If you were a FAMOUS ACTOR or CELEBRITY, who would you be?

CwrazyLwina 2012/08/10 00:55:48
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  • ~TimelordGallifrey~ 2013/07/21 00:54:07
    because he is a Timelord who always travels all the time and saves different planets from enemies on his own and he is not human.
  • cupcakethrower 2012/08/10 06:32:29
    sergey <3
  • Tom R 007 2012/08/10 03:51:56 (edited)
    Tom R 007
    If I were a famous actor, I'd be me, but a more famous version, because I am an actor. Why would I wish that I was another person when I could just be a more successful version of myself?
  • CwrazyL... Tom R 007 2012/08/10 17:43:24
    true, true.
  • Fashionable60s 2012/08/10 02:27:33
    Lucy Liu. She is an excellent actor, beautiful, sexy, extremely intuitive and intelligent. She can play any role whether it is on stage, or on film.
  • CwrazyL... Fashion... 2012/08/10 17:43:51
  • Fashion... CwrazyL... 2012/08/10 17:56:21
    Thanks for the image. I am a bit shaky when it comes to finding and attaching images. I am getting better though. Thanks again.
  • CwrazyL... Fashion... 2012/08/10 18:32:46
    :) no problem!
  • Smack Ego Zen 2012/08/10 01:57:52
    Smack Ego Zen
    I know that he's a guy, but I'd wanna be Jeremy Renner, because he's in all these cool action movies. Mission Impossible, Avengers, The Bourne Legacy, and he's coming out with a new one in January. It was delayed because of some odd reason. But I'd wanna be Jeremy Renner mostly because he got to play Hawkeye.
  • Ginny 2012/08/10 01:52:23
    Bonnie Wright. She's beautiful and a great actress.

    bonnie wright shes beautiful actress
  • Erin V. 2012/08/10 01:40:39
    Erin V.
    Megan Fox, shes smart and pretty :)
    megan fox
  • Lina Al-alami 2012/08/10 01:10:37
    Lina Al-alami
    I would like to be angelina jolie ..She's a greatest woman ever :D
    angelina jolie
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/10 01:06:48
  • Lunacat 2012/08/10 01:05:44
    Goldie Hawn, because she's goofy...

    goldie hawn
  • Junior 2012/08/10 01:03:23 (edited)
    John Belushi

    He was so funny, I always cried because I laughed so hard.
  • CwrazyL... Junior 2012/08/10 01:08:02
    hahah that's the best kind of laughter >.<
  • burn_notice 2012/08/10 01:02:13
  • Scott (o)(o) 2012/08/10 01:00:51
    Scott (o)(o)
    Jerry Garcia
    Jerry Garcia

    Because He's my Hero !!!!

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