Is 106 lbs fat for a girl who is 5'2"?

Girlies 2011/08/13 19:02:55
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I am a 16 year old girl and a runner i weigh 106 lbs and 5'2" is that heavy? I have skinny arms and legs but i feel like a have the stomach of a 300lb person.... Is 106 pounds fat for someone my height and age??/ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • User Deactivated 2011/08/13 19:30:28
    User Deactivated
    I got awfully pis*ed there for a second. Saw someone vote yes but didn't leave an opinion. But I looked, and it was you >.> We are often our own worst critics sweetheart. You are perfectly fine, and not fat at all. If someone is telling you that, please do me a favor, and punch them in the taint. Because they are wrong.

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  • SINDY-POP 2012/03/18 22:19:15
    You and i are exactly the same, only thing is im paranoid im Underweight, i dont run or anything but i go to college 3 times a week and walk alot, i eat super healthy and i dont drink some or even take pills, ima total health freak.. wat can i say.. just cause u guys wanna die! and yeh ive been 106 for over 6 months every1 keeps saying its underweight.. but my BMIs all say healthy.... i have no friends under 10 stone im (7.6) my mom and her friend, who are also thin and always have been, say that its just my bodys natural weight... is was never fat and never have been my bones are tiny and ive never had any health problems.. maybe ppl are just retarded eh?
  • Lydia 2011/09/11 16:59:11
  • thisguy:) 2011/08/22 15:24:30
    im only 7 inches taller then you but weigh about 150 pounds more =) you're good
  • DiViews2015 2011/08/19 20:42:15 (edited)
    You probably have more muscle mass because you are a runner. Please do not get caught up in the media images that give unrealistic photographs of what is considered normal or fat or skinny. Check with your doctor; however, according to standard height and weight charts, you are well under being fat. Strive to be healthy and happy with yourself.
  • gkirmani 2011/08/16 20:50:31
    depends on how SHE feels
  • Haley-Hit-An-AllTimeLow.♥ 2011/08/16 17:29:13 (edited)
    No, not at all. I have a friend who is and inch shorter and 1 pound lighter, and she is super skinny. I'm guessing that you are too. If anyone is telling you that you're fat, slap them, 'cause they obviously don't know what they're talking about.
  • Magyarita 2011/08/16 00:48:34 (edited)
    I'm 5'5", not athletic and like 125 pounds. I'm skinny, although I've always had an embarrassing stomach.

