Is 15 times a night too often to have sex?

BILL 2012/06/17 17:00:34
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I think not
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  • beach bum 2012/06/17 22:15:49 (edited)
    yes it is
    beach bum
  • Zuggi 2012/06/17 18:14:30
    yes it is
  • W123 2012/06/17 18:08:39
    Is it even possible...
  • L1 W123 2012/06/17 18:11:47 (edited)
    Maybe not for younger men, but the older they are, a good number have to choose between completing the sex act or not. Erections in older men may not be be as it was when they were younger. Also, medical conditions like high blood pressure can make it difficult. There' s a reason why JLo wants a guy in his 20s.
  • W123 L1 2012/06/17 18:14:56
    But fifteen.. wow..
  • L1 W123 2012/06/17 18:18:15 (edited)
    I doubt an older guy really could, even if he is in the best of health. It's not something common and it be hard for even a young guy to keep it up after 6 times and that's with full ejaculation with each time. Check the medical magazines with men's health and urology; they will have the facts.
  • MiSsGlOoMyBeAr 2012/06/17 17:31:36
    no its not
    Na.. my and my girlfriend we don't have sex 15 times in one night about 4 or 5 depends on the time and what we have to do the next morning
  • L1 2012/06/17 17:30:49
    None of the above
    LOL! Depends on the quality of the pistol and if they got a "hair trigger"...... XD ROTFLMAo
  • BILL L1 2012/06/17 17:31:58
  • L1 BILL 2012/06/17 17:45:33
    Fantasy drunk

    Yeahhhhh, righhhhht.....  laughing  hard on the floor
  • BILL L1 2012/06/17 17:54:12
  • L1 BILL 2012/06/17 17:58:03 (edited)
    Quality beats quality any day..... besides even I did, would I tell you, a stranger? I don't think so!
    pinnochio liar LOL cats yeah right
  • BILL L1 2012/06/17 18:00:12
  • L1 BILL 2012/06/17 18:05:31
    Hell no. I wouldn't because stuff like that is private to me, and none of your business or anyone else's. Are you a???? jack ass
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/17 17:28:36
  • BILL thє вlu... 2012/06/17 17:32:29
  • 666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/06/17 17:19:32
    no its not
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Noooo!!! That's waaayyyy too little. >.>
  • BILL 666_Mag... 2012/06/17 17:25:31
  • 666_Mag... BILL 2012/06/17 17:31:47
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Lolz XD
  • Dave0626 2012/06/17 17:11:00
    yes it is
    At age 62....step away from the Viagra, Bill...

    age 62 step viagra
  • BILL Dave0626 2012/06/17 17:23:57
  • Dave0626 BILL 2012/06/17 17:30:51
  • TasselLady 2012/06/17 17:03:38
    yes it is
    I would say you could get worn out after a while!
    It s not only men who fall asleep during sex  horses
  • NPC 2012/06/17 17:02:16
    yes it is
    I don't know or have ever heard of Superman doing this one. Maybe you should give it a rest every now and then.
  • BILL NPC 2012/06/17 17:24:54
  • BILL 2012/06/17 17:01:59
  • Emelya 2012/06/17 17:01:43
    no its not
    Its finee

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