If ur dumped over a txt and the guy asks u bak out a month later.. wat should u do??

dianna 2009/09/19 00:52:21
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  • taylorr tinyy tott! 2009/10/13 02:36:54
    taylorr tinyy tott!
    i would sayy no. if he;s stupid enough to dump you over a phone he;s stupid enough to dump you again through a text. guys like that don;t really change (i;ve learned from experincee or however you spell it. lol im really tired right now) but yeah. douche bagss will stayyyy douche bagss(:
  • Batman7433 2009/09/21 13:42:32
    if he was a real man, he would have done it face to face instead of hiding behind a phone... but thats just my opinion.
  • StaticxAge 2009/09/21 06:45:58
    Btw ..sorry for being a bee-yotch!!
    I hate those kind of questions.
  • egglands worst! 2009/09/20 07:03:22
    egglands worst!
    he has no respect... if u go crawling back then neither do u. srsly, u shud hav blocked him after that.
  • dianna eggland... 2009/09/20 16:17:13
    hmmm. i kno. but its hard.. =/
  • eggland... dianna 2009/09/21 07:00:06
    egglands worst!
    yeah... but there's nothing lik dropping someone COLD to get urself back in th game. he thinks ur waiting around for him 2 finish up watever he was doin on th side after he dumped u, so return th favor an give him a dead # & blocked IM

    what goes around comes around heh...
  • dianna eggland... 2009/11/20 16:08:39
    lol truee
  • Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy* 2009/09/19 02:47:53
    Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy*
    Tell him "I'll think about it..." and later that day, text him with your decision...which is, of course, "no".
  • katiegirl! 2009/09/19 02:07:46
  • Jerry 2009/09/19 01:04:09
    Tell him to piss off cause if he's so imature to break up with you over a txt message he wasn't worth it in the first place he's a cry baby bitch!
  • VKS(approved) 2009/09/19 01:02:29
    Well, its not so much about how he broke up with you, its kind of about how you feel about him. None of us really know your history with this guy so we couldn't tell you whether to date him again or not.
    But if you feel compfortable with it and think its right then..
    Go for it.
  • dianna VKS(app... 2009/09/19 18:06:59
    yea thats wat i was thinking. here is the HISTORY people! ive known him since i was little i guess.. 7 years.. ive had a crush on him all 7 years and he FINALY started showing an interest in me in the last 4 months. and a month after he asked me out he dumped me over txt..as u already kno.. for some1 else.. he sed he fell in a "love como" with this other girl.. and i just dont wanna date some1 that doesnt love me.. ya kno? but i do rlly love him... so idk wat to do.. thats y i opened up to u guys.. for help.. for advice.
  • VKS(app... dianna 2009/09/20 03:12:41
    Well, the only thing I can really say..
    If you actually love him, give it a shot. Even if you get hurt in the end at least you'll know and never have to wonder what could've been so.. thats my opinion.
    Hope it helped.
  • dianna VKS(app... 2009/11/20 16:07:55
    yeahh it did thanxx :)
  • VKS(app... dianna 2009/11/20 19:30:10
  • αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    ignore him. he's obviously not smart.
  • c e l i s u l l i v a n. 2009/09/19 00:59:18
    c e l i s u l l i v a n.
    Nothing. I'd ignore the dude for dumping me through a text message.
  • msfreek93 2009/09/19 00:57:44
    no way i would tell him run away boy or i'll kick your ass =]
  • The Sane One 2009/09/19 00:54:03
    The Sane One
    tell him no, you've got a date with a guy you met on the internet.
  • dianna The San... 2009/09/19 00:54:38
    lol. i lyk it LOL
  • Nikki 2009/09/19 00:54:02
    any person who doesn't have the decency to at least face you when they dump you should NOT be given a second chance.
  • dianna Nikki 2009/09/19 00:54:32
    i kno..
  • dianna dianna 2009/09/19 00:55:07
    but ive known him for 7 years...
  • Nikki dianna 2009/09/19 00:59:17
    I know 7 years is a long time but apparently it wasn't long enough for him because if that 7 years meant anything to him he would have showed a little more respect for you when he dumped you.. when they see they can disrespect you then they think its ok and they often do it again and again.
  • savvy123 dianna 2009/09/19 00:59:59
    Personally, I don't think it matters how long you've known him. If he broke up with you through a text, say no. Like what Nikki said, if he doesn't have to decency he shouldn't be given a second chance. You deserve better than a guy that won't tell you to your face.

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