Is 6ft 2 to tall for a 16 year old boy?

sammy2233 2010/03/09 17:03:47
you can still get taller
yes its normal
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  • kazu 2011/10/30 16:54:35
    yes its normal
    Haha no im 6 3 and 14 so its not that tall a lot of ppl grow around that hieght at 16
  • Delilah Rasputin 2010/03/18 21:29:25
    Delilah Rasputin
    i know taller though lol X)
  • abs44 2010/03/18 01:56:38 (edited)
    you can still get taller
    I have a friend who was 6' 4" when he was 14 and he is 16 now and 6' 5". I have another friend who is 15 (going on 16) who is 6' 4". I hknow anther boy who is also 16 and 6' 4". There is another boy in my grade who is 16 and 6' 2". My friend's ex-boyfriend was 7' tall by the time he graduated high school. But hey, maybe there is just something in the water............
  • Anonymous 2010/03/13 03:38:53
    yes its normal
    being tall is awesome. so many guys are getting short. im 5'6" and almost every guy ik is like shorter than me, except for a select few.
  • DancingMachine 2010/03/12 21:27:48
    yes its normal
    Its cool to be tall...better then being short
  • N.D. Nile 2010/03/10 22:30:16
    you can still get taller
    N.D. Nile
    You needed a NO answer. When I was a teenager and older, I was always attracted to the taller guys! I was tall, so if I wanted to wear 3 inch heels, the guy had to be at least 6 ft. or taller. Tall guys get the better jobs. In almost every Presidential election, the taller person has won. Tall guys really do have an advantage over the shorter guys. If you are tall and you have big feet - well everyone knows what that means!
  • abs44 N.D. Nile 2010/03/18 02:00:41
    good drivers? lol. And I agree with prefering taller men. At the moment I have two friends trying to bribe me into going to prom with a certain guy. My biggest problem with it? He is 5" shorter than me. Blah. I want to wear heels.....
  • N.D. Nile abs44 2010/03/18 02:16:23
    N.D. Nile
    Make him wear heels....
    wear heels
  • abs44 N.D. Nile 2010/03/18 02:28:13
    great idea! for the last dance we went to I made him wear a hat but that only hepled by about an inch or two.
  • petean05 2010/03/10 15:51:09
    yes its normal
    I stopped really growing when I was 16, and I'm less than 6 feet tall. Genetics and environment treat everybody differently.
  • Joe Finsternis 2010/03/10 15:37:49
    yes its normal
    Joe Finsternis
    Yeah, one of my former friends (who I hate now) has been that tall since 16.
  • iralarry 2010/03/10 12:21:50
    you can still get taller
    Only if it is measured standing up.
  • War 2010/03/10 06:11:59
    you can still get taller
    My friends kid that's 15 is 6'7"
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2010/03/10 05:54:47
    yes its normal
    And besides it's not if any of us can easily alter our height.
  • ctrlzmankind 2010/03/10 03:54:17
    yes its normal
  • Delta of the CS 2010/03/10 01:33:50
    you can still get taller
    Delta of the CS
    keep on eating your vegatables
  • Rochellle 2010/03/10 00:35:45
    yes its normal
    thats really normal.(:
  • Kenneth 2010/03/10 00:10:11
    you can still get taller
    A friend of mine reached that height at the age of twelve. He's now 7 foot 4 inches.
  • abs44 Kenneth 2010/03/18 02:01:37
  • Death Faerie 2010/03/09 23:51:13
    you can still get taller
    Death Faerie
    Hell, you're still growing, you'll definitely get taller. Don't sweat it though, 6ft 2 is tall, but normal. Besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being tall. If you were only say 5ft 2, I would worry..only if you are a guy of course.
  • lee 2010/03/09 23:43:51
    yes its normal
    It is not too tall. Hell we've got a 16 year old boy that is 6'7" in our school
  • ding~a~ling 2010/03/09 23:33:21
    you can still get taller
    no??? why would it be?? i know one 16 year ld whos 6'8 thats too tall!!
  • unclepat 2010/03/09 23:22:52
    you can still get taller
    I dunno, it seemed to work out for him!! dunno work
  • yes its normal
    Algor. Mortis. - ҎԊǢɬ Physician
    I've been 6'2" since 16
  • Vaius 2010/03/09 22:37:07 (edited)
    you can still get taller
    I'm 6"2' at 14.

    Then again, I'm also taller than my father.
  • mavericky 2010/03/09 22:19:06
    yes its normal
    That's about when I hit my current height (of 6'2"), so as far as I can tell, it's pretty normal.
  • Max Silverhammer 2010/03/09 22:14:37 (edited)
    yes its normal
    Max Silverhammer
    Yes, it is tall...but it happens. On the plus side, his "tallness" opens up new and interesting career choices. For instance, he could hire on as a window washer for the new Airbus A330 commercial airliner, help maintain the Statue of Liberty without the additional costs of scaffolding or even re-align orbiting satellites.
  • Scars Remain (aka Vicki) 2010/03/09 21:35:11
    you can still get taller
    Scars Remain (aka Vicki)
    My son will be 16 years old in May, he is 6' 1/2" at this time. My husband is 6'3", so I don't think it is too tall. I know people who are taller, so I see nothing wrong with it. My son-in-law's brother was 6'4" at 14 years old, he plays basketball and from what I hear, pretty good at it.
  • left-libertarian 2010/03/09 21:33:07
    I know people who are 5-10 years older than you that are 4 inches shorter, so don't worry about it.
  • Charlie 2010/03/09 21:27:05
    yes its normal
    I knew a guy when we were 14 that was 6'2".I was only 5'8" then.I'm 6'1" today.I'm sure the guy I knew grew more too.
  • MeMyself&Kai 2010/03/09 20:48:35
    you can still get taller
    My step bro is 6'1"
    But uhh I'm not sure
  • crimsonbutterfly 2010/03/09 20:19:19
    you can still get taller
    it's not an average height for a 16 yr old but it's not unusual either.
  • twocrows 2010/03/09 19:53:21
    yes its normal
    my brother was above 6' at 16. taller than our dad and older brother. he's
    6' 6 1/2" now. and he's fine. so are you.
  • connie (in name only) BN-0 2010/03/09 19:38:27
    you can still get taller
    connie (in name only) BN-0
    My firstborn was 6'2 at 16, but hasn't grown anymore.
    However . . . .
    My secondborn was 6' 5" at age 14 !!! And he continued to grow to 6' 6" !!

    Don't worry about it. You are just fine !
  • Ms. Brown Sugar 2010/03/09 19:14:19
    Ms. Brown Sugar
    But u haven't stopped growing yet
  • Archer ~ The Limit Break of... 2010/03/09 19:11:55
    you can still get taller
    Archer ~ The Limit Break of PHAET
    You're fine. And you'll probably grow a bit more before you stop. Keep in mind that there are a number of people taller than you, even at 6'2".
  • kevracer 2010/03/09 19:05:21
    you can still get taller
    he'll probably top at 6'5" or 6'6"
  • Huki68 2010/03/09 19:01:42
    you can still get taller
    Normal, my 17 when he was 15 is was already 6'3, his father is tall
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/03/09 18:54:35
    yes its normal
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    oh no it´s not too tall hell no! i´m a 15 year old girl and 5´11 tall
  • Aarixan 2010/03/09 18:40:41
    yes its normal
    I hit 6'2" when I was 16. Two years later, and only one inch taller.

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