so.
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/22 21:17:50
    Yes you say you want to own me.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/23 16:19:46
    No, i say i'm the mute monkey, and you're the stupid one ;)
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/23 21:11:03 (edited)
    You want too own me and your girlfriend is ugly. You must be to.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:09:51
    And no, i don't, and no, she's not. Also, what makes you think i'm ugly exactly?
    And by the way, i like how you don't deny the stupidity thing ;)
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:17:43
    Im not stupid. What the hell is with you?
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:19:48
    Well, you act like you are ;) By, you should know, not answering basic questions, and not reading what i write well enough to argue without making me laugh =)
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:22:08
    Make sence, nerds correct spelling and thats all you do. You ask dumb questions and have dumb remarks, i make you laugh? Intresting.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:25:07
    I make more sense then you. Oh, do you want it in another language? If English isn't your first, that makes sense.
    Of course you do! In the same way i laugh when someone says 'i know you are but what am i?' and thinks they're clever.

    Again, you didn't answer the questions, and made yourself seem more stupid by not denying it, and not understanding simple words.
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:27:18
    IMaybe i would answer it if i knew what you ment -.-
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:28:20
    Maybe you would answer if you could. How on this Earth, could i make that any clearer?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:29:38
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:31:33
    Eh, i didn't mention a question =)
    What's your first language?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:34:51
    English and i speak it well. Now youyr going to go on about a few spelling arores rite wel now im gona spel bad k. Btw galician but i speak it terribuly.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:37:22
    Aw... =( I was hoping that we could blame your understanding issues on English not being your first language =(

    And by the way, i haven't mentioned spelling. Grammar, once, but no spelling =)

    Also, how childish are you planning to get?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:38:12
    I said gaelic fool.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/24 17:41:24
    And? Oh wait, sorry. I thought you meant you didn't realise...
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/24 17:46:47
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/25 18:38:26
    Wait, did you just admit that you don't speak English very well? xD Nice one.
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/25 22:16:17
    No i didn't.
    Go practice falling. Ill be there waiting.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/25 22:18:14
    Sure sure, whatever you believe.

    What, so you can catch me and get my undying gratitude?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/25 22:19:14
    You don't get it? Fail.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/25 22:20:12
    You don't get it? You fail. Besides, i can't fall, i'm lying down.
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/25 22:21:03
    Lazy. Fail still dosent get it.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/25 22:22:53
    Nah, just leg-less. Fail that you never will get it ;)
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/25 22:26:19
    I already get it.
    Your lazy so you can't feel your legs.
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/25 22:27:09
    Do you now? Explain it to me =)
    Have you never heard that expression before? Maybe it's an English thing.
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/25 22:32:12
    Im very english. And its not my problem you dont understand.
    How big is your nose?
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/26 11:29:10
    Then how come you didn't get it? I understood what i meant perfectly xD

    What the hell does my nose have to do with anything?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/26 12:36:46
    What did i mean then?

    Answer me, how big is your nose?
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/26 13:01:30
    Did you just misunderstand? Again?

    Why do you want to know?
  • [Katsu]™ EmoKidB... 2010/11/26 20:50:16
    Did you just not answer my question?
  • EmoKidB... [Katsu]™ 2010/11/26 20:57:48
    Which question? There were two, and i answered one, with a question. I ignored the other and asked a question, yes.
    But then again, it's only fair, you ignore most of mine =)

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