If you had to spend one month in jail, which sodahead(s) would you want to be cell mates with?

RottenPumpkin~*VengenzDeathBat*~ 2009/08/26 03:59:50
I would say a7xfan because he doesnt take anyone's bullcrap ( plus he can beat the crap out of anyone! i would feel safe!! lol),
Rocko cause he is sweet and a gentlemen ^_^,
Ghost because we could have a plan to escape and just have fun! lol(idk maybe more)
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  • Eddie Rae 2009/09/08 06:22:06
    Eddie Rae
    My hubby MeatPuppet of course but if it's not him then I choose....... Philo-Publius because he could teach me all things in philosophy, law and religion..
  • CeeCee47 2009/09/08 00:54:07
    There's so many, My NiceGranny, Peggy, RebMama, Waldy1, Sissy, MOM, Kudabux, RanceCo, GreatLakes, Tootsie, Lunacat, MickeyRenee, Alonnastorm, Moderate Whatever, Mickey Mouse Maniac, *Shell, still Rchl*, Still Happy, BadGirl, Big Daddy, Unclepat, Top Shelf, Michael x, Brenda, Ho Daddy, Remarkable, Karmel, Mo.gal, TC, Shylee, Scarlette, Sasssy, Masaca, Thacatchaser, DiViews, Angleheart, MK Supreme, Koda and Snaps Mom (the reasonable one), in the words of My NiceGranny "holy chit", I don't think there will be a jail that can hold us let alone keep us there for 30 days :-)
  • hatshepsut123 2009/08/31 01:53:14
    Philio, we have royal minds! lol
  • *BrokenandSaved* 2009/08/31 00:10:27
    Omg I would totally <3 to be w/ my SH friend Katie. She is the best
  • A7X Fan 2009/08/29 23:43:23
    A7X Fan
    u cause ur my friend,ghost cause she's my friend...lol.idk,i guess 5 of my friends
  • RottenP... A7X Fan 2009/09/01 03:43:48
    koolz ^_^
  • april 2009/08/28 23:19:26
  • ~♥Ashle... april 2009/08/28 23:21:53
    woo hoo!!!
  • april ~♥Ashle... 2009/08/28 23:24:50
    your every where=)
  • ~♥Ashle... april 2009/08/28 23:25:50
    I know..
  • april ~♥Ashle... 2009/08/28 23:28:12
  • ~♥Ashle... april 2009/08/28 23:31:53
  • april ~♥Ashle... 2009/08/28 23:33:41
    check out your messages! check messages
  • michael x 2009/08/27 13:42:37
    michael x
    ceecee42, and great lakes, probably wouldn't happen. but i can dream though.... ceecee42 lakes dream
  • Dammit Yammit 2009/08/27 06:06:13
    Dammit Yammit
    He's not a soda head at this time but I would do a month with Action Bastard. I would show him just how to Hit It!!!
  • Maddie 2009/08/27 04:37:42
    This is a hard question.. I would really like to have my girls in there because we could make a party of it.. lol but you know there are a few men that would not be bad and I can say there is one I could handle just cuz I could listen to him talk all the time..
  • *~*Mizz Behavedl*~* 2009/08/27 03:41:04
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    My cousin Nikki. But if it was a longer period of time I would have said the hottest and best hung sodahead (whoever that is)
  • Dagon 2009/08/27 03:01:02
  • ZILdeactivated 2009/08/27 02:15:07 (edited)
    Just Bite Me, we're both straight right-wingers, and could pass the time amicably, I think. :)
    edited for spelling
  • Courtney Michelle <3 2009/08/27 00:19:41
    Courtney Michelle <3
    alexa- cause she's awesome
    hannah- cause she's like amazing
    jessica-cause she's like me and would escape that place
  • ElectronicAlexa [dhr] 2009/08/27 00:14:42
  • GIRLIELEO 2009/08/26 23:55:54
  • hart 2009/08/26 23:27:41
    prob, death blooms, she seems like a cool person.
  • scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule 2009/08/26 23:22:19
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    None of you Mother F--kers!!! I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!! LOL!!! If I named all the SH's, that would be one Crowded cell.LOL:):):) Then I would HAVE to bring on the Hate.LOL:):)
  • RottenP... scarecr... 2009/08/27 00:11:16
    lmao XD okayz
  • scarecr... RottenP... 2009/08/27 00:13:50 (edited)
    scarecrow-Aus Cattle Dogs rule
    :) Sons of SH Beeoches!!!!LOL:):)
  • Val 2009/08/26 21:32:30
    Bellechevelle. Hands down.
  • belle 2009/08/26 20:52:29
    There are many that would be great. It is easier to name the ones you wouldn't want to be in Jail with. The construction guys, but one of them is gone off SH, also a couple of gals that are as bad as the 2 guys mentioned.
  • on and on1 2009/08/26 20:38:37 (edited)
    on and on1
    Damn, you gonna make me choose. Harumph!!
    OkiePol, Lee the Hybrid Snowflake, MCSniper, Just D, JCAP, Mom of Three and .... Cloud (If I am in jail, I want to get my smoke on!! LOL) There are soooo many more!
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2009/08/26 20:23:36
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    Pretty much any of my top sodaheads. :)
  • Sasssy 2009/08/26 20:07:29
  • Quintessential Brother The ... 2009/08/26 19:57:40
    Quintessential Brother The Conservative Liberal
    If it is a co-ed type incarceration I want...
    Bad Girl hence the name.
    co-ed type incarceration girl

    If not I'll take Planeteater... because like me he don't take no shit...
    co-ed type incarceration girl ill planeteater shit
  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 2009/08/26 19:41:49
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    as if you needed to ask...
    My partner in Crime Balou...and any of "Our" Top SH Girlfriends that wouldn't mind sitting with "us" in Jail : )-
    partner crime balou sh girlfriends mind jail
    partner crime balou sh girlfriends mind jail
    How 'bout dat Sh*t!
  • BaLou Gothamj... 2009/08/26 20:01:47
    How original buddy!! Haha!!
  • Gothamj... BaLou 2009/08/27 02:59:49
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    ...I like to think of it as...Inspired! Lol
  • Gothamj... BaLou 2009/08/27 03:50:49
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Looks like our Cell is full...Lights out!
    gotta Crash! Have a GoodNight guys.
  • BaLou Gothamj... 2009/08/27 23:28:53
  • Gothamj... BaLou 2009/08/27 23:40:11
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Hey Balou, what's happening? I did some shuffling of my photobucket...you may have lost some pics I sent ya'...I'm in the process of putting things back together.. : )- Here's a little something to Bide the Time.
  • OhioGir... Gothamj... 2009/08/27 03:24:28
    OhioGirl ~ Peace ~
    I'll join you!
  • Gothamj... OhioGir... 2009/08/27 03:38:58 (edited)
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Pull up a cot! pull cot

    Topic for tonight...Thin Lizzy

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