Im so lonley in michigan, i cant get a girlfriend, any advice?

Fireheart 2011/07/11 00:52:54
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  • Jerry 2011/07/11 01:05:45
    I got some really good advice, I'm only telling you this cause it worked for me, & maybe it can work for you. Ok are you looking for a girl friend? If you are STOP!!! that's not a good idea. Just play it smooth be yourself & someday sometime a girl might see you & think wow. This is what to me both times getting Girlfriends, I wasn't even looking I wanted a girlfriend but it wasn't working. So all I did was stopped looking & had no intentions of finding one, I just felt there's no girl in the world for me cause I had such bad luck. You've gotta be in the right place at the right time, don't try being someone you're not that's a big mistake, some girl will like you for who you are. I can't promise this will work, but give it a try & I hope my advice helps you. GOOD LUCK:)
  • Fireheart Jerry 2011/07/11 01:12:30
  • Jerry Fireheart 2011/07/11 01:32:20
    no problem, I hope it works if you take my advice if not still good luck lol
  • Fireheart Jerry 2011/07/11 01:37:46
  • Jerry Fireheart 2011/07/11 01:41:05
    lol one thing you're 13 don't count on too much it's puppy love at your age I thought you were older that's why I gave you all the advice.
  • Fireheart Jerry 2011/07/11 01:45:48
    lol i thought i mentioned that... :/
  • Jerry Fireheart 2011/07/11 02:02:45
    not in the question
  • Fireheart Jerry 2011/07/11 02:03:56
    true :(
  • Jerry Fireheart 2011/07/11 04:20:27
    I found out by your profile lol
  • Fireheart Jerry 2011/07/11 04:23:39
  • lonewolf 2011/07/11 01:03:46
    wow they are all over mich. stay away from the buckeye women
  • Fireheart lonewolf 2011/07/11 01:11:46
    lol ok thx
  • lonewolf Fireheart 2011/07/11 01:56:10
    i'm mich. born and bred.
  • Denny 2011/07/11 00:59:08
    Visit Ohio
  • Fireheart Denny 2011/07/11 01:00:47
  • Fireheart 2011/07/11 00:55:06
    im 13 btw and a boy
  • Fireheart 2011/07/11 00:53:42
    like a song, i just want somebody to love

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