If you could grant 1 wish to someone who would it be and why?

Bri Nicole 2009/01/18 22:45:52
if i could i would give...........(comment)
i wanted it to be...
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  • ~Austin's mine:)~taylor! 2009/02/12 03:21:56
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    theres no real perfect answer to this. i mean yes you could give it to someone say your best friend and give them whatever they want, but hey that could be something that benefited you, or something that benefited no one but themselves. which, in my opinion, is very selfish. or you could give it to someone who has suffered a loss of a loved one. its a really nice thing to do, but you know EVERYone dies for a reason, no matter how much sense that may make to you at the time. there IS a reason. There will always be a reason because GOD will take everything he created back to him at some point in life. No matter how short that life may be, no matter how much sense it makes, GOD will do what he thinks is right. And he is ALWAYS right.
  • Bri Nicole ~Austin... 2009/02/12 03:57:37
    Bri Nicole
    WOW!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself! yes this is my question just to see wat other people would like to do! But I also agree with you because GOD is my savior and i'm guessing he's urs also!God does everything for a reason we may not like what he does but he does it because he loves us and he knows what he is doing......just like you said "he is always right!" Nice answer
  • ~Austin... Bri Nicole 2009/02/12 22:54:11
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    thank you ;] haha yes he is my savior, and he always will be =] Matthew 7:7
  • Bri Nicole ~Austin... 2009/02/13 20:10:34
    Bri Nicole
    I love that verse it really is a true great one! my fav is 1 corinth:13 4-7
  • ~Austin... Bri Nicole 2009/02/15 01:30:57
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    that is a good one also haha
  • Bri Nicole ~Austin... 2009/02/15 02:07:09
    Bri Nicole
    hahaha thank you!
  • ~Austin... Bri Nicole 2009/02/15 02:09:50
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    anytime =]
  • Bri Nicole ~Austin... 2009/02/15 05:18:31
    Bri Nicole
  • Rebel 2009/02/02 00:57:03
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    I would grant my friend Alex the wish of finding the right guy for her and having the good life she needs. She is kind of messed up.
  • Bri Nicole Rebel 2009/02/07 00:11:17
    Bri Nicole
    thats really sweet, you seem like a good friend!
  • Rebel Bri Nicole 2009/02/07 00:43:24
    Thanks. She worries me and my best friend sometimes. She over-dosed on Tylenol once.
  • Bri Nicole Rebel 2009/02/07 01:02:38
    Bri Nicole
    i'm so sorry to here that! i hope she gets better along the rode she has her whole life ahead of her!
  • *Zoe*[HisLittleRose] 2009/01/31 19:32:31
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    to my crush i luv him
  • MadameMadHatter 2009/01/31 15:40:02
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    I would grant it to one of my BFFs so she didn't jave to move next year

    givecomment grant bffs jave year
  • Bri Nicole MadameM... 2009/02/07 00:11:53
    Bri Nicole
    thats really cool, i know what its like to have a good friend move away, it sux!
  • MadameM... Bri Nicole 2009/02/07 00:23:50
    Yea i know hey BRI it feels like i haven't talked to u in ages!!!!
  • Bri Nicole MadameM... 2009/02/07 00:24:54
    Bri Nicole
    I KNOW!!! I haven't been on is so long, my report card was kinda bad i got a c- so my dad said i wasn't aloud on for a certain amount of time! lol but i'm back!
  • MadameM... Bri Nicole 2009/02/07 00:28:55
    LoL yea i was all like where the heck is BRI she is normally always on!!! did u see wat i did to my profile . . . again =]
  • Bri Nicole MadameM... 2009/02/07 00:29:54
    Bri Nicole
    No I haven't seen anything! i'll check right now!
  • ~Austin... Bri Nicole 2009/02/12 03:08:10
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    my best friend friend from like birth moved away when i was in 2nd grade to another state...pretty much sucked.
  • Bri Nicole ~Austin... 2009/02/12 03:11:14
    Bri Nicole
    aw i would hate that! I hope you and ur bff talk still!
  • ~Austin... Bri Nicole 2009/02/12 03:12:56
    ~Austin's mine:)~taylor!
    i talked to her on the phone for like 25 secs the other night... i hadnt talked to her in about two years..
  • asianfreak 2009/01/20 17:16:55
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    if i could grant 1 wish it woodd b 2 mi grandma.
  • Skyla11377 2009/01/19 15:47:42
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    I would wish that my kids had a long and happy life.
  • Bri Nicole Skyla11377 2009/01/19 17:21:18
    Bri Nicole
    thats a good wish!!!!
  • ♥♥♥ sarah ♥♥♥ 2009/01/19 02:33:50
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    ♥♥♥ sarah ♥♥♥
    my cuz didn t die because i ve only seen her once
  • Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT] 2009/01/19 01:37:47
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    I have so many wishes that I would want to grant...
    To find my Edward Cullen
    To live forever
    To win a million dollars
    To have a life free of worries
    And many many many more...
  • Bri Nicole Bella [... 2009/01/19 02:47:42
    Bri Nicole
    would they only be for yourself? or for someone else?
  • Bella [... Bri Nicole 2009/01/19 03:03:02
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    They would be for me... and some other people that I truly care about
  • Bri Nicole Bella [... 2009/01/19 05:12:43
    Bri Nicole
    oh ok then it makes sense now i was lost before! lol
  • Bella [... Bri Nicole 2009/01/19 14:39:15
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    Haha... whenever I say that I'm lost I say this..

    I'm lost, on an island, with no food, help me... lol
  • Bri Nicole Bella [... 2009/01/19 17:21:44
    Bri Nicole
    hahahahhaahahah i love that mind if i steal some time?
  • Bella [... Bri Nicole 2009/01/19 23:04:48
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    It's okay! A lot of my friends take it from me... lol
  • Bri Nicole Bella [... 2009/01/20 00:14:08
    Bri Nicole
  • Bella [... Bri Nicole 2009/01/21 01:00:45
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    Haha... lol
  • mac n' cheese 2009/01/18 23:21:15
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    mac n' cheese
    to my best friend amy because we just found out her dad has a very rare case of cancer that only 1 out of every 1000 people get
  • Bri Nicole mac n' ... 2009/01/18 23:21:59
    Bri Nicole
    omg thats awful!
  • Bella [... mac n' ... 2009/01/19 01:39:07
    Bella [MCR ♥ TWILIGHT]
    Tell her that I pray for her father...
    pray father
  • Twilightlover113 2009/01/18 23:18:18
    if i could i would give...........(comment)
    it to my grandpa bc he's dying of pancreatic cancer, and I would wish for the cancer to be gone.
  • Bri Nicole Twiligh... 2009/01/18 23:19:12
    Bri Nicole
    i'm sorry to hear that! Thats a very Sweet wish!

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