If you accidentally upset a friend, what's the best way to make it up to them?

Zolfie™ 2011/07/14 23:33:24
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  • jobrolover 2011/09/07 02:10:47
    Talk to them about the problem, explain to them your side of everything to try to get them to understand your feelings and reasons behind what you did (not to say that it could justify whatever you've done, I don't know the situation, it's just for understanding because it's good to know thought processes behind things. Also, not saying that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be forgiven either.) If they still don't accept your apology then you could keep trying, but eventually you may just have to let it go and if there comes a time when they are ready to forgive you, they will.
  • karla 2011/07/21 05:44:20
    uhm i guess all i can do is to say sorry and then make them laugh or if not, jsut keep quiet coz i know they will forgive me...
  • hill. 2011/07/18 21:15:46
    apologize and tell them that you understand what you did wrong.
  • silverrain718 2011/07/17 16:48:00
    Have a talk with them explaining it wasn't your intention to upset them and tell them how sorry you are that your hurt them.
  • cubanchick 2011/07/16 02:23:12
    it depends on the friend, im not the type of person that just says im sorry. if i did something worthy of being mad at then i believe i have to show them that im not a bad friend
  • Smartgirl 2011/07/15 22:03:52
    apologize and try to make it up to them
  • Spir8girl 2011/07/15 18:46:03
    Own up, be honest and sincere, address how badly you feel about upsetting them, and be more aware in the future.
  • oceangrl 2011/07/15 18:33:13
    i would talk it out with them and let them know that you are truely sorry.
  • parthenonlover 2011/07/15 18:08:10
    Apologize and explain to them that you weren't trying to be mean.
  • gracious43 2011/07/15 17:54:48
    Ask them what you can do to make it up to them.
  • Dragon 2011/07/15 15:23:17
    Give them a sincere apology and ask them if they wanna go on a "date"
  • Zolfie™ Dragon 2011/07/15 18:45:13
    friend :P ... not bf/gf :P sounds like you have upset your bf :P
  • Dragon Zolfie™ 2011/07/15 20:17:45
    i know. :P me and my friends go on dates. Lol Well not really but thats what we call it when it is just 2 of us. since we have a group of 4 lol. We are just kidding when we say dates lol
  • Zolfie™ Dragon 2011/07/15 23:17:03
    hmmm so all 4 of you go on dates? ;) .... interesting very interesting ;P
  • Dragon Zolfie™ 2011/07/17 06:25:58
    Lol Yes! I date 3 different people!
  • Zolfie™ Dragon 2011/07/17 20:45:28
    naughty naughty :P
  • jennifer_55 2011/07/15 15:22:14
    try explaining that what was said was the wrong thing to say and that you are sorry..........if the person is still mad keep insisting.Even write them a letter if you have to. explaining wrong person mad insisting write letter sorry explaining wrong person mad insisting write letter sorry explaining wrong person mad insisting write letter sorry
  • Tamara McMillan 2011/07/15 12:41:53
    Tamara McMillan
    A sincere heart felt apology. Personally is good but even if it is emailed. . . if the situation is really bad. Much can be said in a letter that the friend can read at their own choosen time and re-read. But if you are going to write it out choose your words and thoughts carefully. Just be sincere.
  • Shutterbug 2011/07/15 12:26:50
    It depends exactly what it was you did to upset them.
  • Boris Badinov 2011/07/15 10:06:42
    Boris Badinov
    Determine the truth. Determine whether or not they really are your friend. Be true to yourself whatever that takes. Thank Jesus Christ.
  • ELLIE 2011/07/15 09:20:50
    Say sorry as soon as you realize that you made a mistake and explain.Good friends will listen.
  • Pamu 2011/07/15 08:46:03
    say sorry and a promise not to repeat the same.
  • SimonYoungRoth 2011/07/15 07:54:17
    don't know...
  • Not Einstein 2011/07/15 05:35:24
    Not Einstein
    Give them money. Lots and lots of money.
  • oceangrl Not Ein... 2011/07/15 18:32:15 (edited)
    that would not help lol if you do that, they would only like you for ur money and not ur friendship....
  • Zolfie™ Not Ein... 2011/07/15 18:47:51
    haha is that what you would want? :P
  • SpiroSwagnew 2011/07/15 02:33:39
    i walked up to them and said and i quote "Look, im sorry i offended you i used the wrong words but i still feel the same. so wether you choose to accept or not thats your choice" and i walked away haha but hey it worked
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2011/07/15 02:11:39
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Let them cool off. Then wai for the right moment and apologize sincerely
  • Bob DiN 2011/07/15 02:03:40
    Bob DiN
    Just apologize.
  • Angel 2011/07/15 01:38:26
    Hug them, act stupid to make them laugh. And if that doesn't work leave em' alone to cool off.
  • Chukroast 2011/07/15 01:28:03
    Remind them of your personality quirks . . . and theirs.
  • Otaku Link 2011/07/15 01:26:26
  • just me 2011/07/15 00:57:12 (edited)
    just me
    Apologize and "do some 'splainin."
  • Woman of many faces~ijm 2011/07/15 00:51:10
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2011/07/15 00:47:40
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Apologize to them and explain what ever it was that made them mad at you.May be they will forgive you.
  • Hopscotch 2011/07/15 00:31:43
    "Friends are understanding friends"......or they're not. And they weren't your friend anyway.
  • Robbb 2011/07/15 00:22:19
    Say you are sorry for having upset him and depending on what he is upset about explain your position. You don't have to agree with everything with your friends and you should not have to make it up to them if there was no deliberate malice.
  • Jackie 2011/07/15 00:05:02
    apologize to them right away and ask for forgiveness, because there are times when you can't "make it up to them"
  • Werkea 2011/07/14 23:47:56
    wait and apologize when its appropriate
  • Nikki 2011/07/14 23:43:48
    well standing around waiting for the problem to fix itself isnt going to work. tried that before lol gotta take the first step and apologize to them. let them vent to you about how much it hurt. then you can proceed to patching things up. most people... all they want is for someone to understand them. sometimes just allowing them to vent is the best way to help patch things up.

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