If you were swallowed by a whale unharmed is it possible to get out alive?

Sparklee 2011/09/15 03:29:44
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  • John 2013/11/20 03:29:31
    I would love to be swallowed whole! I would just make a home out of the whales stolick and live there forever!
  • bigmikemag 2012/03/29 17:36:22
    yes because it didn't eat you it swallowed you
  • redroses 2011/09/25 12:28:24 (edited)
    "Relax! Whales don't eat clownfish. They eat krill. Oh look! Krill..."

    On a more serious note (on soda head almost falling a sleep again) a whale can't swallow something as big as a human.
  • rhaver1 2011/09/20 15:07:37
    I doubt it.
  • Linkums 2011/09/19 01:01:11
    I don't think it's possible, but if it were possible, it'd have a different anatomy that I wouldn't be able to say anything about since it doesn't exist.
    But if _I_ was swallowed by a whale unharmed, I'd stay in there and enjoy myself.
  • luke mi... Linkums 2013/08/21 06:21:26
    luke minchella
    Linkums, in a later year, like 2042, we should met up and attempt this great feat .
  • Linkums luke mi... 2013/08/21 15:18:53
    Sounds like fun to me. Maybe a giant snake would be easier though.
  • BUCCANEER~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/09/17 21:26:40
    Impossible, take my word for it JONAH
  • Loca girl n_n 2011/09/17 20:13:54
    Loca girl n_n
    just do what Dory did! speak whale and then the whale will blow you out its blow hole! plain and simple :)
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2011/09/16 19:47:31
    With one group of whales it would be iimpossible to swallow you, because they can only sift plankton and very small fishes.

    The other one, with teeth, you couldn't survive because of the acid in your stomach and I don't think there would be a lot of oxygen there.

    Let's say the chance of getting out alive would be astronimical small.
    The same for being swallowed by a whale, first, and be unharmed, second.
  • doc 2011/09/16 18:28:36
    No the stomach acids would have their way with you
  • Queen Anne's Revenge 2011/09/16 15:54:18
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    Probably not...
  • sjalan 2011/09/16 05:57:16
    Not likely. Too much acid and not enough oxygen.
  • SweetTemptation 2011/09/16 04:43:56
    Only one person I know of that survived was Jonah! person survived jonah jonah and the whale
  • nothingUnreal 2011/09/16 03:10:24
    It is remotely possible, but had never happened as far as we know. Indeed, you would do more harm to the whale.

    Even a blue whale, the largest animal ever to live on earth, has a throat the size of a beach ball, He would choke on you.

    There is a story of a modern "jonah" that the religious like to copy and paste around (been at it for a century now), but it is NOT true http://www.truthorfiction.com...
  • Summer 2011/09/16 02:01:02 (edited)
    Possibly..if you could get to the blow hole or if you have a long sharp knife..file' from the inside..lol
  • nothing... Summer 2011/09/16 03:11:42
    Um, you would have to leave the mouth and squeeze through the bony nostrils. Better bring a grenade.
  • Summer nothing... 2011/09/16 09:51:27
    I hear ya..lol
  • SODAHEADSHEAD 2011/09/16 01:43:52
    uhhh..i think so as long as u dont go through his digestive system. why not google it?
  • MYSTIC MYSTIQUE 2011/09/16 01:04:12 (edited)

    Sharepinocchio geppetto
    Pinocchio and Geppetto proved that I thought :D
  • jokeriser 2011/09/16 00:03:52
  • Denny 2011/09/15 22:34:52
    Np even if you had a long enough filet knife.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/09/15 21:56:03
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    If you have a very sharp knife.
  • Dave Sa... Dave Sa... 2011/09/15 21:56:34
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    But then the blood would probably draw sharks.
  • NinjaBoy 2011/09/15 21:47:19
    Well, when they open their mouth again to eat, you could try and swim out but I'm sure the current of the water going into there mouth would push you further into the whale's mouth.
  • Julia 2011/09/15 21:24:35
    Jonas survived
  • nothing... Julia 2011/09/16 03:12:11
    Not bloody likely.
  • Julia nothing... 2011/09/16 21:22:54
    I'm just quoting the Bible
  • nothing... Julia 2011/09/16 23:58:31
    Always an excellent way to speak what is not true.
  • Ryan 2011/09/15 21:20:59
    they did it in finding nemo so we can too.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2011/09/15 19:27:33
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    No, the whale has a tiny oesophagus, if you were swallowed, you would definitely die, if not from being crushed then from suffocation.
  • Cheesy Steve 2011/09/15 18:55:49
    Cheesy Steve
    I can only think of two circumstances in which a scenario like this played out... in the one case, God made the whale spit him out. The other wasn't even a real boy yet.
  • John Storz 2011/09/15 18:53:06
    John Storz
    If you were willing to cut your way out before you ran out of air....
  • Recruit 2011/09/15 17:52:37
  • Rob 2011/09/15 17:26:05
    Well you'd have to be the size of krill to be swallowed by a real whale. And the stomach acids would probably kill you so I doubt it.
  • Cat 1017 2011/09/15 17:21:18
    Cat 1017
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/09/15 16:03:45
    Lerro DeHazel
    No, there is not near enough oxygen there to survive . . .
  • Charles E 2011/09/15 13:39:46
    Charles E
    Possible, but not likely.
  • Chuppizard 2011/09/15 13:15:52
    hard to imagine, i wonder how it would feel to get pooped out. .. ? O.o
  • Joe 2011/09/15 12:49:07
    He's gonna have to go #2 sometime...lol

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