If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly, which would you take?

Kyle 2012/12/26 00:49:05
million bucks
able to fly
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  • Alex 2012/12/26 01:06:30
    able to fly
    And thus, being the only person with flying capabilities, I would soon make more than a million dollars by being paid to appear wherever by different people.

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  • josh parker 2013/01/11 04:31:56
    able to fly
    josh parker
    I have done it chemically but physically would be even better!lol
  • The Pale Man 2013/01/10 01:00:26
  • Christopher Kirchen 2013/01/09 23:32:28
    million bucks
    Christopher Kirchen
    No question; I'm not that fond of heights.
  • Dandydon 2013/01/09 23:23:59
    million bucks
    I'll worry about flying after my million is deposited in my account...

    crazy flying gif
  • LQ~phaet 2013/01/09 22:04:00
    million bucks
    Make mine dollars.
  • graham.noble.1232 2013/01/09 21:38:05
    able to fly
    I'd fly, get famous and exploit the media attention to get rich just like a reality tv stars.
  • Tony 2013/01/09 20:38:03
    able to fly
    then get myself a job with DC comics and rent myself out as Superman for kids parties.
    BAM - million dollars!
  • Nightsky 2013/01/09 19:54:07
    able to fly
    itd make robbing a bank easy
  • whipnet 2013/01/09 16:03:24
    able to fly
    I would use my ability to get a million bucks by robbing banks and then just flying away. :)

    (Kidding of course)

  • RobHom 2013/01/09 15:54:24
    million bucks
    I can always buy a plane ticket...
  • **dark angel** 2013/01/09 15:50:45
    able to fly
    **dark angel**
    i wanna do that
  • noha 2013/01/09 15:39:29
    million bucks
    easy choice :)
  • Now Lost 2013/01/09 15:31:45
    million bucks
    Now Lost
    i'd take the million..and drive where i want to go
  • Billyk75 2013/01/09 15:19:57
    million bucks
    You mean bucks as in money or deers?
  • Djobido 2013/01/09 15:16:25
    able to fly
    i'll make more than a mill by flying somehow :) i'll do a peter pan,robin hood combo :)
  • Reggie☮ 2013/01/09 14:58:12
    able to fly
    Definately fly.
  • Matt M 2013/01/09 14:52:29
    able to fly
    Matt  M
    Surprised that the money is leading.

    You can get money.
  • Kat 2013/01/09 14:47:42
    million bucks
    Easy answer!
  • KoAm 2013/01/09 14:46:23
    million bucks
    ... and then fly first class.
  • Harley Quinn 2013/01/09 14:46:06
    million bucks
    Harley Quinn
    Scared of heights.
  • Jesterz 2013/01/09 14:45:55
    able to fly
    I would be making more than a single million with this ability... ;o)
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2013/01/09 14:45:39
    able to fly
    Because anyone can be a millionaire, but how many people can say they can fly??
  • Jack's Pearl 2013/01/09 14:41:43
    able to fly
    Jack's Pearl
    No doubt. Money doesn't mean that much to me. But an ability to fly? Wow! That is worth a million bucks! LOL
  • wqerwqerwe 2013/01/09 05:50:41
    able to fly
    Being able to fly is priceless. No one can do that. You could easily make millions if you could fly. It would be amazing. I can't believe this only got 38%!
  • Willow 2013/01/09 03:59:11
    able to fly
    I could earn a million dollars if I could fly.d
  • Momena 오어ㅣ나 2012/12/26 19:24:05
    able to fly
    Momena 오어ㅣ나
    fly to you
  • Mr.Steve 2012/12/26 13:51:56
  • KoAm Mr.Steve 2013/01/09 14:46:02
    Millionaires don't have private jets. Billionaires do.
  • Mr.Steve KoAm 2013/01/09 15:29:58
  • KoAm Mr.Steve 2013/01/10 00:42:14
    Well ... I wouldn't know, actually. I'm not a millionaire. Or a billionaire.
  • Mr.Steve KoAm 2013/01/10 12:40:56
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/12/26 13:14:21
  • Debra Smith 2012/12/26 11:53:47
  • cee nae 2012/12/26 11:10:03
    able to fly
    cee nae
    flying all over the world??! dream come true..money cant ever make up for all the experiences flying will get you!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/12/26 10:17:32
    million bucks
    Lady Whitewolf
    Right now the million bucks.
  • Laura Vanderbooben 2012/12/26 09:56:45
    able to fly
    Laura Vanderbooben
    Well you can't buy flying and you would run out of money....so...flying yay!
  • Country Gentleman 2012/12/26 06:35:41
    million bucks
    Country Gentleman
    I'd forgo my one fantasy desire in my life, just because I want to get out from under my bills.
  • Lady Wh... Country... 2012/12/26 10:17:51
  • addie 2012/12/26 03:30:56
    able to fly
    No question.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/12/26 03:10:18
    million bucks
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I could afford first class tickets.

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