If you love someone and they love you, but you can't be with them, should you let them go?

Emily Skellington [[Bones]] 2010/12/12 08:30:57
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  • saish 2010/12/17 07:40:52
    no...... might be i was busy so i might dnot hav the time to stay with her but if she really love me then she hav to understand my feling............
  • egglands worst! 2010/12/13 01:07:11
    egglands worst!
    can't means like, they r dying or something? bcuz jus about everything else can b fixed if u rlly wanna make it happen. true love would be worth it, yeah. otherwise if ur not willing to go all out, drop her.
  • zoey 2010/12/12 22:50:55
    No what is wrong with being friends? If it is love than it will last forever no matter how far you are or what ever the situation is. There are many people who will never feel love and if you have it you should never let it go.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2010/12/12 19:05:27
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/12/12 18:47:23
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    You may miss being with each other, which can make you sad. Personally, I wouldn't let go unless I know there's no way we can meet. If you really love him/her, I wouldn't let them go.
  • Talisman 2010/12/12 15:06:01
    Unfortunately long distance romance has never really had the best of track records. Although, in today’s age of advanced communications making the world an ever smaller place to live, it may not be as painful as in the days of old, having to hang onto each day before the mail arrives. But regardless, it still can’t compare to the warm embrace that lovers live for. However, in all fairness, this can be separated into two categories. That being, individuals that live a great distance apart from one another, or one, or both, simply travel allot for their job(s). At one point in my own life I fit into the latter, which pretty well trashed any hope for a relationship I might have had at the time. But in all fairness, I think as we get older some of us become a little more tolerant of long distance relationships. Don’t get me wrong, it still sucks, just not as bad for those willing to endure the occasional conjugal visits…
  • hypnotic 2010/12/12 12:18:48
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 15 yrs! We don't see ourselves with anyone else,but eachother.I LOVE HIM,more now,than ever! He is the ONE,I know it in my HEART. We were really LUCKY,most people dont get to have Love.If it were legal,we would get married.So,to answer that question.If you know you have that right person,DON'T LET GO!
  • Açorda 2010/12/12 09:31:13
    Noooo, you should obsess for life. Of course yes!
  • 0_0 2010/12/12 08:59:10
    Unfortunately yes
  • SpikeM ~In decay and abando... 2010/12/12 08:35:47
    SpikeM ~In decay and abandonment I trust~
    As hard as it may be, sometimes that is the only thing that can be done. Unless you want to stay unhappy and heartsick
  • SimplyShannon 2010/12/12 08:34:20
    Yes thats the only thing you can do really.. if you want to be happy

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