In today's economy, many are stayong put and taking crap from managers who are incompetent, belittling and just plain contemptible. Are you someone who is stuck in such an unfortunate situation and if so, what are your plans to stick it out?

marchantmarchant 2011/11/15 02:35:39
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Honestly, sometimes staying put is not the best alternative and being mistreated by someone who is blatantly inferior in the mental department, can indisputably destroy an individual's morale and self-esteem. Planning for a resignation and seeking employment elsewhere may in many cases, be the best alternative to accepting less than humane treatment from an individual who micromanages every damn thing and still fails to show up for work on time, more tha five days out of the month. Still only one person knows what is best for youy and that is you! Best of luck to anyone dealing with an unfortunate excuse for a "boss".
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