    No, of course not! You're perfectly fine, I suppose. I can't really say because I don't know your body type, etc., but you sound normal, maybe even a little underweight, to me.
  • Jassi Marie 2011/08/15 23:53:55
    Jassi Marie
    Im only two inches taller than you and im 123. Your healthly!!!
  • Sammy 2011/08/15 22:34:22
    DONT BE SELF CONCIOUS. I'm 14 years old, and I weigh 140 pounds. I don't appear to be fat. I'm 5"7'. Seriously though, if anything, that's underweight
  • ♠Jen♠ BN - 0 2011/08/15 19:53:01
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    I'd love to only weigh 106 lbs. You're not fat, as a matter of fact you may even be slightly underweight. For a female that's only 5' tall, the correct weight is between 110 and 115 lbs. So, since you're taller and weigh less than that, I certainly don't think you have to worry about loosing a few lbs.
  • user 2011/08/15 18:42:02
  • kresge 2011/08/15 16:27:21
    Not even close to fat!
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/08/15 16:22:53
    I actually would think it's a little skinny. At your age though everyone feels akward in their body.
  • jessica garcia 2011/08/15 13:33:09
    jessica garcia
    nope not at all girlie. It's better to have shape then be a stick figure.
  • Dum Luk 2011/08/15 12:39:33
    Dum Luk
    Seems perfect to me.
  • Grizzlybear 2011/08/15 07:26:50
    0.0 I'm 5'1 and I don't even weight that.
  • dentist978 2011/08/15 04:12:43
    of course not.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/15 04:03:16
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    NOPE NO You are not even close !! You might think its bad but really its not.You have to go on the shape of your body not some dumbass picture you saw or some other body type you think you need to look like.
  • Razzy Ratchets 2011/08/15 03:49:28
    Yes its weird
    Razzy Ratchets
    Oh dear, the gawdamn screen jumped! No hon, you are fine. Stop doing this to yourself.
  • Dum Luk Razzy R... 2011/08/15 12:40:22
    Dum Luk
    Yup, blame the screen.
  • Razzy R... Dum Luk 2011/08/15 12:42:57
    Razzy Ratchets
    Tis the the truth, my dear! Jeebus Christ, I haven't been 5"2 or weighed 106 since the 5th grade.
  • Dum Luk Razzy R... 2011/08/15 12:56:29
    Dum Luk
    Okay, try this one then.
  • GreyHeart 2011/08/14 23:15:39
    sounds fine to me
  • Death Faerie 2011/08/14 20:49:28
    Death Faerie
    In fact its thin. I used to think it was fat when I was your age, I had a belly too. Just try doing stomach crunches to tone your belly or other exercises.
  • elijahin24 2011/08/14 19:47:46
    Not at all. If you're a runner, that's probably a few pounds light for you. If, at your ht/wt, you don't like your stomach, you don't need to lose fat, you need to build muscle. This will increase your weight, but muscular weight is good, so don't get hung up on the number.
    More importantly, you really need to be careful here. the concerned you're talking about here, are the precursors for eating disorders, which could thoroughly wreck your life. At your size, to worry so much about what your body looks like, means you are not concerning yourself with what matters far more: your health. If you are healthy, your body will look good. Athletic is good, thin is good, skinny is not. And speaking as a guy, women who are unhealthily thin, are less attractive than those who are overweight.
  • Eleanor Lamb 2011/08/14 18:36:27
    Eleanor Lamb
    That makes you underweight, but you probably know that. Quit looking for attention, it's quite obvious you are.
  • Pamu 2011/08/14 16:58:48
    you are under weight i feel ,you should be around 62 kgs, i.e.62X2.2=lbs
  • LadyXaos ☮ 2011/08/14 16:50:36
    LadyXaos ☮
    You are at a healthy weight for your age.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/08/14 16:30:10
    Just MEH....Piwan
    No you are at a good weight for your size!
  • 00P 2011/08/14 15:14:22
    Doctors use BMI (body mass index)...Yours is normal. It is based on your height and weight.
    check it out...
  • Lexie <3's U 2011/08/14 15:01:36
    Lexie <3's U
    well if it is im 5'5 and 110 and do softball, basketball, and track. and football with the neighboor peeps
  • Paige 2011/08/14 15:00:51
    NEVER let numbers on a scale define you!!!!!! Are you healthy? Do you eat right? Obviously you're a runner, so you exercise. That's good. Muscle is heavier than fat......please don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you are healthy and gorgeous! :)
  • Hukaatir 2011/08/14 14:55:32
    Not at all
  • Hannah Yee 2011/08/14 14:29:38
    Hannah Yee
    thats actualy very skinny
  • American_Rights 2011/08/14 14:19:18
    Are you insane? That's a great weight for someone at your age if not underweight. I'm 5"2, almost 15 and I KNOW i'm overweight.
  • ♪_Jinxxed_♫ 2011/08/14 14:06:36
    Its normal weight. plus you are an athlete. muscle weighs more than fat
  • Freddie Reis 2011/08/14 13:48:34
    Freddie Reis
    Oh, honey, please ease up on yourself. You're fine
  • Laura Lovegood 2011/08/14 11:59:06
  • SharonandAngus 2011/08/14 11:02:11
    its good to hear that u run....i need to get running again so keep it up...dont let anyone tell u anything different regarding the questain u have asked....God bless always
  • Jim in SC 2011/08/14 10:52:04
    Jim in SC
    That is a very normal and healthy weight for 5'2". It is in no way too heavy. We are often our own worst critic when it comes to how we see ourselves.

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