If You Can't Love Yourself, How In The Hell Are You Gonna Love Someone Else: Can I Get An AMEN?!

Astro-Boy 2011/03/06 21:50:52
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  • Darnel 2011/03/07 07:43:34
    you have to at least accept yourself before you can accept others. I suppose the same could be said about love,.. though I never thought "I love me".
  • David - a nudist 2011/03/07 06:41:02
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2011/03/07 06:35:20
    Don't Click This Option.
    Astro, you gotta stop putting the 'Don't click this option' option there. You're making me rebellious.
  • story101 Elmo~WA... 2011/03/07 07:33:39
    Amen! to that.
  • Deborah 2011/03/07 06:18:02
    All Day love yourself love yourself
  • Matt 2011/03/07 06:08:40
    If you cannot love yourself. nobody else can love you either !
  • ReasonOverFaith BN - 0 2011/03/07 05:48:09
    No...you can't.
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    But I'll tell you what you can get
  • chief 00 2011/03/07 05:47:31
    chief 00
    Loving yourself is by far the most important.
  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2011/03/07 05:44:09 (edited)
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ D. Plexippus Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    that soooo true.... soooo true loveyourself
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/07 05:43:54
    If you can't love yourself, what do you have to offer to anyone else?
  • coffy:) 2011/03/07 05:40:08
    You have to think highly of yourself and be confident.
  • Wonder Woman 2011/03/07 05:04:28
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2011/03/07 04:56:36
    Very Well put
  • Astro-Boy Ballade... 2011/03/07 08:59:10
    It's RuPaul's fave quote.
  • Ballade... Astro-Boy 2011/03/07 13:09:23
    And she is a dream lady to me
  • ~Brittany~GangstaPickles 2011/03/07 04:47:14
  • ♠♠♠JeLLo♠♠♠ 2011/03/07 04:17:03
  • mrdog 2011/03/07 04:06:12
    It is true.... actually Absolutely True...bark
  • karen 2011/03/07 03:58:13
    Hellz yea!!
    hellz yea rock on
  • MiMi! 2011/03/07 03:56:23
    Don't Click This Option.
    I don't particularly love myself, but I do love my friends, family, and the person who used to be my significant other until his mother got in the way :/
  • deadlyangel21 2011/03/07 03:55:55
  • MiMi! deadlya... 2011/03/07 03:57:00
    Haha, I love that picture :D
  • deadlya... MiMi! 2011/03/07 03:58:35
    thanks. me too
  • Lady Wh... deadlya... 2011/03/07 15:35:39
    Lady Whitewolf
  • NaE_nAe MJ lover 2011/03/07 03:50:01
    NaE_nAe MJ lover
    I do agreeith that statement, but its not true cause my family have no respect for me, giving me low self esteem making me less confident in talking to people and mking me love myself less. I love the people I know love me, or at least think they do and its bought everything up higher but not enouhg to love myself. i even hate my life
  • Wonder ... NaE_nAe... 2011/03/07 05:08:03
  • NaE_nAe... Wonder ... 2011/03/07 05:57:34
    NaE_nAe MJ lover
    ive tried thta. doesn't work. I do, mum dad and brother. lol thats funny cause its true :P. I know thta, its their job to hurt me cause they've done it to me all my life.

    sorry that im being such a bitch about this but i know all is true. the only people qwho can please me are the ones that care for me and loveme for who i am and they clearly don't. hense the reason I think of my french teacher as my mum figure. shes been here for me since last year after we came back from France. Shes wicked, she listens to me and knows how to deal with me when I need someone to listen to me. mum dad and my brother never have. they don't respect my feelings, they like hurting them.

    PS that last piece of advice is really helpful. the bit from "but keep in mind" till the end. hahaha and that last bit, )and some of the beginning) is so related to the love guru. the only movie in the world that seconds Stick It :P
  • Wonder ... NaE_nAe... 2011/03/07 06:49:56
  • NaE_nAe... Wonder ... 2011/03/25 08:18:35
    NaE_nAe MJ lover
    too true and personally i know they wouldn't they treat my brother the same but get along more because he helps them. yea that pretty much it and thats why I dn't like this anymore than others that put up with it. lol ditto shes honest, nawwwwwwww thanks so much. ur so sweet. im glad u told me that. I'm happy now :D xxxxxx
  • ★ 。◕‿‿◕。 2011/03/07 03:47:49 (edited)
    ★ 。◕‿‿◕。
    True, True...What a good point...
  • atomikmom 2011/03/07 03:32:20
    You got that right!!!
  • ☠PoisonGirl~Stay(sic)!☠ 2011/03/07 03:24:02 (edited)
    Don't Click This Option.
    I just clicked on that cause it told me not you. But anyway, idk I mean I don't really love myself but I really love my boyfriend. I don't really know actually. Tough question
  • Wonder ... ☠Poison... 2011/03/07 05:11:47
  • ☠Poison... Wonder ... 2011/03/07 21:00:08
    Uhh what?
  • Wonder ... ☠Poison... 2011/03/07 21:45:40
  • ☠Poison... Wonder ... 2011/03/08 02:11:41
    My boyfriend, nor any man is my "God". I'm not comfortable with myself but I don't give a ratsass who likes it and who doesn't. I don't change myself for anyone and I don't try to please anyone. I am, who I am. If my boyfriend died tomorrow, you're right I would be left with myself, but that wouldn't make me love myself anymore that what I do. Oh and I'm not beautiful inside, I'm working on changing that, for me, because I don't like it. I'm a very cruel, heartless person. Have a good day now.
  • Wonder ... ☠Poison... 2011/03/08 05:39:48 (edited)
  • Tim 2011/03/07 03:21:20
    Better still:

    This above all: to thine ownself be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    --by Lord Polonius in Spakespeare's Hamlet
  • *~WednesdayLynn~* <3 2011/03/07 03:13:27
    *~WednesdayLynn~* <3
    you always should love yourself :)
  • mybrutalromance 2011/03/07 03:09:22
    Don't Click This Option.
    Shouldn't it be:
    if you don't love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you?
    I'm not too fond of myself, but I do like someone.

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