If you drink Alcohol, what is your fav ?

Shrekk 2008/12/03 06:14:27
mmmmmm    BEER !!!
off with the SPIRITS
downing the CHANTIES
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  • KTM KING!! 2008/12/04 07:29:37
    off with the SPIRITS
    KTM KING!!
    or beer is good!!

    spirits beer
  • 909 2008/12/03 16:30:15
    mmmmmm BEER !!!
    beer and wine are the only things that really settel well with me the next day
  • that0neguy 2008/12/03 13:14:08
    None of the above
  • thewrit 2008/12/03 13:10:17
    All of the above
    depends the weather, summer = beer.
  • tierney 2008/12/03 08:58:50
    off with the SPIRITS
    I don't mind if I do, thanks.

    spirits mind
  • pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~ 2008/12/03 08:23:45
    off with the SPIRITS
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
  • TheRevo 2008/12/03 07:31:56
    off with the SPIRITS
    Whiskey, though I usually end up having or giving someone a bloody nose when I drink that stuff.
  • ubiquitous_tergiversation 2008/12/03 06:47:08 (edited)
    mmmmmm BEER !!!
    Home brew.

    mmmmmm beer home brew
  • Shrekk ubiquit... 2008/12/03 06:56:24
    i had a bad experience with some green 2 1/2 week old brew. geez it made me crook.
  • ubiquit... Shrekk 2008/12/03 08:01:00
    It was green and you drank it anyway?! =(

    This is why everything must be sanitized.
  • holliday04 2008/12/03 06:24:20
    off with the SPIRITS
    A good martini (peach-yummy) is the flavor of the month for me. I'm really not much of a drinker (any more). I do like a good red wine on occasion. But my down-fall is all those foo-foo drinks with fruit and those cute little umbrellas like the ones they hand you when you go on a cruise!

    wine occasion down-fall foo-foo drinks fruit cute umbrellas hand cruise
  • dogbee 2008/12/03 06:22:55
    None of the above
    straight Absolute!
  • flaca BN-0 2008/12/03 06:19:38
    off with the SPIRITS
    flaca BN-0
    Cognac, but not the expensive kind!

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