I was really angry at my sister today so she thinks kissing me on the cheek all day and saying she loves me will make it all better......

∞Courtney Davey∞ 2012/05/11 05:05:54
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she was kissing my cheek at school in front of everyone haha :P
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  • Jessica ♥ Nick = foreva 2012/05/11 08:43:19
    Jessica ♥  Nick = foreva
    I mean inbarasing
  • Jessica ♥ Nick = foreva 2012/05/11 08:43:07
    Jessica ♥  Nick = foreva
    Omg tashaaa that was invarasing
  • Shade 2012/05/11 07:55:13
    oohhhh awkward...
  • beach bum 2012/05/11 06:56:36
    beach bum
    laugh and move on
  • User Deactivated 2012/05/11 05:13:13
    User Deactivated
    Well you seem to be laughing about it now...did it work?
  • ∞Courtn... User De... 2012/05/11 05:15:52
    ∞Courtney Davey∞
    I haven't completely forgiven her yet..
  • User De... ∞Courtn... 2012/05/11 05:18:10
    User Deactivated
    a step in the right direction though it seems >.> She couldn't have done something THAT bad could she have? Siblings always quarrel. I have two older brothers, so I get how things can be heated at times. But when push comes to shove, they are your relatives and things will almost always clear away and get better.
  • ∞Courtn... User De... 2012/05/11 05:19:38
    ∞Courtney Davey∞
    believe me..
    what she did was REALLY bad..
  • User De... ∞Courtn... 2012/05/11 05:20:34
    User Deactivated
    >.< I'm sorry to hear that hon. Well you have every right to be mad. Don't let her talk you into getting over it before you're ready.
  • † Tasha... User De... 2012/05/11 05:34:31
    † Tasha-Sky †
    i almost killed myself!.. Courtney just tell them!.. doesnt bother me
  • User De... † Tasha... 2012/05/11 05:37:23
    User Deactivated
    >.< Don't do that sweetheart. Nothing could be worth that.
  • † Tasha... User De... 2012/05/11 05:44:40
    † Tasha-Sky †
    sorry.. but i had 2.. it got 2 the stage tht i wrote a goodbye letter to my bf.... but i promise i would never cut again!
  • User De... † Tasha... 2012/05/11 05:46:54
    User Deactivated
    >.< I wish I could tackle and hug you. No one deserves to go through that kind of pain. I used to cut myself, it does seem to have its advantages, but really it just ends up hurting you and your loved ones even more. I really hope things look up for you soon. If I'm ever available when you feel the desire to rant, feel free to message me.
  • † Tasha... User De... 2012/05/11 05:49:08
    † Tasha-Sky †
    aww thanks :)
  • User De... † Tasha... 2012/05/11 05:50:05
    User Deactivated
    No need to thank me, just do it >.< I would rather you rant to me, than you hurt yourself =(
  • † Tasha... User De... 2012/05/11 05:53:08
    † Tasha-Sky †
    kk then :) but i think i should b right :)
    but i promise i'll come to u if i needa talk :)

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