Is fanfiction addictive?

XOXOLil-mizz-SunshineXOXO 2010/07/20 18:38:42
I recently joined ff (xoxorubeyeyedbeautyxoxo) and i have been arguing with my friends about how addictive it is, they think its so addictive they refuse to go on it in case they get "sucked in to the addictiveness" is this ridicules or not.

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  • Fluttershy 2010/07/20 19:27:21
    i'm part of the site too.it's not addictive.
  • XOXOLil... Fluttershy 2010/07/20 20:01:22
    I know do have any storys or are you just a reader and what types of storys do u like
  • Fluttershy XOXOLil... 2010/07/20 20:16:45
    i write and read stories. i have eleven of them. the subject varies but it's mostly Naruto, TDI, 6TEEN, and (drum roll please) Danny Phantom! lol Danny Phantom was the subject of my first fanfic on the site.
  • XOXOLil... Fluttershy 2010/07/20 20:54:41
    I like x-overs and stuff like twilight, harry potter and pirates of the carribian and occasionally Danny phantom i think the cartoon of it was well cool!!!!
  • xoxoTeamJasperxoxo 2010/07/20 18:41:20
    Okay Hannah, slow down on the questions! Yes it is ridiculous.
  • XOXOLil... xoxoTea... 2010/07/20 19:21:03
    But i like questions im fulla-them!!!
  • XOXOLil... XOXOLil... 2010/07/20 19:23:32
    And jo-jo muffin thinks itts hella-possible

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