If somebody say you look ugly, how do you feel and what do you do?

jt 2010/01/21 01:44:24
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  • prince 10 2013/05/23 02:32:29
    prince 10
    Laugh. Say thanks, and tell them " next time look at your mum before you say someone is ugly"
  • The_Scribbler 2010/01/30 14:47:32
    Well, except for my brother, no one has told me that. But if they did, I wouldn't care cause I know I'm not ugly. :)
  • RAwR 2010/01/26 13:00:55
  • Ann Thee Awesomest!!! 2010/01/23 23:43:21 (edited)
    Ann Thee Awesomest!!!
    I know I'm not, and I'd probably say that. I'd Respect their opinion. yep. That'd be the end of that.I wouldn't care cause that's 1 against a billion other peoples compliments lol. respect opinion yep thatd care 1 peoples compliments lol
  • snkypete 2010/01/23 06:38:55
    I tell them "You're most likely right,but I can get over my ugliness by not looking in a mirror . What do you do to get over yours?"
  • Gir Fan #1 (Demetrius) 2010/01/23 01:48:37
    Gir Fan #1 (Demetrius)
    "Is it speak the truth day? Oh, in that case, your face looks like shit."
  • Eapl 2010/01/23 01:14:32
    I don't really care honestly, first of all, I think that I'm not ugly. And secondly, I'm not so shallow to care whether a person's ugly or not. My look's mean nothing to who I am inside.
  • quay 2010/01/23 01:11:06
    if i look ugly then they must like shit lmao
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2010/01/22 16:53:43
    walk away laughing :p
  • The One Who Questions 2010/01/22 16:51:47
    The One Who Questions
    I feel sorry for people who would judge anyone by how they look. There is one thing you wouldn't have to wear waders when you talk to them, for they would be too shallow.
  • Nicky me 2010/01/22 16:51:05
    Nicky me
    Just smile and say " Really?? That's nice for you cause as far as what I think, you could go jump off a bridge and I wouldn't care." and walk away. Not the nicest thing but it shuts them up long enough so you can walk away in silence.
  • TabbyCat 2010/01/22 15:34:20
    I do not care. If someone were to say I look ugly to my face I would say at least I am not ugly on the inside. :)
  • chey&chris 2010/01/22 14:27:00
    it depends on what kind of mood i am in. sometimes i take things to heart, and other times i bgrush it off because my boyfriend thinks otherwise and thats all that matters
  • z-Madness-z 2010/01/22 07:01:15
    First I'd mentally stab them with a pencil, then say "No, I'm not. That's rude." Then proceed to mentally stab them with my pencil.
  • icymore 2010/01/22 05:42:06
    a little sad and embarrassed, I guess, but I think I'd get over it quick. Why should I give a shit what they think? I don't need someone that shallow and rude to think I'm attractive.
  • Shelly 2010/01/22 05:37:03
    ill be upset and not say anything back. i dont wanna make it worst
  • san 2010/01/22 05:20:42
    It depends on who it is, but we all care to a certain extent what people think.
  • monicasaurus 2010/01/22 02:12:22
    id stand up and look staright at them, give them the finger and yell "IM UGLY AND IM PROUD!!"
  • birdie1224 2010/01/22 00:34:36
    I have super low self esteem so I would feel like crap and cry.
  • MassxVelocity 2010/01/22 00:19:24
    I'd be like, "you're FACE is ugly."
    and then forget about it. :)
  • Jen 2010/01/22 00:14:23
  • SnoopFuzz 2010/01/21 23:45:28
    i already know i am ugly so i just say "ya i know, thx for reminding me though!"
  • OctoberHoliday 2010/01/21 23:00:57 (edited)
    Usually my eyes just get really big, and I say something like, "alright."

    I once responded with, "Yeah? Look who's talking."

    I'm not sure how to react, because I've never been all that sure about my physical appearence. Who knows, I may be ugly.
  • ch0c0l4tt3 2010/01/21 22:35:59
    i wouldn't mind it that much, i would just say "you think so?, cause i don't really care"
  • Gaby 2010/01/21 22:28:32
    Before Iwrite my answer I already know a billion of people are going to say "i dont care what people think!", But honestly Ithink it all makes us think about ourselves. I'm a tender heart though I show it to no one and never react to it. Sure i'll say I dont care, but i will look frantically to see whats wrong with me. Not to please THEM or anything, I mean they dont deserve my "freakedoutness" if they are going to be rude like that, but still I dont want to look appauling to any other people. I dont know I have an ultra low self-esteem I will confess. But that's just how I am
  • merpelyn 2010/01/21 21:59:07 (edited)
    laugh, say thanks, and probably forget by the time i turn around.
  • tooner259 2010/01/21 21:43:51 (edited)
    Slice their throat,and mail them home in bite size pieces!!!!!!!!

    Hmmm,been watching too much"Criminal Minds"and"Bones"................
  • Anonymous 2010/01/21 21:41:20
    Laugh and walk away.
    No need to cry over it
    or think of a lame comeback.
    They're just jealous.
  • KiiriiChan 2010/01/21 21:08:05
    i would say somthin like "oh yeah that hurt" in a sarcastic voice and when i turn away i would say under my breath "alot" and start crying
  • ShahnazRoxs(: 2010/01/21 20:57:10
    my feelings would be hurt. (1)
    I'll cry. (2)
    brush it off because sticks&stones; may hurt me, but they won't tear me down. (3)
  • a 2010/01/21 20:26:16 (edited)
    I'd say, I'm not as ugly as you!
  • Shahnaz... a 2010/01/21 20:58:04
    like that one. ;)
  • a Shahnaz... 2010/01/21 21:03:38
  • Shahnaz... a 2010/01/21 21:33:23
  • a Shahnaz... 2010/01/21 21:43:49
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2010/01/21 20:03:32
    Sometimes it doesnt effect me, but a majority of the time it tears me apart.
    I can't handle some one not liking me..
    and i just want to be liked for who i am
    not who i appear to be. ): effect majority tears handle liking
  • SnoopFuzz RawrRaw... 2010/01/21 23:46:45
    nice answer
  • RawrRaw... SnoopFuzz 2010/01/25 20:00:21
    thanks (:
  • Yep I Did It. So? 2010/01/21 19:10:32
    Yep I Did It. So?
    Depends on who it is. If it is my family member, I would say they are just trying to get a rise out of me. If it is a stranger, I would probably just give them the "mom look." depends family member rise stranger mom
  • Helo Chick 2010/01/21 18:54:08
    Helo Chick
    Depends on who it is. If it's a complete stranger, I'll probably slap the crap out of them, someone I know? Probably slap the crap out of them.

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