Is anyone as meticulous as I about their questions and answers on Sodahead?

Ozymandias 2012/03/23 20:31:37
If you'll notice, all my likes and interests on my profile I have in alphabetical order. I even arranged the artists on my music playlist that way. Also, I make sure I answer an equal amount of questions from each category to ensure my pie chart is 25% at each quarter. On my off days, I'll answer more of the queries from that which has the lower percentage to balance the scale.

On average, I'll give 20 responses each day and five from each column to keep my equal portions.Also, I make sure the number of questions I answer is at least 10 times that which I ask. Let's just say I like to be a well-rounded and informative individual. Is anyone else as particular as I on Sodahead, or do you just come here randomly and answer things spontaneously and indiscriminately?
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  • yaaarrrggghhh 2012/12/29 16:06:38
    No, I'm not. Spontaneity works well for me. If I see a question that gets my attention, piques my curiosity, I'll read it, and possibly answer. I'm more about exchanging ideas and growing as a person, than answering a question just to be answering it.
  • Ozymandias yaaarrr... 2012/12/30 03:16:40
    Well you must like my questions because you sure do answer a lot of them.
  • yaaarrr... Ozymandias 2012/12/30 03:19:31
    Yep. You ask some good ones. I probably answer about 50% of yours. :-)
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/12/29 12:58:32
  • Ozymandias Guru_T_... 2012/12/30 03:16:53
    Good one! Thanks for answering.
  • doctorwhofan 2012/03/23 20:42:47
    No, I think you might have OCD
  • Ozymandias doctorw... 2012/03/23 20:44:06
    I do have OCD actually, but it's not just that which would qualify me.
  • Superman 2012/03/23 20:40:53
    Who cares?
  • Ozymandias Superman 2012/03/23 20:43:06
    We're doing this just for fun. We're about to find out who will answer your question, though.
  • Scott 2012/03/23 20:34:35
    I'm meticulous when it comes to spelling and grammar, but you're meticulous to the point of having OCD.
  • Ozymandias Scott 2012/03/23 20:38:11
    Thank you for sharing. I actually do have OCD. Very astute observation I might add. ;) I'm also meticulous about using proper grammar, spelling, and syntax.
  • Scott Ozymandias 2012/03/23 21:27:35 (edited)
    Sorry about that. I appreciate your compulsion relating to grammar, spelling, and syntax. I am constantly befuddled, by the illiterate postings, here on SH. Although, it clues me in to the level of intelligence of whom I'm debating.
  • yaaarrr... Scott 2012/12/29 16:02:11
    Don't be so quick to judge others by what you see in print. Many geniuses have speech disorders, in which verbal (and written) communication are processed differently than "normal" people. Conversely, many deluded dumb-asses can string a nice sentence together.
  • Ozymandias yaaarrr... 2012/12/30 03:17:19
    Now that's about the smartest thing I've ever heard you say.

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