Is crack the samething as cocaine

JillWagnerForever 2009/09/20 04:51:01
I am doing a school project on cocaine, and i am wondering if crack is the same thing as cocaine
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  • 2_cents_worth 2009/09/20 04:56:09
    Crack iscocaine mixed with other stuff so the dealers can stretch their supply and make more money off the same ammount of coke. Either way you don't want to fuck with it. As Richard Pryor once said "Cocaine is God's way of saying you make too much fucking money!" money ammount coke fuck richard pryor cocaine gods fucking money
  • Rawrierr 2009/09/20 04:54:32
    Yeahh they're the same drug :/
  • monicasaurus 2009/09/20 04:53:45
    idk about drugs xD
  • STEPPINRAZOR 2009/09/20 04:53:13
    There is only one difference between crack and coke...... and that is 1 cut.
  • Tyler05 2009/09/20 04:52:55
  • runningintriangles 2009/09/20 04:52:15
    No. Crack is cheaper, not as potent either.
  • m.v. 2009/09/20 04:52:15
    How long have been under that rock of yours...? Caveperson.
  • Kristen *Guru* Lynn 2009/09/20 04:51:46
    Kristen *Guru* Lynn
    yeppers. crack cocaine.

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