If Mr. Krabs Is A Crab, How Is Pearl A Whale?

Aysohmay 2009/11/08 02:42:54
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  • macie.ezell 2015/01/02 07:25:46
    I think he came upon a mother whale who died and he found pearl by the momma whale and he took her as his own

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  • macie.ezell 2015/01/02 07:25:46
    I think he came upon a mother whale who died and he found pearl by the momma whale and he took her as his own
  • Lana 2010/06/01 05:41:11
    he might have been wasted one night and screwed a whale...... how thats possible idk
  • Ragweed 2009/11/14 19:17:32
    Aparently SOMEONE doesn't believe in interracial couples. Her mother was obviously a whale.
  • Ghostly... Ragweed 2009/11/16 07:08:10
    or a sea lion
  • Ragweed Ghostly... 2009/11/20 01:14:51
    True, mom could've been a sea lion. That's a forward thinking mind, right there. More people should think that way.
  • Ghostly... Ragweed 2009/11/20 19:08:52
    or perhaps her mother was another crab and there was a mix up at the hospital..
  • Ragweed Ghostly... 2009/11/21 01:28:08
    nonono, they've been on guard for that since a human baby got mixed up with a fish baby (that's how we got Davy Jones, y'know).
  • Ghostly... Ragweed 2009/11/21 02:33:53
    then it must have been all Wendy's fault.. sponge bob's girlfriend... she swapped them at birth
  • Ragweed Ghostly... 2009/11/21 22:23:05
    I don't think so...maybe it was a birth defect. Mrs. Krabs could've been a drinker.
  • Ghostly... Ragweed 2009/11/23 22:52:08
    or perhaps a strange undersea STD.. like crabs
  • Ragweed Ghostly... 2009/12/05 19:02:48
    Maybe. There are just too many ways it could've happened.
  • Kaitlyn Ghostly... 2010/04/04 03:01:27
    whos wendy i have neva seen or heard of wendy
  • Ghostly... Kaitlyn 2010/04/05 19:31:07
    isn't that the beaver's name?
  • chocolatebear762 2009/11/11 12:54:52
    Heredity Fail?
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/11/10 04:49:19
    Because she has a tattoo of a heart on her nose.. that makes everything ok..
  • Opinion13 Ghostly... 2009/11/15 17:53:23
    Nah that's lipstick
  • shelby 2009/11/09 12:54:22
    Maybe her mother cheeted on Mr. Krabs and.....well thats why she isnt on the show......cuz that bitch was killed
  • RandomFandoms43 2009/11/09 00:39:47
    o_o omj, i have no idea! i've never really thought of it either . . . . what's with the random question, anyway?! ^_^
  • G 2009/11/08 20:17:49
    Arcane black magicks cast by Neptune, god of the deep.
  • Nortie 2009/11/08 20:09:41
    i hav no friggen idea!!!!
    i hav always been wonderin abt tht!!!!
    i mean rly tht makes absolutly no sense!!!!
    eh well i guess its cuz lil kids dnt no the difference
    but hopefully she was adopted otherwise she had a rly bad deformity
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2009/11/08 17:49:24 (edited)
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    Because producers like to have the older kids ask questions like this to make them feel stupid.
  • bye 2009/11/08 17:47:43
  • Nortie bye 2009/11/08 20:10:35
    wats DDR?
  • bye Nortie 2009/11/08 20:12:24
  • Nortie bye 2009/11/08 20:35:37 (edited)
    OOOO I WNT 2 PLAY!!!!
    i love tht game it is awsome!!!!
    ur the 1st person tht i no tht abbreviated it lol
  • Twitch 2009/11/08 11:49:48
    damn cartoons, the always have something wrong, like also how can Sandy say in a bubble without anything to the surface for more oxygen
  • RandomF... Twitch 2009/11/09 00:36:34
    she has that tree in her air dome. 3rd grade science tells us that plant take CO2 and give out oxygen, animals do the opposite. so her air dome wont run out of air as long as the tree is alive. as for her suit, she can only go out for certain periods of time unless she has an oxygen tank.
  • Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄ 2009/11/08 06:23:32
    Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    Hahaha i have always wondered that too but i think mr. crabs wife is a whale
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2009/11/08 04:33:49
    I have wondered this myself. Perhaps mother crab was a whale too.
  • Aarixan 2009/11/08 04:28:12
    Adoption. Or retarded cartoon logic. Either way, I detest the show.
  • Philo-Publius 2009/11/08 03:22:11
    I don't care how. I am just so frickin' happy to see Aysohmay back that I don't know what to do with myself. : ) care frickin happy aysohmay
  • Aysohmay Philo-P... 2009/11/08 06:16:53
    O Publius, My Publius, how I have missed you <3 But I'm not really back just yet. My free time is all but gone for the week >.<
  • Philo-P... Aysohmay 2009/11/08 06:18:11
    : (


  • Aysohmay Philo-P... 2009/11/08 06:21:13
    I'll be back soon, don't worry. There are some topics of dicussion that need to be addressed as soon as I have the time to sit down and write a well written blog on issues such as the inability for homosexuals to give blood on the premise that it could have HIV/AIDs (and straight people can't get it?)
  • Anjirocks 2009/11/08 03:16:33
    i have actually wondered this myself!!! I guess her mother was a whale, though she is twice the size of him so it makes you wonder how they could reproduce and why Pearl has no crab-like qualities at all...

    Glad i'm not the only one who spends far too long analysing cartoons, lol!!
  • ♥☮καγια☮♥ 2009/11/08 03:03:00
    Maybe shes adopted, or mixed. Who knows.
  • SexxiiShawty♥ 2009/11/08 02:49:37
    It's a cartoon..
    Lots of things are possible
  • tylerc1199 2009/11/08 02:46:50
    lets just say mutation mr. krabs is to cheap to buy shots for her health she was a krab to not anymore
  • Talia 2009/11/08 02:45:58
    he did a whale bad voodoo
  • asher 2009/11/08 02:44:46
    its a cartoon bro.

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