I want to pierce my tongue at home, where EXACTLY do i stick the needle through? PLEASE HELP!

emily 2011/04/04 21:42:11
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if your just going to tell me not to do it....just save your fingers from typing becaus im doing it no matter whatt lol just saying

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  • Marta 2013/11/29 17:10:09
    I KNOW!
    I talked to a professional piercer and she said you can't paralyze your tongue. get a piercing kit online. when you pierce your tongue, do it from the bottom up so you don't hit the two main veins in your tongue. if you do hit them your waaaaaay off! it shouldn't be that hard to miss them, good luck:)
  • sharon 2013/09/16 11:30:08
    I KNOW!
    ....-.- sierously? You can really put yourself at risk, if you hit just one vein in your tongue you could become paralyzed, loose all taste, get a huge infection or even die from one mistake. Why not just pay the 30 bucks to get it done at a professional piercing palar and if you need parents consent get someone over 18 to come with you or sing a fake note even. But doing it yourself shouldn't even be an option.
  • angelrae 2013/04/21 13:34:30
    I KNOW!
    Okay, if your gonna say that you need to go to a professional, I'm gonna scream. ppl have their reasons for not going to a professional and here's mine- i know how much pain i can stand and how i can keep it minimal. a professional does not know. i won't let my own bf, who is gentle when he does it, i won't let him pierce my tongue, i told him that i would do it. stop tellin ppl to go to a professional. I've pierced my tongue numerous times and only took it out bc i had a funeral or wedding or something that i wasn't gonna wear it to. my probation officers office l, you can't have them there, so i repierce my tongue everytime i leave. yeah there's prolly a way to keep from doing that but I'm happy with my own way. stop telling people to go to a pro. They have their reasons
  • Casper 2013/03/02 21:10:36
    I KNOW!
    If you're going to do it, then do it properly.
    First, you'll need to wash your mouth out. Use normal mouthwash at first, then rinse again with salt water sollution. You'll need to look at your veins first, on the underneath of your tongue. Notice where they split off towards to the tip? Place a dot about 3mm-5mm infront of the veins, making sure not to dot directly on or near them, but not too near the tip or it'll hurt. You'll want to use a sterile piercing needle. (You can buy these from ebay)
    Relax the tongue, and push the needle directly up through the tongue, following the dot, and making sure the needle goes through straight.
    Next, you will need to push the needle up until the bottom becomes flat with the bottom of the tongue. Hold the tongue bar to the edge of the needle, and push the bar up, following the needle, and pushing the needle out through the top. Then, screw the top ball onto the bar, and whala! You're done :) enjoy. And don't forget to rinse your mouth with mouthwash every 3 - 4 hours to insure it stays clean while healing!!
    You've probably already pierced it by now, but many others are still searching every single day about how to safely pierce a tongue, so I'm hoping they'll see this and do it correctly.
    And yes, I have done hundreds of piercings in the last few months, so I'm as near professional as I can get.
  • yuki Casper 2014/09/21 15:09:59
    This was really helpful. I'm hoping to do mine in about 2 weeks but I'm terrified of doing something wrong and really damaging my tongue,this was really helpful. Thank you!
  • emilyncaleb 2011/12/29 17:37:31
    I KNOW!
    If your going to do it be ready for the pain. This is how my sister did hers, whether it works for you is up to you. Get an ice pick, they are like 6 bucks at walmart or sams or some place they sell kitchen stuff. clean your tounge very well, the bacteria from your tounge can infect the OPEN wound. they sell oral cleansing spray at walmart for ten bucks just go to the jewerlt department and ask for it, theyll know what your talkin about. get in a good lighted area and examine your tounge, know where your veins are and were you plan to pierceyour tounge. ake the ice pick and push it through, its gonna hurt. dont whine about it. push it one more time and it will be done, simple as that do more research on piercing and yourr tounge. should work just fine(:
  • Albannach 2011/04/04 21:47:36
    i dont know!
    Don't do that you can get a serious infection.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/04/04 21:47:06
    i dont know!
    The Winter Sodahead
    this idea is foolish
  • sd *TRO... The Win... 2011/04/04 21:50:36
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Tell me about it. How stupid do you have to be to think shoving a needle through your own tongue when you are not an experienced piercer is a good idea?
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2011/04/04 21:44:38
    i dont know!
    sd *TROUBLE*
    If you even have to ask, you are NOT experienced enough to safely pierce your tongue. But i'm not going to tell you not to do it. You'll know you shouldn't of done it when your tongue gets infected, starts oozing pus and swells up so much you can barely talk or eat.
    Its your suffering, not mine. So if your stupid enough to do it, i couldn't care less.
  • emily sd *TRO... 2011/04/04 21:46:35
    umm okay... im going to do it no matter what as i said so...that whole message was useless i dont want advise i want answers but thanks anyways
  • sd *TRO... emily 2011/04/04 21:48:18
  • emily 2011/04/04 21:44:04
    i dont know!
    also post picturess
  • The Win... emily 2011/04/04 21:53:52
    The Winter Sodahead

    This is why you should get it pierced by a professional
  • deanna The Win... 2014/08/25 18:00:03
    I am a professional and no you cannot paralyze your tongue yes you can cause nerve damage. First make sure you have the right needles and the gauge. Then look at the bottom of you're tongue most people have two large veins on either side. Take a marker and mark in between them. Take the needle and go from bottom to top to be sure you don't stab a vein. Pierce it away from your primary taste buds so in the middle of you're tongue. Rinse with non alcohol mouthwash twice a day and after every meal.

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