In a fight, is it considered cheating to kick a guy in the crotch?

skinnynerdyboy 2012/10/30 05:46:22
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One of my friends and I were arguing about this today and need the SodaHead community to settle this.
Please answer yes or no & why.
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  • Rosy 2012/10/31 09:51:25
    Not if you're having to defend yourself from an attack.
  • skinnyn... Rosy 2012/11/06 00:17:13
    What if its a girl fighting a guy? Is it considered cheating if she kicks him there? Would it still count as winning if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • dara Rosy 2013/05/24 08:15:31
  • disclaimer 2012/10/31 04:42:15
    Oh look, this question actually was created. Well no, it's not cheating, and if anyone wants to the circumstances leading up to this question, I'll tell you.
  • skinnyn... disclaimer 2012/12/19 10:32:05
    Here u have it. Everyone says its cheating or dirty unless its self defense
  • disclaimer skinnyn... 2012/12/19 20:57:10
    Or if you didn't start the fight. Which you did.
  • Maxine ... skinnyn... 2013/01/15 01:59:54
    Maxine Stacklin
    I agree, it is considered to be dirty, say like poking the eyes out!
  • Kayla Mace 2012/10/31 02:29:32
  • Pacinorock 2012/10/31 01:00:14
    No fair. No fair. It is hitting below the belt.
  • Maxine ... Pacinorock 2013/01/15 01:58:53
    Maxine Stacklin
    If hitting below the belt is against the rules.
  • ☆Varsha★ 2012/10/30 22:44:47
    No, but it's definitely fighting dirty.
  • ashlee 2012/10/30 18:11:50
    Depends on the fight. If its self defense no. If its just a fight yes
  • Lila Beth ashlee 2012/10/30 20:09:58
    Lila Beth
    I agree with you. If its self-defense then there are no rules and no holds barred to protect yourself, or that's my opinion anyway. But just a regular fight then don't go that far.
  • ashlee Lila Beth 2012/10/30 21:35:08
    Yea. It's rather unfair. I totally agree with the whole self-defense thing though.
  • Gina Shown 2012/10/30 17:50:10
    Gina Shown
    what?----if you care about someone---you don't fight them?
  • xcheshirecat 2012/10/30 16:27:36
    Yes. If you defend yourself from someone, rules don't apply
  • Cochise 2012/10/30 15:20:01 (edited)
    If you must fight, keep the licks above the waiste. It can be very harmful to hit/kick a guy in his crotch. It could even make him sterile; no fight or getting even is worth bringing this type of hurt on anybody. It is more than CHEATING, it shows you are a coward. Everyone wants to win the fight, but sometimes the person you fight, becomes your very best friend. So don't fight to hurt or kill, just fight to win fair.
  • Jon Barrett 2012/10/30 14:48:15
    Jon Barrett
    no, just hurts like heck. If heck=little, Hell=more than heck, and Sht=more than Hell, then
  • Gabsters<3 Jon Bar... 2012/11/06 04:09:33
  • sazz 2012/10/30 13:13:10
    in that moment anything count it cant expect wherever can or cant touch ,except if there isnt one by one then it cheat ..
  • wolf sloan 2012/10/30 12:42:00
    wolf sloan
    In a real fight, all is fair
  • Autty 2012/10/30 12:37:47
    Um yeah for sure
  • dole2dole 2012/10/30 11:40:06
    Only if you're wearing a cup.
  • Christmas; In Chrome 2012/10/30 11:26:42
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Not if she's wearing a skirt dude! LOLOLOLOL
  • Tommy 2012/10/30 10:55:11
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2012/10/30 10:49:52
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    No because in a real fight it doesn't matter how you fight just that you win. However, in an organized fight that you are paid for and is under a code of conduct then it's cheating.
  • emilynrio 2012/10/30 09:47:54
    No it's not cheating your not in a place where people pay to watch so just go ahead and do anything!!!
  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/10/30 06:25:44
    it depends...

    are you in a ring, or on the street?
    if you're on the street, anything goes
  • skinnyn... darlene... 2012/11/06 02:41:52
    what if a girl starts a fight with a guy? Would it be cheating for her to kick him there? Would it still count as "beating him up" if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • darlene... skinnyn... 2012/11/06 02:51:12
    why is the girl starting the fight? if it's because she's a twat who figures a guy isn't going to hit her back, so she can do what she wants, then she's a twat, whether she kicks him or not...
    if it's because he's been harassing her for ages, and she's finally fed up, I reiterate, anything goes, but she best be prepared for him to want to "kill" her when he gets up
  • Sick Boy 2012/10/30 06:21:45
    Sick Boy
    The way I was raised there are no rules in fighting!!!

    If I'm getting beat on I'll rip that dudes nuts off with my bare hands if I have to!
  • hermit57 2012/10/30 06:09:59
    Only if it is a legal boxing match. Otherwise, why are you fighting? If it is to defend your life, no, it isn't "cheating". If it is a bar room brawl, you deserve what you get. If it's just a couple of teenagers, just shout "no fair kicking in the crotch!" before the fight, then, if it happens, it's "cheating"! And the other guy wins!
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I'd only resort to that in a serious situation(rape,death,etc.:).
  • helenaa.gstatus 2012/10/30 05:58:17
    No, because Fighting is dumb. Go ahead kick eachother in the balls for all I care.
  • Justagirl 2012/10/30 05:57:16
    If it comes to psychical conflict, there are no fair fight rules. Testicles aren't my first strike however. ;)
  • Justagirl Justagirl 2012/10/30 05:58:49
    physical too even...lol
  • skinnyn... Justagirl 2012/11/06 02:42:46
    What if its a girl fighting a guy? Is it considered cheating if she kicks him there? Would it still count as winning if she won after kicking him there? y/y not?
  • Justagirl skinnyn... 2012/11/06 03:06:06
    Self-defense training only taught me to protect myself, not to fight fair. So, I don't know the rules of a fair fight.
  • skinnyn... Justagirl 2012/11/06 03:35:59
    what if a girl started a fight with a guy? should she get credit for beating him up if she kicked him in the balls?
  • Justagirl skinnyn... 2012/11/06 03:43:29
    Credit? You mean social admiration? No. Why would a girl be starting fights with a boy? Or vice-versa.

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