I want to see how many people RP (Role Play) here. And if you do, have a site you want to share?

Kuroneko 2013/07/12 02:25:15
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Thing is...I only ever do Fate..Sometimes I do Homura or maybe Fumika from Shigofumi. I have a few others but Fate is my most by far loved RP character to RP with, perhaps we could RP sometime ;)?
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  • Countess Karu 2013/12/31 00:35:32
    Countess Karu
    I roleplay, mostly on Facebook though. I have a roleplay account called Edward Leviosaa Elric. I do with my friends too. I wish I did more though.
  • AnimeBA 2013/12/11 18:33:45
    when i do RP, I'm always on drrrchat, as Takashi
  • Why Not Bright Star? 2013/10/20 02:14:16
    Why Not Bright Star?
    Well just created one based on a book I'm writing. I would like for anyone and everyone to check it out please, tell me what you think (^-^)
  • ~The Girl Who Left~ 2013/07/12 05:58:37
    ~The Girl Who Left~
    sorry,ive never role played before.
  • No One 2013/07/12 03:48:19
    No One
    I'm not really sure what Role Play is.
  • Kuroneko No One 2013/07/18 05:29:37
    It's name says itself...you play as someone you're not. Or something like that...
  • No One Kuroneko 2013/07/18 05:49:16
    No One
    Is role play usually done as a group or do you usually role play as an individual?
  • Kuroneko No One 2013/07/18 21:19:44
    Well...Role playing by yourself is a bit like talk- or rather typing to yourself....It's better to have friends role play with you. I role play as Fate almost every day, but it's not lonely because my friends join in as madoka and Homura. The thing is, it's better to be in a group or to be with someone else.
  • The Joker 2013/07/12 03:34:26
    The Joker
    I role played a couple times....it all ended badly :P
  • Kuroneko The Joker 2013/07/18 05:29:49
    Mind telling me?
  • The Joker Kuroneko 2013/07/18 05:31:50
    The Joker
    Well one time it ended wen I got kicked in the face one I wont share cuz its verry inapropriate
  • Kuroneko The Joker 2013/07/18 05:33:12
    XD One time I was role playing as Fate online, someone yelled out "NANOFATE SUCKS!" Ended up kicking his ass then Nanoha had to hold me back....
  • The Joker Kuroneko 2013/07/18 05:37:05
    The Joker
    Lol thats funny €X
  • NYCbrit 2013/07/12 03:13:55
    I don't RP online, but I'm an old D&D; geek. I know some friends have mentioned liking Terra.
  • OBEY 2013/07/12 02:56:44
    I don't roll play. I troll play.
    roll play troll play
  • Kuroneko OBEY 2013/07/12 03:26:59
    I...ok I don't know either to laugh or to be angry...*shrug*
  • ~The Gi... Kuroneko 2013/07/12 05:57:58
    ~The Girl Who Left~
    laughing gif
    its better to just laugh
  • Kuroneko ~The Gi... 2013/07/18 05:28:59
    Thanks for the advice.

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