In a fight, is it considered cheating to kick a guy in the crotch?

nerdpower 2012/10/30 05:46:22
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One of my friends and I were arguing about this today and need the SodaHead community to settle this.
Please answer yes or no & why.
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  • open your mind before your ... 2012/11/05 01:45:59
    open your mind before your mouth
    its an average guys weakness and no its a finght so nope sorry not considered cheating at all.
  • nerdpower open yo... 2012/11/06 00:16:58
    an average guy? What guy is it not his weakness?

    What if its a girl fighting a guy? Is it considered cheating if she kicks him there? Would it still count as winning if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • open yo... nerdpower 2012/11/06 01:33:41
    open your mind before your mouth
    if you put it that way then no its not cheating its self defense
  • nerdpower open yo... 2012/11/06 01:34:58
    But what if she started the fight?
  • open yo... nerdpower 2012/11/06 01:40:53
    open your mind before your mouth
    THen it is cheating is she started it.
  • Sara Starr 2012/11/03 18:11:25
    Sara Starr
    Nope. If you're fighting, you're fighting. You're not trying to keep the guy from feeling pain, you're trying to hurt him, and hopefully you can also ruin his chances of having kids. Hahaha.
  • nerdpower Sara Starr 2012/11/06 02:40:14
    you'd really wanna do that to a guy? What if the girl started the fight, then is it cheating for her to kick him there?
  • casey m... nerdpower 2012/12/07 10:16:42
    casey mahoney
    No but that leaves you open to fight dirty as well. If you grabbed her head of hair and wiped her head across your knee she would think twice. Problem is you would have to ignore the pain long enough to do it. get angry enough you dont feel the pain and by all means wear a cup.
  • Rosy 2012/10/31 09:51:25
    Not if you're having to defend yourself from an attack.
  • nerdpower Rosy 2012/11/06 00:17:13
    What if its a girl fighting a guy? Is it considered cheating if she kicks him there? Would it still count as winning if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • dara Rosy 2013/05/24 08:15:31
  • disclaimer 2012/10/31 04:42:15
    Oh look, this question actually was created. Well no, it's not cheating, and if anyone wants to the circumstances leading up to this question, I'll tell you.
  • nerdpower disclaimer 2012/12/19 10:32:05
    Here u have it. Everyone says its cheating or dirty unless its self defense
  • disclaimer nerdpower 2012/12/19 20:57:10
    Or if you didn't start the fight. Which you did.
  • Maxine ... nerdpower 2013/01/15 01:59:54
    Maxine Stacklin
    I agree, it is considered to be dirty, say like poking the eyes out!
  • Kayla Mace 2012/10/31 02:29:32
  • Pacinorock 2012/10/31 01:00:14
    No fair. No fair. It is hitting below the belt.
  • Maxine ... Pacinorock 2013/01/15 01:58:53
    Maxine Stacklin
    If hitting below the belt is against the rules.
  • ☆Varsha★ 2012/10/30 22:44:47
    No, but it's definitely fighting dirty.
  • ashlee 2012/10/30 18:11:50
    Depends on the fight. If its self defense no. If its just a fight yes
  • Lila Beth ashlee 2012/10/30 20:09:58
    Lila Beth
    I agree with you. If its self-defense then there are no rules and no holds barred to protect yourself, or that's my opinion anyway. But just a regular fight then don't go that far.
  • ashlee Lila Beth 2012/10/30 21:35:08
    Yea. It's rather unfair. I totally agree with the whole self-defense thing though.
  • Gina Shown 2012/10/30 17:50:10
    Gina Shown
    what?----if you care about someone---you don't fight them?
  • xcheshirecat 2012/10/30 16:27:36
    Yes. If you defend yourself from someone, rules don't apply
  • Cochise 2012/10/30 15:20:01 (edited)
    If you must fight, keep the licks above the waiste. It can be very harmful to hit/kick a guy in his crotch. It could even make him sterile; no fight or getting even is worth bringing this type of hurt on anybody. It is more than CHEATING, it shows you are a coward. Everyone wants to win the fight, but sometimes the person you fight, becomes your very best friend. So don't fight to hurt or kill, just fight to win fair.
  • Jon Barrett 2012/10/30 14:48:15
    Jon Barrett
    no, just hurts like heck. If heck=little, Hell=more than heck, and Sht=more than Hell, then
  • Gabsters<3 Jon Bar... 2012/11/06 04:09:33
  • sazz 2012/10/30 13:13:10
    in that moment anything count it cant expect wherever can or cant touch ,except if there isnt one by one then it cheat ..
  • wolf sloan 2012/10/30 12:42:00
    wolf sloan
    In a real fight, all is fair
  • Autty 2012/10/30 12:37:47
    Um yeah for sure
  • dole2dole 2012/10/30 11:40:06
    Only if you're wearing a cup.
  • Christmas; In Chrome 2012/10/30 11:26:42
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Not if she's wearing a skirt dude! LOLOLOLOL
  • Tommy 2012/10/30 10:55:11
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2012/10/30 10:49:52
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    No because in a real fight it doesn't matter how you fight just that you win. However, in an organized fight that you are paid for and is under a code of conduct then it's cheating.
  • emilynrio 2012/10/30 09:47:54
    No it's not cheating your not in a place where people pay to watch so just go ahead and do anything!!!
  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/10/30 06:25:44
    it depends...

    are you in a ring, or on the street?
    if you're on the street, anything goes
  • nerdpower darlene... 2012/11/06 02:41:52
    what if a girl starts a fight with a guy? Would it be cheating for her to kick him there? Would it still count as "beating him up" if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • darlene... nerdpower 2012/11/06 02:51:12
    why is the girl starting the fight? if it's because she's a twat who figures a guy isn't going to hit her back, so she can do what she wants, then she's a twat, whether she kicks him or not...
    if it's because he's been harassing her for ages, and she's finally fed up, I reiterate, anything goes, but she best be prepared for him to want to "kill" her when he gets up
  • Sick Boy 2012/10/30 06:21:45
    Sick Boy
    The way I was raised there are no rules in fighting!!!

    If I'm getting beat on I'll rip that dudes nuts off with my bare hands if I have to!
  • hermit57 2012/10/30 06:09:59
    Only if it is a legal boxing match. Otherwise, why are you fighting? If it is to defend your life, no, it isn't "cheating". If it is a bar room brawl, you deserve what you get. If it's just a couple of teenagers, just shout "no fair kicking in the crotch!" before the fight, then, if it happens, it's "cheating"! And the other guy wins!

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